Giveaway Winners: Yeti wears givenchy and Versace

YAY! Congrats to all 5 winners of the it’s all in the name giveaway.

Winners could you please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) so I can ship your Yeti wears givenchy and versace.

Drum roll please…. and the winners are………

1. nisefo62 “Elevation names are always unusual and fun! So I like Tanuki… my dogs name. “)”

2. Sarah HG “Since Yeti is the best mascot on earth I have to stick with him. Since my favorite color is blue I have to go with that. I would love to see a bright, BRIGHT aqua blue holo or holo micro glitter with peach triangle glitter or something with that color combination. My favorite place I’ve ever gone on vacation (to date) is Bermuda, and the ocean color is bright blue aqua and the sand is a peachish pink (but I’m not a fan of pink so for this purpose we’ll say peach). So maybe something like “Yeti Escapes the Bermuda Triangle”. Triangle glitter is obviously perfect for this polish!”

3. Lesa G. ““One Small Step For Yeti, One Giant Leap For Yeti-kind”, “Yeti Vs Bigfoot”, “Breakfast At Yeti’s”, “Cool Hand Yeti”, “The Good, The Bad and The Yeti”. “Yeti Without A Cause”, “Citizen Yeti””

4. Valerie M “I would love to see Yeti loves margaritas! A lime green holo with shimmers and flakies! Or a Black Hills polish. The Black Hills in South Dakota are so beautiful at sunset.”

5. Yuko M “One of my favorite places in Hawaii is Hanauma Bay, which I find magical. I would love to see a polish named Hanauma Bay so that I can be transported back there by looking at my nails.”

There were so many brilliant suggestions in this giveaway. I can’t wait to get to my work desk and play around with some ideas. Will Yeti Go to space?…. Will he finally get a girlfriend to share in his adventures?…… We will have to wait to see.

I’ve got one last giveaway this month. Stay tuned on the 30th right here on my blog.


Giveaway: It’s all in the name *CLOSED*

Giveaway notice!

This is a fun one with a little sneak peak to the inner workings here at elevation.

I get asked this question a lot. What’s with the names Lulu? What comes first the polish or the name?

My process is probably like many others. Usually I talked to friends, recall old memories, then take to my photo albums or the albums of friends for inspiration. I get a general idea of the vibe (dark, pastel, mixed, crazy) of a location/polish/collection. Then the fun really starts. Inspiration turns into on paper color concepts, one location can have as many as 10 color concepts before I even start the polish making process. I take the best concepts (2 usually) for each location and turn them into a single polish. You can sometimes find some of these concept polishes for sale on the 7th of the month (Samples) If I like the finished product of the sample. I’ll access and see what it would take to make a 30 bottle batch. (sometimes you can find these 30 bottle batches on the website) sold as SBPs (small batch prototypes.) If I don’t like the finished product of either the sample of SBP then I’ll start the process all over again. From there the collections are arranged by how they feel for the time of year.

SBP naming goes a little differently. The name doesn’t reflect the original concept. I want to keep that hidden as to not spoil any surprises. I take to my inspiration board and match them up with ideas, places or things that don’t have a concept polish yet.

Then there are really unique polishes… Ones that don’t fit the norm. Like our giveaway polish. Yeti wears givenchy and versace. Originally it started as a joke about what would yeti do next. You know jokes among friends… it always turns to the most unexpected and/or lewd. This time it went the just plain unexpected route. Yeti would be the highest of fashionistas and wear two brands known for being both edgy and fun. Givenchy and Versace. Nothing like yeti himself who I imagine would be soft and cuddly. The white glitters representing Yeti, The Black Givenchy, the gold versace and the teal represents me. I made this polish as a gift to my closest friends, making a full SBP style batch, saving the rest for both the instagram giveaway and now this one.

Here is your chance to win “Yeti Wears Givenchy and Versace”

To enter: Leave a comment with your fun elevation polish name suggestion. Who knows it might actually become a future color. It can be anything a thing an idea, a place, an action, a yeti. The sky is the limit.

5 Winners will be chosen at random on May 18th at 9PM (Central time)
Winners will be announced in next post.

(if you won a giveaway within the last month, please allow others to win, one entry per person please.)

Good Luck,
❤ Lulu


We’ve had some really amazing fun this year with elevation. Trying different styles, colors, formula concepts & the charity auction. It’s really been amazing. Thank you for joining me on this polish journey.

As we, here at elevation, wrap up 2013. We wanted to do one last and final giveaway for fan month. It’s a good one too.

The name of this giveaway is The Point. Why you might ask? Two reasons.

  • Reason #1 the point of the giveaways to show that I appreciate all of you out there in nail polish land, the fans.
  • Reason #2 One of my favorite small batch prototypes of the year was Pointless Forest.

I had many questions in my inbox about where the Pointless forest name came from, since google searches come up with no real location of a pointless forest.
Little known fact that my favorite Movie & Soundtrack of all time is called “The Point!” It’s such a great film for both kids and adults.
Plot Summary (my version): It’s about a boy (Oblio) who was born with no physical point in a land where everything must have a physical point, even people. He was banished to the pointless forest because he was different. Through his travels and the characters he met along the way Oblio and his trusty dog Arrow see that everyone has a point, though it might not be readily displayed.

