Collection: Highest Elevation… Space Collection

Launching February 7th at 9PM, Central MN time, with additional restock on February 22nd at 9AM, Central MN time on Elevation Polish.

Galactic Cannibalism
Navy creme/jelly, holographic flake shimmer, platinum flake shimmer. 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Light mushroom taupe creme base, ultra chrome flake shimmer, medium holographic. 2 easy coats for full coverage.

Space Raspberries & Rum 
Deep raspberry base, holographic flake shimmer, medium holographic, very subtle hint of gold micro shimmer. 2 easy coats for full coverage

The Dandelion Cluster 
Deep dark black/brown base, shifting micro shimmer (gold, bronze, green), shifting shimmer (orange, gold, bronze), medium/low density holographic in a thicker style formula. 2 coats for full coverage.

Lagoon Nebula
Bright teal/lagoon creme base, shifting shimmer (on tone blue to violet/red), medium density holographic, medium thick formula. 1-2 coats for full coverage.

Limited Edition: Ground Control to Major Yeti
Available only during the month of February. Thermal (cold) light grey shift to (hot/warm) deep charcoal. Blend of ultra chrome flake shimmer. Dries to a semi-matte finish. 2 easy coats for full coverage.


Collection Inspiration
“Space is interesting because it can never truly be completely explored, and everything about it is almost completely unknown to us, which sparks interest in us because humans are constantly yearning to know as much as possible and to discover all that there is.” -unknown author, yahoo answers

There is no where higher and more interesting. Space sparks so much curiosity and imagination. It’s truly out of the world. February is the perfect month for a space collection. Historically February is chocked full of space achievements.

  • February 1947, the first animals in space, fruit flies.
  • February 3rd 1966, the first soft landing on the moon!!!!
  • February 4th 1974 First photograph of Venus from Space.
  • February 7th, First untethered spacewalk, Bruce Mccandleuss II.
  • February 14th 1990, First photograph of the whole Solar System.
  • February 8th 1992, First polar orbit around the Sun.
  • February 12th 2001, First landing on an asteroid.

Want to know more about space!?!?! Here are some great resources (also check out their twitter account)
The Universe (television show)
Cosmos- a space odyssey (television show) Currently available on Netflix


We hope you enjoy our take on the inspiration, space!

Elevation Polish

Collection: In the heart of vineyard country collection

In the heart of vineyard country collection

Launching January 7th 2015, 9PM Central MN time, with an additional restock of the collection on January 22nd, 9AM, Central on Elevation Polish

Vitis Vinifera
Red based purple, pink and red medium sized shimmer
2-3 easy coats for full opacity


Dove gray, near white, very soft pearl shimmer, holographic shimmer
1st coat will be patchy, 3 coats for full opacity, allow drying time between coats


The Perron & The Calçotada
Deep purple, green micro shimmer/pearl
Thin style formula, 3 coats for full opacity, allow drying time between coats


Dentelles de Montmirail
Berry Pink, high/medium density holographic shimmer
2-3 easy coats for full opacity


North Coast
Grape blue/purple base, green/multi-colored ultra chrome flake shimmer
Top coat will be required to smooth the flake shimmer. Over time a small dark blue layer will float to the top. It easily mixes back in. The picture above looks more blue than in real life.


Columbia Plateau
Rust Red, red ultra chrome flake shimmer, low density holographic shimmer
2-3 easy coats for full opacity.


Collection Inspiration
Wine culture is a lot like the nail polish culture. It is full of passionate makers and equally passionate enthusiasts of their work. It is easy to be inspired by all aspects of wine. From the soil, the grapes, the wine itself, the beautiful surroundings in which grapes tend to grow, to the social nature of wine enjoyment. It’s such a beautiful process.

As we did research for this collection we were shocked at how much amazing information there is out there about viniculture. It’s easy to get lost in a string of information. One path leading to another and another. It’s fascinating.

We also found & watched a couple of interesting movies on netflix and amazon. So if you’d like to learn more about viniculture, or just like movies where the central focus is wine. Here are a couple of suggestions.

A Year in Burgundy (documentary)
Sideways (drama, semi-funny, not really about wine but still a great watch)
Bottle Shock (drama, funny)
John Cleese’s Wine for the Confused (documentary)
Merlove (documentary)
Blood into wine (documentary)
Somm (documentary about becoming a master sommelier)

We hope you enjoy the selections.

