Sample Sale Tips

Sample Sale launching December 7th at 9PM, Central (MN) time on Elevation Polish.

Hello all! We just wanted to share a few quick updates on our sample sale process. Our shopping cart provider (big cartel) recently made a few changes to the way their shopping carts work.

The good news is no more over selling!! When paypal had slowdowns in the past, overselling and inventory control were big problems, the new system eliminates these issues.

The bad news is there are no longer any cart holds. Bigcartel determined that not having cart holds was the best and most fair way to handle the inventory control issues for limited inventory items.

What this means: Any items in your cart are not reserved until you complete checkout. Also it seems that you will need to enter shipping and contact info to proceed to checkout.

We have looked at some other options but at this time big cartel is still our favorite store front and shopping cart provider, despite some of their limitations. They do say that some improvements will continue to be made and we hope that is resolves some of the issues.

A few checkout tips: We have played around with the checkout and have determined a few hacks and tips for the fastest checkout. You don’t have to do it this way, but it is FAST when it is time to checkout and can help you to score the sample you want!

A few minutes before the sample sale go to and add a polish to your cart, any polish, you can remove this polish later. Next hit checkout and enter your contact info, hit next, enter your shipping address, hit next. Then scroll up to the top and hit the elevation polish logo, this will redirect you back to the store. When the samples you are interested in are released, add them to the cart (you can use multiple tabs), when you have all the polishes you want in your shopping cart, remove the random polish you added earlier and your contact and shipping info should be saved in the checkout page. Scroll to bottom and hit continue to paypal, if you have enabled paypal onetouch this step is even quicker!

We are sorry for the cumbersome nature of this and we are still looking for ways to optimize the process but we hope that the tips will ease the customer experience and help you get the polishes you want. We will be happy to combine any shipping and if any errant polishes make there way into your order just let us know and we will be happy to help!

-Team Elevation

EVP NEWS: SBP & Sample Sale, Discontinued Polishes

Hi Everyone.

Exciting things have been in the works here at elevation polish HQ. We’ve been busy doing a bunch of spring cleaning and spring hiking. There is no new collection this month so we decided it would be fun to have a SBP and Sample Sale. YAY!

So far we have 14 or 15 SBPs (small batch prototypes) pulled, and we are thinking of pulling a few more. We will have 20+ samples (one of kind polishes) along with a couple of few of a kind polishes (super small batch prototype 3-6 bottles per batch)

Sale starts April 7th at 9PM central with limited stock being held back for our April 22nd, 9AM restock.

On top of that excitement. We will be discontinuing a few polishes. They will be first come first served and will no longer be made. Once they are gone, they will be gone. For the month of April, all the polishes in the last call & discontinued polishes page will be marked down 15-20% off, starting April 7th at 9PM central. Got to make room for new additions!

Here is a list of the newest additions to the discontinued list
* Dusk @ Hovd
* North Coast
* Darkness of the Arctic
* Khajuraho
* Munkh Khukh Tengri
* Engilchek Glacier
* Whoa Jackson Hole
* Quarter Past Midnight
* Vitis Vinifera
* Taylor Glacier
* Sunset Among the palms
* Shilin Stone Forest

We hope you’ll join us!

-Team Elevation Polish

NEWS: Labor day sale plus details about the SBPs sale

Hello Elevation Polish Lovers!

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to this fall. I know a lot of you have kiddos that are heading back to school (yay!). Fall is so full of amazing colors, scents and the return of pumpkin spice everything (YAY!) It’s my favorite time of year. September is also my birthday month and with no new collections coming out this month. We thought we would do something special.

September 7th use the code: LABOR20 for 20% off your total purchase.

September 22nd use the code FALL20 for 20% off your total purchase.

Please note that Lulu’s favorite things & SBPs will not be apart of the sale. Just click on the menu called core colors to see all the polishes that are a part of the sale. Codes valid from Midnight (12:01AM) through 11:59PM, central time. The membership site will not be active this month. We need to keep a very tight inventory control this month.

Brown is by far my favorite polish color. It is very fitting that I would have a special sale for brown polishes on my birthday. 🙂 September 13th (my birthday) is the Lulu’s brown blow out sale. No code needed for 50% off all brown polishes. I set up a special side menu (core colors: brown, taupe, nude) so the brown polishes are easier to find. Also keep watch on my Facebook page. I will be giving away a fantastic gift basket (lulu’s favorite things and never before released brown, taupe, nude samples)

In addition to these sales. 16 SBPs will be divided up and released on the 7th (9pm) and the 22nd (9am). Each customer will have a cap of 2 SBPs per household for this month. This will allow others to have a chance to own these limited release polishes.

I had hoped to have a 2 week preview window for the SBPs but I have sadly fallen behind. They will be up for viewing pleasure hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.