Here is a youtube link to the movie

THE PRIZE: 1 lucky winner will receive 3 Elevation Polishes: Pointless Forest, Oblio & Arrow and you too can wear a point with a Hayden Harnett Ramone Cuff in Aqua Snake (not real snake, it’s leather) I’ve also got an alternative option for Vegans, if the winner is a vegan. I’ll swap out the cuff bracelet, with a pointed ring.

HOW TO ENTER: Click on the rafflecopter link, sign, then leave me a  comment on this blog post with your favorite mythical elevation or location (it can be from a book or movie)
Rafflecopter giveaway

ENTRY DATES: Giveaway will start today & will end on Monday Dec 30th at 9PM (central time) Winner will be chosen by rafflecopter drawing, and announced within 12 hours.


Left to Right: Arrow, Obilo & Pointless Forest

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!!!!!!
❤ Lulu



I really loved reading all of your answers on this one. So many mythical destinations, that capture our imaginations. In the future we might see some of these locations, elevations and creative places as polishes in the line up.

Fan Month Giveaway #3 (CLOSED)

More Fan Month Giveaways…YAY!

This one is a fun one. More Trivia.

So some of you know, I’m a total nail polish nut or some would say “collector.” I’m a huge dior nail polish fan and in addition I’ve been down in the trenches will all you Indie polish enthusiasts duking it out over polishes. There is more than a few indie brands in my personal collection that stand out. One of my favorites is Pahlish. You likely would have guessed that since I’ve done 2 collaborative duos with Pahlish.

Here is the question: Between Dior & Pahlish, How many bottles total do I have in my personal collection?

Grand Prize: Dior Graphic Berry, Pahlish Electrostatic Ghost & Purple Haba, the grand prize will be reserved for the person who guesses the number on the nose.
Second/Third/fourth/fifth Prize: Will be Bizarre Blizzard, and this will be for guesses that are close to that magic number.

Dior 143 and Pahlish 102

Here is a dark pic of my collection, It’s sort of a mess because I’ve been on the go lately.

Grand Prize: Jody F (247)
Second Prize: Inma (253)
Third Prize: Leah F&F (237)
Fourth Prize: H (263)
Fifth Prize: Sundai (235)

I think I’ve got most of your emails, I’ll get those out tonight. If for any reason, winners, you didn’t get an email from me. Please click the contact button on my shop so I get send off your prize. YAY! Another Fan Month Giveaway coming up tomorrow.

❤ Lulu

Fan Month Giveaway #2 (Trivia) *CLOSED*

YAY! More giveaways and a little sneak peek into the daily life of behind the scenes elevation.

Today I’ve got a Trivia Question for ya….. There can be as many as 10 winners.

Prize: Never before released SBP “Bizarre Blizzard” a flake shimmer top coat.

Question: Besides Ice climbing, mountaineering, painting and gardening (and painting my nails)…. what sport/hobby do I (Lulu) enjoy doing on saturday mornings…. This is a tough one. Again, wild guesses encouraged.

Notes: Please only guess once,  guesses should be posted via comment on this post, The guessing will begin now and I’ll close this giveaway up in 48 hours. There could be up to 10 winners.

EDIT (12-12-13, 7:15 PM, central)

ANSWER: Fencing. After my saturday morning post office run, I like to get in a bout or two at my local swords club.

Break out my old photo album for this one. Me (Lulu) at the Jr. Olympic tryouts, way back in the day.

We have two winners:

JJR(Fencing) & H (sword play)  I have both of your emails already, You’ll be getting a confirmation shortly. YAY Congrats! Be on the look out for another Fan Month Giveaway blog post tomorrow.

Mwahahaha (again, LOL)


Fan Month Giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

YAY! Time for a giveaway…..

I’m going to set this one up with a bit of backstory…..

Flashback to winter 2009/2010 in my little polish area. Working on a franken polish for a friend to give her as a stealthy little gift. The color I had in mind for her and secretly for myself… actually got reworked, tested, tweaked, made from scratch instead of frankened and is currently offered in the line up….

NAME THIS COLOR (wild guesses are totally appropriate for this)

First two people to name this color will receive 2 SBPs of my choosing from my archives.

To enter: Leave a comment on this post with 1 color you think it might be. Please only enter once. Those who name more than 1 polish will have their entry not count.

EDIT (Monday, Dec 9th, 2:53PM, Central)
As of yet, no one has guessed the polish. Keep guessing. 🙂

EDIT (Tuesday, Dec 10th, 12:00, Central)
One person got it right, to keep the giveaways going. I’m going to announce her the winner and save the other items for one of the next giveaways.

Originally designed as a franken polish. Its franken formula comprised of 2 Dior polishes, 1 sally hansen, and a touch of zoya snow white. Ave Secretan got broken down to it’s base elements/ingredients, reworked the formula so that it was made from scratch (and not pre-existing polishes) and was released into the collection. As some would say sometimes you just need a good pink, even me.. someone who doesn’t wear pink often.

Congrats Erin P-S. I’ll be emailing you in a few moments.

❤ Lulu

P.S. Stay tuned as more Fan Month giveaways will be going on right here on my blog this month.