-Elevation Polish

Collection: Exotic India Collection

The Exotic India Collection

Launching December 7th 2015, 9PM Central MN time, with an additional restock of the collection on December 22nd, 9AM, Central on Elevation Polish


The Cow’s Mouth 
a soft seaglass scattered holographic


dusty purple with a range of multi colored micro flake shimmers


Mamostong Kangri
periwinkle/blue/purple with silver flake shimmer


Bay of Bengal 
bright light teal with silver flake shimmer


Hindu Kush
Blue (jelly/creme) with gold shimmer, gold flake shimmer
The Hindu Kush isn’t in India. So why did we include it in the exotic india collection? In the language Khowar, it is said that Hindu Kush means “sparkling snows of India” or “Mountains of India”


Most Cherished Marigold
Yellow based orange scattered holographic with very subtle gold micro shimmer. limited edition polish for this month. It will be available from Dec 1st through the 28th.


The Collection is inspired by:
(Mini Television Series) Wildest India, which is currently available to watch on Netflix

We hope you enjoy the collection. We also hope you enjoy reading a little bit about what inspired the collection.

Collection: Preview Glacier Collection + Yeti Duo


Launching on November 7th at 9PM, Central. With an additional restock of the collection on the 22nd of November at 9AM, Central on Elevation Polish

Taylor Glacier
Multi-tone shift metallic. Shifts from Red to Golden to Purple. Medium thickness formula. Photo is darker than in real life.

Nun Kun 
Black holographic with slight red micro shimmer. Thinner style formula.

Multi-tone shift metallic holographic. Shifts green, silver, grey. Thinner style formula. Photo shows the polish in it’s darkest state.

Engilchek Glacier
Dusty Light purple shimmer. Mirco shimmer in pink & violet. Medium thickness formula. Photo is darker than in real life.


Yeti Duo (Yeti Crashes a Cranberry Festival + Yeti Gets Sauced)
The $15.00 duo features a thick style application deep cranberry creme paired with a separate polish topper that is gold flake shimmer, gold shimmer, yellow gold shimmer, gold micro shimmer.



Out with the old and in with the new!  In order to make room for new colors and keep things fresh, the following polishes are discontinued:

  • Camels in the Snow
  • Devil’s Cauldron
  • Hidden Falls
  • Icho Namiki
  • L.A.
  • Mount Ventoux
  • Pic du Gar
  • Ridn 2
  • Stay behind catch a wave
  • Table Mountain
  • Tavan Bogd
  • These boots were…
  • Thracian
  • Walk a little farther


If you are interested in blogging for us please contact us through our website with a sample of your work or your instagram username.

-Elevation Polish

NEWS: Yeti, Lulu & Friends present the 4th annual charity event!

YAY!!!! The day is almost here!!!!


Chrestomathy’s Ebay (Auction starts on Oct 12th, items loading all day)

Chrestomany’s Bigcartel Site for the sales portion (Oct 12th, 9am & 9pm)


This is my favorite time of year. The leaves are starting to fall, I can finally break out my favorite fall sweaters, scarves, nail polish and…… it’s time for the elevation polish annual charity event. This year is our 4th year and we couldn’t be more happy. I pulled all the favors I had and made some new ones to create a stellar lineup for this years event.

The event will be broken down into 3 sections. 

  1. The auction portion (Oct 12-Oct 17th)
  2. The sales portion Morning (Oct 12th at 9AM)
  3. The sales portion Evening (Oct 12th at 9PM)

This year we decided to add the sales portion morning edition. So that our international friends can easily participate.

What all will be included in each portion?

The auction portion of the event will contain custom polishes from my polish making friends (previews later in the post), sets from friends, one of a kind samples from elevation, one of a kind elevation sets (Holo set, Haba set, Creme set, Gold shimmer set), Lulu’s favorite things set, past SBPs, and 2 of my last and final 2014 cosmoprof exclusive Yeti finds an Oasis, Previews of future colors (Ground control to major yeti). All auctions start at $10.00 USD.