Next month, I’ve got another personal collection. The journey through music 2. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Previews will be up on my instagram this week (@elevationpolish) I’ve also got the 4th annual elevation polish auction and sales for charity. I gotta to say though…. I’ve gotten a lot of help from polish maker friends this year… OMGoodness! The theme is Yeti and they are knocking it out of the park with their colors for the auction. Previews of some of the auction polishes will be up on my instagram with the hashtag #EVP4CI2015

Anywhoozle, Let’s start this fall off right! I hope to see you at the sale. 🙂

Cheers to great polishes,

NEWS: In with the new out with the old

It’s that time again. We here at elevation polish love to keep our store fresh, exciting and always rotating. Which means making room in our catalog for new colors.

We’ve got so many new colors planned for the future but our shelves are full. The following polishes will be discontinued. They will be stocked in August, then one final small batch of each will be released in September then after that they will no longer be stocked. Normally, I like giving way more notice this but I fell behind in making this announcement. Yikes!

Alpine Heights (carlit)
Bohai Sea
Ceram Sea
Cuernos del paine
Darkness of the arctic
Darkest Safari
Evening walk amongst the cherry blossoms
Grand Teton Sunsets
Haba Xueshan
The Kek
Lost in the darkness
Mount Feathertop
Pata Puffer
Pic de Subenuix
Queen of the night
St Anthony Falls
Table Mountain
The Med 2
Theo Wirth Parkway
These boots were…

September will be the last time Yeti’s healing vibes will be restocked. Final donation will be made on September 30th. The donation will include donations from July and August. Lets make this last donation a doozy!!!! 🙂

Muztagh Ata while a huge long time favorite will be discontinued right away. There was a batch variance with one of our supplies and it doesn’t look the same as before. We are going to take some time to reformulate and reincarnate so something similar will be in a future line up.

Khongoryn Els will be backordered until our shimmers arrive. They gave me an estimate of 45 days but hopefully sooner. When we run out of stock, we will hide the listing until the next batch is ready. Usually we do hide the listings on any polish we have to wait for ingredients for, normally longer than 30 days.

& Finally News about Angels are the Yetis of the clouds
I know you’ve all been stalking the site waiting for the batch of Angel yeti to be released as per our last post about it. We did receive a large number of emails which expressed some valid concerns about how the polish will be released. Some of those emails included suggestions which we have been taking into account. We decided it would be the best course of action to release them while we release SBPs, They won’t be included in the SBP cap. We will have more details on this when we announce the SBPs sale for September.

As September approaches, a month with no new collections. It’s the month I use to edit and do some final creation for all the winter collections and into spring (as well as organizing business receipts for taxes, omgoodness yuck). What colors are you most excited to see this winter? Any finish types you’d like to see me testing or adding to collections? I’ve got some amazing stuff up my sleeve but I always appreciate hearing your feedback.

Cheers to amazing polishes,

Changes to restocks, news about SBPs, etc.

Hello Everyone

We have decided to make some changes to how we restock SBPs. While I know this may be an unpopular change at first. I think overall once we’ve done it a couple of times it will feel a little more fair.

There are a couple of reasons we decided to change things up.

  • We want to put the focus back on the core line of polishes. It takes me months and months to come up with concept, test, re-test, edit collections, wear test, pictures, blog posts. A lot of time and love goes into polishes that make the core line up.
  • We want them to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We think the new set up will allow for that.
  • Our website was having difficulty dealing with the amount of traffic and refreshing. By grouping them all together with the larger availability we should have less errors with the site. We did test this concept late at night. There were a few of you that caught us, mid test.

So what will the changes be?

We will no longer offer SBPs monthly.

Instead will be will offering them seasonally. Once every 3 months/ 4 times a year. First stock of them will be offered September. The months they are offered, they will be stocked on the 7th and 22nd. On the future colors page will be show which months they are available. We will have 3 months worth of SBPs offered each time they are launched so it will range anywhere from 9-13 SBPs which would be a total of 270-390 polishes. We will set the limit at 2 polishes per seasonal launch per household. We felt like it will be easier to get them in the hands of everyone who wants them.

Samples will be continued to be offered monthly. We will have 18-30 sample polishes each month. There will be a limit of 1 polish per household per month.

What are samples and SBPs and why do I offer them?

Samples are just that samples. They range in quantity of 1-3 polishes. They are the rawest form of concept polishes. They are to test pigments, glitters, shimmers, color combinations and concepts

SBPs are samples that made it to the next level of concept. To see if samples can be scaled to a larger (30 bottle) batch without problems and in some cases SBPs are polishes that I made for myself to enjoy but it was easier to make them on a larger scale. (in most cases they will be called SBSs “small batch samples”)

Why I offer them. It’s pretty simple. It’s win/win for both you the customer and me the maker. It a way to recoup research and development costs on polishes that are perfectly usable but didn’t end up making the cut. Because I can keep my research and development costs low it means I can pass on the savings making the core line more cost efficient and I get the bonus of trying formulas out that might be a little more daring.

How are SBPs and SBSs named? 

Unlike the core line which theme and name come first SBPs are made first and the names comes second. We have a list of memorable ideas, places, objects, songs that we pull from. Here are two examples of how that works.

Iced Mocha: Recently one of the mystery polishes. It was made as a polish for myself. It wasn’t originally holo-ed. I loved that concept and color way. I made one and to get the formula right I kept up scaling it for a smoother application. Once I reached the desired thinness. I bottled a couple for myself. Then I was like. Oh I wonder what it would look like with holo. So I added holo, thinned it some more and ended up with 20 bottles. The result was very much like an iced mocha. So the name came naturally.

