Introducing Lulu’s Favorite Things!

Hi Everyone

Different kind of post today. I’m really excited to share this today. The last couple of months I’ve been slowly cultivating my favorite things for my shop. Working with other nail polish makers is a huge passion of mine. We all do such amazing different things. I’ve been lucky enough to be given the go ahead to sell some of these amazing items in my shop. Items that I use every day and pair well with your elevations. YAY!!! This is just the start. I’ve got more items coming in with launches starting today, a couple more next month and the following month.

The items range from Hand and Nail care to Body and Soul care.

Launching today in about an hour here (then again being restocked on the 7th of April at 9PM) We’ve got the start of Lulu’s favorite things.

Different Dimension Diversion Oils
These are amazing! I’ve been using a similar product to the headache oil for years. I’ve always had bad headaches and this is the one thing that eases the pain. I’m not sure it will work for everyone but I know it works for me. The relax oil is just that it helps you relax

Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oils
The scents on these are amazing!!! I’m guilty of using these as a perfume oil as well as a cuticle oil. I tend to use them at night to set the mood for sleep and it can work it’s magic overnight. The scents are unique and mysterious with a hit of earthy. At least the ones we decided on for our shop. She has some really crazy ones in her shop.

Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat
Quick dry, high shine top coat. Pairs well with your favorite elevations. I’ve added G&G HK Girl top coat to my testing routine when I make new polishes. It’s amazing how well it works with the cremes and also didn’t dull any of our holographic polishes.

Northern Star Cuticle Oils
YAY! So excited about this one. Her oils are amazing. They travel really well. Come in a purse friendly size, and packaging. The oils themselves are so nourishing. I’ll admit I’m guilty of forgetting to take care of nails. When I remember, these oils give me a jump start back to healthier cuticles, with results showing rather quickly. They get me back on track to a healthy routine.

What is also pretty amazing (I know I’m over using that word, LOL) is that not only do these talented ladies make the cool products I’ve mentioned above but they also make some pretty darn cool polishes too. If you have time or room in your polish budget I would encourage you to check them out. Click the names above to be taken to their shops.

Lulu’s favorite things can be found on our newly updated website. YAY!

Lulu’s Favorite Things 



<3 Lulu

Sneak “Peak” Wyoming the Wild Collection

Hi Everyone

Long time since I last posted. I wanted to share with you all a sneak “peak” of the next collection launching April 7th at 9PM, central time. It’s called Wyoming the wild. I’ve always had a huge love affair with wyoming. There is just something about the nature, scenery, the people who make it such a unique place. It’s my favorite place in all of the US.

Last September I had the honor of spending some time camping with friends for my birthday in the most scenic of places. Wyoming. It was such a great trip. I had also several months earlier did a solo road trip to the big horn mountains. It was so peaceful but also so wild. I knew it was time for a collection to be born.

On my solo trip to the big horn mountains. I had a run in with two creatures that define wild. Cougars, two of them. I climbed up a little ways from cloud peak, set up camp, got some water boiling for some tea. I felt like something was watching me. I had felt it for about an hour. I heard snowmobilers off in the distance, then it stopped. A man softly with his friend in tow, yelled to me. “You should pack your things, quick!” and I asked “Why?” he then told me and pointed out to me. Two cougars on separate peaks staring at me, watching my every move. I had earlier took a close look at the peaks to make sure I was alone but sure enough I had missed them as they blended in with the rocks. I then had a decision to make. Pack up on my own, hike out with the possibility of the cougars following me or let these 2 nice gentleman who I don’t even know help me. I opted for the later option. Both men helped me pack up my camp with a quickness I’ve never known and nicely snowmobiled me back to my car. Once at my car I realized. I had found what I had set out to see. Wyoming in all it’s wild.

I wanted this collection to share my love of wyoming. It was so easy to be inspired but such a beautiful place. I’ve got some amazing stories to tell, instead I’ll let the colors do the talking.

Hidden Falls- 23K Gold Nugget Topper. Made from real 23K gold, each piece of gold is hand rolled and measured to get a precise amount of gold per bottle. It features larger pieces of gold than most other gold toppers. Because of the time it takes to make just one bottle, and the gold itself. It does come with a $25.00 price tag.