The sales portion which will contain Elevation Polish Items will include new SBPs (small batch prototypes), a few one of a kind samples and a couple of Friends of Elevation Sets, Chrestomathy participant handmade greeting cards. The products will be divided 20% of the product inventory launching in the morning and 80% of item inventory launching in the evening. Both launches will contain the same items. Items for the sales portion will start at $9.00 USD so you can choose to give a little or a lot. Items will be available for preview starting Friday Oct 9th. There are no limits to what you can buy however we do ask that you kindly refrain from buying multiples of same item as to allows others to enjoy the products too.

What is the charity, how much of the proceeds go to charity and how is it donated?

The Charity is Chrestomathy, Inc. Chrestomathy is a local to me day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

All items are donated so that 100% of proceeds can go to Chrestomathy, Inc. Shipping costs will go toward actual shipping costs and shipping materials. We here at Elevation Polish are given brief access to Chrestomathy’s paypal account so we can process shipping and share how much we raised. So the money is always in their hands and not ours. :)

You can read more about Chrestomathy, Inc and how we’ve done this event in the past, here in my last post.

Can’t wait to make a donation?

YAY! Thank you! Hop on over to chrestomathy’s website and make a direct donation via paypal. Every little bit makes a huge difference.
Chrestomathy’s Inc’s website


Can we get a sneak peek?

I’ve been previewing items on instagram under the hashtag #evp4ci2015 and I’m really excited to share the amazing turn out of friends who donated polishes when I asked for help. Huge thank you to all the polish makers who helped me with a cause that is so near to my heart. This is just a preview there are more items I don’t have pictures of yet. SQWEEEEEE!


YAY!!! I hope you all are as excited as I am!!! Hope to see you there!





NEWS: Labor day sale plus details about the SBPs sale

Hello Elevation Polish Lovers!

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to this fall. I know a lot of you have kiddos that are heading back to school (yay!). Fall is so full of amazing colors, scents and the return of pumpkin spice everything (YAY!) It’s my favorite time of year. September is also my birthday month and with no new collections coming out this month. We thought we would do something special.

September 7th use the code: LABOR20 for 20% off your total purchase.

September 22nd use the code FALL20 for 20% off your total purchase.

Please note that Lulu’s favorite things & SBPs will not be apart of the sale. Just click on the menu called core colors to see all the polishes that are a part of the sale. Codes valid from Midnight (12:01AM) through 11:59PM, central time. The membership site will not be active this month. We need to keep a very tight inventory control this month.

Brown is by far my favorite polish color. It is very fitting that I would have a special sale for brown polishes on my birthday. :) September 13th (my birthday) is the Lulu’s brown blow out sale. No code needed for 50% off all brown polishes. I set up a special side menu (core colors: brown, taupe, nude) so the brown polishes are easier to find. Also keep watch on my Facebook page. I will be giving away a fantastic gift basket (lulu’s favorite things and never before released brown, taupe, nude samples)

In addition to these sales. 16 SBPs will be divided up and released on the 7th (9pm) and the 22nd (9am). Each customer will have a cap of 2 SBPs per household for this month. This will allow others to have a chance to own these limited release polishes.

I had hoped to have a 2 week preview window for the SBPs but I have sadly fallen behind. They will be up for viewing pleasure hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.

Next month, I’ve got another personal collection. The journey through music 2. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Previews will be up on my instagram this week (@elevationpolish) I’ve also got the 4th annual elevation polish auction and sales for charity. I gotta to say though…. I’ve gotten a lot of help from polish maker friends this year… OMGoodness! The theme is Yeti and they are knocking it out of the park with their colors for the auction. Previews of some of the auction polishes will be up on my instagram with the hashtag #EVP4CI2015

Anywhoozle, Let’s start this fall off right! I hope to see you at the sale. :)

Cheers to great polishes,

NEWS: Elevation Polish 4th Annual Auction and Sales for Charity

Lulu, Yeti and Friends presents…..

The Elevation Polish 4th Annual Auction and Sales for charity.

Indies most certainly do it better!!!! Why you might ask?

Aside from making the best creative polishes, having great customer service and passion for what we do. We have huge hearts and do what we can to support our local community. So what happens when you’ve got a lone polish maker with dream to go big with her annual charity event and mix that up with a community of makers who want to help…. You get the most amazing line up to date! OMGoodness it’s amazing! The polishes and the makers in this years event is crazy. (Great friends and ones I’ve never worked with before!) I can’t wait to share some of the polishes with you all. I’m overwhelmed with all the generosity and love polish makers have shared with me. I get to pass on to you and then pass that on to Chrestomathy, Inc.

