NEWS: 3rd Annual Elevation Polish for Chrestomathy, Inc. Event

YAY It’s that time of year again!!!

We’ve finally finished up the details for this years charity event. We did experience a hiccup when setting up the auction this year. It’s the same hiccup we had last year so without a lot of time to fix it. We decided for the auction portion we will be using a site called Ebay

(Edit: We did take into account customer feedback about bidding owl and last minute we switched to ebay)

The auction will begin Friday at 9PM, and end on Monday evening.



The sales portion of the event will be held Friday at 9PM (central, MN time)

We made a big cartel site just for the event. When the event is over Chrestomathy will be taking it over so they can sell their client handmade products.

The Event will feature a variety of fantastic items

  • Small Batch Prototypes
  • Samples
  • Sets (including lulu’s favorite things)
  • Friends of Elevation donated polishes
  • Chrestomathy Inc handmade greeting cards (check them out they are amazing)

Left: Yeti saw stars in her eyes Right: and fell in love (3 sets available for auction)


Friends of Elevation Polish, Chaos and Crocodiles (each polish will be auctioned separately)

Just a couple of notes about the event:

  • Customer Service for the event will be handled by us (elevation polish) If you have questions please direct your emails to elevationpolish <at> gmail
  • The paypal account used for the event is the Chrestomathy, Inc one. We’ve been given brief access to it so we can process shipping.
  • Items from the event can not combine with items from our shop. (two different sites, two different paypal accounts)
  • FAQ, About and Links can be found on the top right tab on this blog, and also can be found at

Who is Chrestomathy, Inc?
Chrestomathy is a day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The three program sites are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in the nearby suburbs of Eden Prairie and Burnsville. Unlike most other programs serving this population, Chrestomathy is a specialized and relatively small company. Founded in 1985, their success can be attributed to our commitment to excellence, our commitment to working with individuals with complex needs and their positive, proactive approach to working with the individuals they serve.

Read more about Chrestomathy, Inc at their website.


We are so excited about being able to do this event again this year. Last year we had an amazing turn out and raised $9,895.00!!!! Check out the donation post from last year.  We are excited about the possibilities this year and hope to see you at the event.







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