Elevation Polish: Charity Auction Donation Made

Yesterday, I had the huge honor and excitement of handing off the Elevation polish annual auction and sales for charity event check. All I can say is speechless all around. I’m still so full of joy that something as simple as polish can be turned into such a wonderful donation to a fantastic non-profit.

I wanted to share the excitement of you all.

Here is a picture of the check. Sorry it’s lopsided. I was trying to hide my signature and checking account #.

And here is the handoff. Here is me (lulu) and the executive director of chrestomathy, inc Linda Moore.

So exciting! Thank you all again for being a part of such an amazing event. Like last year we learned a lot about running a smoother event. We are really looking forward to what next year might bring.


Edit: Chrestomathy participants wanted to say thank you! Isn’t this sweet of them! They are wrote on their iPads. Isn’t that awesome! This put a giant grin on my face today. Look at those little nail polish bottles they drew!!!

❤ Lulu

9 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Charity Auction Donation Made

  1. Such a great feeling that must have been Lu; congrats again on raising such a fantastic amount!

    And you know I love your scarves; you look adorable! ❤

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