Whoa Jackson Hole- Grey/Griege/Taupe Thermal Holographic, silver shimmer. The thermal aspects to this polish are super super subtle and you might not even notice it. The silver shimmer takes center stage and the soft holographic (low density) adds a nice little twinkle. Thicker style polish, dries slightly matte, 2 coats for full coverage.

Thunder Basin- Dark Brown Creme. Over the years I’ve been asked why a brown creme has never been in the line up. Since it’s my favorite polish color. It took me a long time to figure out what my perfect brown creme would be. It’s like a dark milk chocolate, thinner formula style creme. I think I found the perfect balance of formula and color.

Cloud Peak- blue with black and multi colored flake shimmer, sparse holographic. That sort of says it all because it has it all. I originally made this to test out the new to me ingredient. Ultra chrome flakes. I wanted to add everything to see what would happen the result turned out beautiful like the sky on top of cloud peak. 2 coats should do the trick.

Grand Teton Sunset- Purple Creme. This is a new formula for elevation. This has a built in top coat. Because of the built in top coat it does not play well when additional top coat is added, it makes the color streaky. This color will look different depending on your skin tone. It can lean blue, it can be soft, it can be bright. It’s the kind of color that makes cameras freak out. 2 to 3 coats for full coverage.

Iceberg Lake- Dusty jade/mint with pearl micro shimmer. It’s got the softest of pearl shimmers. Just like iceberg lake it twinkles softly encouraging you to look at it really closely. The subtleness of the shimmer may not pick up on all cameras but it’s there. I recommend, thin coats, drying between coats, 3 thin layers.

Fireflies in a dark meadow- black creme/jelly with ultra chrome flake shimmer, gold flake shimmer. One of my most requested SBPs is now part of the core collection with a few slight adjustments. The opacity is ramped up, the gold shimmer given the top billing and the multi-color/ ultra chrome flakes, light up as your hand position changes.

What do you think of the collection? Did you google the locations?

This collection will be launching on April 7th at 9PM, central. The next restock of it after the launch will be on April 22nd at 9AM, central. Llarowe will be launching these soon after we launch them. We will be sharing all of the team elevation polish swatchers, pictures and reviews on our Facebook page.

❤ Lulu

Big Shout out to the following people for making this collection possible:
Ashley & Nate for the label help
Richard Nixon, he knows what he did
The two men who helped save me from cougars.
Kelly for showing me such beauty
Team Elevation Swatchers, for their hard work taking pics of the collection.



INSTAGRAM: @elevationpolish

Sneak “Peak” February’s Minneapolish Collection

Hello Everyone

Today I’ve got a special preview for you. As many of you know Elevation Polish Headquarters is in Minnesota. Minneapolis has a special place in our hearts as it is our home. This collection shares my love of the city and my favorite places within it. If you get an opportunity please google the names see what amazing surprises Minneapolis has to offer. It’s such a great city to love, live and play in.

Lake of the Isles
One of my favorite spots to take a walk. I can just get lost rounding the lakes over and over. Bright blue cornflower. The finish type is new to elevation it is what we are calling a “Gelly” First coat goes on streaky the second coat evens it out. It dries to a very high shine like a gel polish but has the depth that a jelly provides.

The Walker
One of my favorite museums in minneapolis. It’s uniquely designed along with the art that is housed within it. The building it self is silver so where did I draw my inspiration from? The sun hits it just right and it has a cool sparkly metallic finish. Given the right sun I see elements of purple. Pair them together and you’ve got a bright purple holographic.

St. Anthony Falls
White jelly base with a blend of gunmetal glitter and multi-color, multi-sized iridescent glitter. This is also a  first for elevation polish. We haven’t had a production version of a white jelly based glitter yet. 3 coats thinly applied will do the trick. It reminds me of St Anthony Falls in the winter. Snow all around, a beautiful peaceful sounding manmade waterfall trapped in the heart of the city.

