NEWS: Elevation Polish 3rd Annual Auction and Sales for Charity

Hi Everyone

I’m excited to announce the details of the 3rd annual Elevation Polish auction for charity.

This year we decided to keep it simple and scale back a little bit. It was so successful last year, it took up our entire vacation month. Just because we won’t be striving for big numbers doesn’t mean the donation won’t be as meaningful. Each dollar helps.  I’m leaving up all the information from last year in the tab above. This will show everyone a little bit how we did it last year and a little bit about my non-profit of choice Chrestomathy, Inc.

I’ll be updating the tabs the beginning of october.

The event will be sectioned off into two separate areas. One will be buy it now polishes. polishes with a set price. These polishes will be available in my big cartel shop. For the auction portion. There is a separate site setup, same one we used last year. The auction start prices will vary depending on the item.

More details to come a little closer to the date.


OCTOBER 17-20th 2014


YAY! I hope to see you all there. I’ll be answering questions about the event on the elevation polish Facebook page.


❤ Lulu

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