Reflections off Namakan & Tithonia: Both were active prototypes for Shinjuku Golden Gai. We had such a hard time deciding which of the 3 concepts to go with. Tithonia named after the  sunflower that reminded us of a trip to south america we took. The formula we thought was a bit on the thick side so we opted to rule that one out.

Reflections of Namakin was the front runner for Shinjuku Golden Gai for a long time. We ultimately decided it was a bit too strange in concept to have a full blown release. It was named after a special lake to my husband. Its one of his favorite lakes to canoe in.

Why beautiful polishes don’t make the cut…

There are a few polishes that we have released as SBPs that keep people wondering why they didn’t make the cut. There are so many factors. I’m going to list a couple of them

  • Formula issues… (whitening issues, thickness, not enough suspension, etc)
  • Shimmers/Ingredients not available anymore. (sometimes I test so far in advance by the time they would make the cut the shimmers/ingredients are no longer available.)
  • It didn’t fit into a collection (I will hold these ones for a while, up to 6 months to make sure I can’t fit them into a collection before they become an SBP)
  • They are frankens (sometimes when I test a new shimmer or concept I will use preexisting polishes to make sure I like the concept before I break it down to be replicated. It’s an easy way to test a concept without being fully committed to hours and hours of labor making a base color. preexisting polishes aren’t easy to come by in large enough quantities for a full scale release.

Which leads me to Angels are the yetis of the clouds…….

I know there has been a lot of chatter about making this a core color. And for the reason above, it has been a true challenge. It is a franken. to make a 20 bottle batch I would have to secure 12 bottles of preexisting nail polish to make it. I have tried to break it down and make it on my own but there is something not right about the formula. Trust me, I’ve tried so many times and failed batch after failed batch, I decided there is nothing like the original franken formula.

That said…. Here is the good news. I’ve made arrangements to secure enough for 1 batch per month. 20 bottles. I will be doing this monthly as long as I’ve got the ingredients. I will not announce when they will be stocked. It could be 2am on the 16th or 4pm on a tuesday, who knows. In order to keep it as fair as possible I won’t be making an announcement when they will be stocked, it’s totally random, no hints, first come first served. The first batch will be released sometime in July.

Phew that is a long post. Please let me know your thoughts on the new changes. While nothing is ever perfect, this proved to be the least taxing on our resources and the most impactful in a good way for you the customer. We are open to other ideas but please also note that we have been working on solutions for a long time. We had several ideas and this one seemed the best.

EDIT: I want to thank you all for support, concerns, and feedback. My email is currently clogged with the overwhelming response this post has caused. It may take me a couple of days to respond to all the emails.

We have looked into a lot of different ways to make things better and a more enjoyable experience. We have thought long and hard about so many different ways to both get SBPs in the hands of people who haven’t gotten them and lessen the burden on our site. Aside from no longer offering any type of special polishes, we are going to try to see if this works. I know change is hard, which is why we didn’t act impulsively in making this decision.

Cheers to great polishes.

❤ Lulu

News: Shipping Delays

Hi Everyone

Just a quick note. We are experiencing some shipping delays. We are currently about half way done with orders from the 7th of the month. We have processed combined shipping and combined shipping refunds for orders on the 7th. We anticipate we should be done with orders placed on the 7th & 8th by Friday evening.

Our new shipping software, late start due to our labels being delayed combined volume of orders. We experienced more of a delay than expected. We will be working through the nights to get as many orders out in a day as possible while learning this new software.

Thank you all so much for your patience and I’m sorry for the delays.


Yeti’s Healing Vibes part 2

Yeti’s healing vibes part 2

The healing had only just began in Nepal when earthquake number 2 hit. Yeti’s homeland is very much in need of help. We were at Elevation want to help as best we can. We came to the conclusion that Yeti’s healing vibes should be left in the shop as a way for us to help longer term. It will take a long time to fully heal from natures latest fury.

For the month of May we will continue donate $10.00 of each bottle sold to the American Himalayan foundation. From June forward we will continue to offer yeti’s healing vibes with $5.00 of each bottle sold being donated to American Himalayan foundation. We will be making the donations on a monthly basis.

I’ll be making a tab here in my blog so you can track the donations made (screenshot pics) and have links available to find where else to donate money to the healing.

Yeti’s Healing Vibes
Price: $12.00 USD
Description: Jade crelly with a blend of Ultra chrome flakes in 2 colors, gunmetal flake shimmer, White/Silver flake shimmer and aqua micro shimmer. Decorated with a ❤ Nepal sticker on the back.

Restocks May 13th at 9PM, central and again on May 22nd at 9AM, central
Future Availability: June 7th, 9PM, central, June 22nd 9AM, central. It will be restocked during our normal restocks

Again if you are in a position to help monetarily, Please send your donations to American Himalayan FoundationAmerican Himalayan Foundation or any of the sites listed on this page InterAction:
Every little bit helps.

❤ Lulu