News: January out with the old in with the new

The new year will mean new colors. YAY!!! In order to make room for these new colors I’ve got to discontinue some colors. They will be available through the month of December. December 28th the availability will be remaining stock, no new batches will be made after that date. I’m so excited about this. It means more room in the line up to revisit colors ideas like navy, light blue, light purple and glitter toppers. YAY!

The following will be discontinued:

Ave Secretan
Darkest Storm
El Cap 2
Forest of the fog
Hinglajgarh Forest
Huangshan 2
Jbel Ayachi 2
Le Crêt de la neige
Mount Cangyan
Mount McKinley
Mt. Meru
Naked Night Sky
Pointless Forest 2
Quartz Monzonite
River Rock
The Arches 2
Volcanic Dust

The following will be discontinued right away. The reason the following is being D/Ced right away is they have what I call an “Ugly bottle syndrome” name joking aside they all eventually have a common among indie polish problem where the white looks to fall to the bottom of the bottle. It usually doesn’t effect the polish color at all but it makes for a really ugly bottle.

Puncak Jaya

Cheers to new year new polishes,
❤ Lulu

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