Mill City Ruins
One of the best hidden gems in the city. They managed to keep the past alive by showcasing it and building within it. This is the first thermal polish for elevation. It’s super subtle in it’s hot/cold change. It goes from a darker olive drab to a lighter one. it’s got loads of gold shimmers and gold flake shimmers in it. It’s thinner than most elevations but 3 light thin coats for full coverage. Like most thermals the shelf life for the thermal change is about 6 months, after that it will stay the beautiful color pictured here.

Theo Wirth Parkway
Jewel toned green with multi colored shimmers along with silver shimmers. The park that inspired the polish is easy to experience both driving through it and wondering the plentiful paths. It’s easy to be inspired by such a beautiful place that is full of natures beauty.

Yeti hides in the mini apple
Why wouldn’t yeti hide in Minneapolis (nickname: The Mini Apple)? With all these amazing places to hide, lakes, urban forests, plenty of snow. I bet he has been hiding in my back yard the whole time. Lol. Bright cherry red holographic with a slight hint of red/gold shimmer.

So what do you think of my home town? Can you see why it’s so easy to be inspired here. :) This collection will be launching Feb. 7th, 2015 (9PM, central) with a restock on Feb 22nd (9AM, central.) Yeti hides in the mini apple will only be available during the month of February.

Cheers to great places and great polishes,
❤ Lulu

Sneak “Peak” A Journey told through music collection

I thought I would take a break from shipping and bring you all an early sneak “peak” to a very personal collection for January 2015, A Journey told through music collection.

December as we assemble with our family and friends. It reminds me that January is all about ourselves. It’s a time to start a new. New diets, new life choices, new adventures, possibly even new members of your family, hopefully new polishes. I’ve had quite a few amazing journeys in my life. January is normally when I sit down and decide what adventures the new year will bring. The music lover in me always makes a soundtrack for my journeys. Without fail there is that one song that sticks out and gets stuck in my head for the whole trip. Inspired by songs that take me back to a time, place, memory and journey. I present a sneak “peak” at A Journey told through music collection. Click the name of the Artist and song to be taken to youtube for a listen.

The Sea was Red
back by popular demand the red sea revised with a couple of slight adjustments. Red to Gold/Orange duochrome super holographic. The original (red sea) was actually inspired by a song (fun fact) which is why it’s so perfect for this collection.
Led Zeppelin- Going to California

Quarter Past Midnight
Blue to Purple duochrome that in some specific lighting conditions will appear red or gold. Opaque in 2 coats, 3 for best results. It can also be worn 1 coat over black
DJ Shadow- Midnight in a perfect world

Just like night time
Is a navy medium to high density holographic with blue, teal, aqua shimmer. (fun fact) the song that inspired this polish is also my ringtone on my phone. LOL It also happens to be from one of my favorite movies “The Point” which also inspired the polish Pointless Forest.
Harry Nilsson- Life line

Definition: The Vivid Unknown
This navy hint of teal creme is one of my dream polishes. It’s something I’ve always wanted to create and is one of my favorites to wear under shimmer and glitter toppers. This polish was inspired by two songs
Phillip Glass & Yo-Yo Ma- Definition
Phillip Glass & Yo-Yo Ma- The Vivid Unknown

Storm in the morning light
A hard to describe color. It is in the light slate grey blue family. Creme that is opaque in 2 coats and dries with a high shine. It really does remind me of storm clouds in the morning.
Portishead- Roads

Walk a little farther
a striking resemblance to an older color (Alphubel) this light blue is jam packed with intense blue micro shimmer. A symbol of using the past to build a fresh start and a bright future.
Modest Mouse- The world at large

And finally this collection wouldn’t be complete without Yeti. It wouldn’t be a collection without him.

Yeti Hugs: Feel so close
White (hint of grey) creme/jelly base with an arrangement of Blue, Pink, Purple flake shimmer. White to represent what a yeti hug would look like. It just feels like an optimistic polish. It’s one of my favorite palette cleansers.
Calvin Harris- Feel so close

I hope you enjoy this collection and playlist as much as I enjoyed putting this collection together. Some of the colors will be shown off better by bloggers. My camera set up isn’t sensitive enough to capture some of the fine details of the polishes.