It’s going to be an amazing year! So let’s talk details. For those of you who aren’t familiar with how I run the event. I break it down into two events. A sales portion which has reasonably priced items ($12.00-$40.00) and then the auction portion (Bids start at $10.00). So it’s easy to give a little or to give a lot. Either way you participate, you’ll be mailed off a fabulous polish with 100% of the sales and/or auction prices going to Chrestomathy, Inc.

Who is Chrestomathy, Inc?
Chrestomathy is a day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The three program sites are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in the nearby suburbs of Eden Prairie and Burnsville, MN. Unlike most other programs serving my area, Chrestomathy is a specialized and relatively small company. Founded in 1985, their success can be attributed to our commitment to excellence, our commitment to working with individuals with complex needs and their positive, proactive approach to working with the individuals they serve.

Read more about Chrestomathy, Inc on their website

Why is this Chrestomathy important to me (Lulu)?
I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of this great service for many years. Linda L. Moore is the executive director, a psychologist, founder of Chrestomathy, and she just so happens to also be my mother in law. Over the 15+ years I’ve had the pleasure of helping chrestomathy with little odd jobs here and there. I’ve personally heard and seen the challenges of both the clients they serve and also the intricacies of running a program like this. Seeing clients have positive experiences first hand and over coming challenges, it’s amazing. I’m so proud to be able to say that Elevation Polish has made a positive mark on a few clients.

Donations past
2013, We were able to donate $9,895.00. Which went directly into the clients hands via iPads. iPads are a unique, creative and amazing way for non-verbal clients to express themselves and their needs. Communication at a touch of a screen! While we all take communication for granted watching someone who was unable to communicate effectively, how they are feeling and then suddenly be able to is one of the most amazing sights in the world. I’ll take that sight over a mountain any day! In 2014, we decided to donate toward the same thing, iPads. We raised $7,401.94. That was a lot of iPads. We showed the iPads we purchased on Instagram.
If you want to check out the donation pages from years passed here are links (I can’t seem to find the blog post with 2012)
2014 (Scroll to Nov 7th, 2014)

This year we are going big. We want to be able to provide something truly special for Chrestomathy, Inc this year. The big donation this year will go toward multiple things, site improvements, more communication devices (iPads) and hopefully something even bigger if we can hit the target we are hoping for. Like always I’ll share the donation amount on my blog and/or Facebook and also show what your donations went to.

October 12th will be the sales portion
October 12th-October 17th will be the auction portion

Sales portion will be held on a dedicated big cartel site with a 10 minute cart hold
Chrestomathy, Inc’s Bigcartel (Link will be active closer to the date so they don’t have to pay for the months not in use)
The auction portion will take place on eBay just like last year
Chrestomathy, Inc’s Ebay Account

Just a couple of notes about the event:

  • Customer Service for the event will be handled by us (elevation polish) If you have questions please direct your emails to elevationpolish <at> gmail
  • The paypal account used for the event is the Chrestomathy, Inc one. We’ve been given brief access to it so we can process shipping.
  • Shipping supplies have been provided by us (Elevation Polish) so the money normally used for that can go toward the eBay fees.
  • Items from the eBay event can not combine with items from the bigcartel shop. (two different sites, hard as heck to combine)
  • FAQ for the event (coming soon) will be on on the left hand menu.

Want to send a shout out to the mountain tops to all of my customers for always opening their hearts and their pocketbooks for amazing causes like this one. It means so much to me that your share your kind hearts and generosity with me.

Don’t want to wait to make a donation to Chrestomathy, Inc….
Donate here

YAY!!!!! This is going to be amazing. I’ll be sharing little sneak “peaks” on my instagram account with the hashtag #elevationpolish & #EVP4CI2015 (EVP 4 CI 2015 all together.) Stay up to date about the progress of the event on our Facebook page.

Cheers to amazing polishes,

❤ Lulu


PS. MAKERS: if I haven’t already contacted you and you would like to donate polishes. Please email me at elevation polish (gmail) or click the contact button on Please title your email: Charity Event