❤ Lulu

News: January out with the old in with the new

The new year will mean new colors. YAY!!! In order to make room for these new colors I’ve got to discontinue some colors. They will be available through the month of December. December 28th the availability will be remaining stock, no new batches will be made after that date. I’m so excited about this. It means more room in the line up to revisit colors ideas like navy, light blue, light purple and glitter toppers. YAY!

The following will be discontinued:

Ave Secretan
Darkest Storm
El Cap 2
Forest of the fog
Hinglajgarh Forest
Huangshan 2
Jbel Ayachi 2
Le Crêt de la neige
Mount Cangyan
Mount McKinley
Mt. Meru
Naked Night Sky
Pointless Forest 2
Quartz Monzonite
River Rock
The Arches 2
Volcanic Dust

The following will be discontinued right away. The reason the following is being D/Ced right away is they have what I call an “Ugly bottle syndrome” name joking aside they all eventually have a common among indie polish problem where the white looks to fall to the bottom of the bottle. It usually doesn’t effect the polish color at all but it makes for a really ugly bottle.

Puncak Jaya

Cheers to new year new polishes,
<3 Lulu

NEWS: 3rd Annual Elevation Polish for Chrestomathy, Inc. Event

YAY It’s that time of year again!!!

We’ve finally finished up the details for this years charity event. We did experience a hiccup when setting up the auction this year. It’s the same hiccup we had last year so without a lot of time to fix it. We decided for the auction portion we will be using a site called Ebay

(Edit: We did take into account customer feedback about bidding owl and last minute we switched to ebay)

The auction will begin Friday at 9PM, and end on Monday evening.



The sales portion of the event will be held Friday at 9PM (central, MN time)

We made a big cartel site just for the event. When the event is over Chrestomathy will be taking it over so they can sell their client handmade products.

The Event will feature a variety of fantastic items

  • Small Batch Prototypes
  • Samples
  • Sets (including lulu’s favorite things)
  • Friends of Elevation donated polishes
  • Chrestomathy Inc handmade greeting cards (check them out they are amazing)

Left: Yeti saw stars in her eyes Right: and fell in love (3 sets available for auction)


Friends of Elevation Polish, Chaos and Crocodiles (each polish will be auctioned separately)

Just a couple of notes about the event:

  • Customer Service for the event will be handled by us (elevation polish) If you have questions please direct your emails to elevationpolish <at> gmail
  • The paypal account used for the event is the Chrestomathy, Inc one. We’ve been given brief access to it so we can process shipping.
  • Items from the event can not combine with items from our shop. (two different sites, two different paypal accounts)
  • FAQ, About and Links can be found on the top right tab on this blog, and also can be found at

Who is Chrestomathy, Inc?
Chrestomathy is a day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The three program sites are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in the nearby suburbs of Eden Prairie and Burnsville. Unlike most other programs serving this population, Chrestomathy is a specialized and relatively small company. Founded in 1985, their success can be attributed to our commitment to excellence, our commitment to working with individuals with complex needs and their positive, proactive approach to working with the individuals they serve.

Read more about Chrestomathy, Inc at their website.


We are so excited about being able to do this event again this year. Last year we had an amazing turn out and raised $9,895.00!!!! Check out the donation post from last year.  We are excited about the possibilities this year and hope to see you at the event.







NEWS: Yeti Says there is an APP for that.

Elevation Polish is proud to present the elevation polish app. YAY! In my interview with sheila of pointless cafe I delicately let it slip that, yes, indeed there will be an app for that.

There will be more details to come as the app gets further developed. We are getting close to finishing the app, but technology is a tricky beast so we don’t have an ETA yet. There is almost always one more thing, one more thing. We estimate it will take us another 2 months of development to fine tune everything. iPhone app will come first with the android app followed closely behind.

What is the goal of the elevation app? What are the features?

  • List of all the elevation polishes with swatch pictures (arranged by collection)
  • Save your wishlist
  • Save your collection, keep track of the polishes you already have
  • Optional push notifications for restocks
  • Link to the EVP Shop, Facebook and Instagram
  • (future development) be able to take your own swatch pictures

I’m going to leave you here with a bunch of pictures from my phone (iPhone 5). This is the prototype version. It’s simplistic and not all the information or pictures are there.

YAY! It’s so exciting!!!

❤ Lulu