Sneak “Peak” February’s Minneapolish Collection

Hello Everyone

Today I’ve got a special preview for you. As many of you know Elevation Polish Headquarters is in Minnesota. Minneapolis has a special place in our hearts as it is our home. This collection shares my love of the city and my favorite places within it. If you get an opportunity please google the names see what amazing surprises Minneapolis has to offer. It’s such a great city to love, live and play in.

Lake of the Isles
One of my favorite spots to take a walk. I can just get lost rounding the lakes over and over. Bright blue cornflower. The finish type is new to elevation it is what we are calling a “Gelly” First coat goes on streaky the second coat evens it out. It dries to a very high shine like a gel polish but has the depth that a jelly provides.

The Walker
One of my favorite museums in minneapolis. It’s uniquely designed along with the art that is housed within it. The building it self is silver so where did I draw my inspiration from? The sun hits it just right and it has a cool sparkly metallic finish. Given the right sun I see elements of purple. Pair them together and you’ve got a bright purple holographic.

St. Anthony Falls
White jelly base with a blend of gunmetal glitter and multi-color, multi-sized iridescent glitter. This is also a  first for elevation polish. We haven’t had a production version of a white jelly based glitter yet. 3 coats thinly applied will do the trick. It reminds me of St Anthony Falls in the winter. Snow all around, a beautiful peaceful sounding manmade waterfall trapped in the heart of the city.

Mill City Ruins
One of the best hidden gems in the city. They managed to keep the past alive by showcasing it and building within it. This is the first thermal polish for elevation. It’s super subtle in it’s hot/cold change. It goes from a darker olive drab to a lighter one. it’s got loads of gold shimmers and gold flake shimmers in it. It’s thinner than most elevations but 3 light thin coats for full coverage. Like most thermals the shelf life for the thermal change is about 6 months, after that it will stay the beautiful color pictured here.

Theo Wirth Parkway
Jewel toned green with multi colored shimmers along with silver shimmers. The park that inspired the polish is easy to experience both driving through it and wondering the plentiful paths. It’s easy to be inspired by such a beautiful place that is full of natures beauty.

Yeti hides in the mini apple
Why wouldn’t yeti hide in Minneapolis (nickname: The Mini Apple)? With all these amazing places to hide, lakes, urban forests, plenty of snow. I bet he has been hiding in my back yard the whole time. Lol. Bright cherry red holographic with a slight hint of red/gold shimmer.

So what do you think of my home town? Can you see why it’s so easy to be inspired here. 🙂 This collection will be launching Feb. 7th, 2015 (9PM, central) with a restock on Feb 22nd (9AM, central.) Yeti hides in the mini apple will only be available during the month of February.

Cheers to great places and great polishes,
❤ Lulu

6 thoughts on “Sneak “Peak” February’s Minneapolish Collection

  1. You did it again! I want EVERY.single.bottle. So beautiful. I think my favs are the blue, the mini Apple, & the white-based glitter.

  2. Lovely collection! It’s missing an homage to the crazy heavy summer rains I experienced last year while visiting a Minneapolis polish friend. Heaviest rain ever- like a cow pissing on a flat rock! And I was told that’s typical of MPLS!

  3. We just moved to Minnesota from Illinois this summer! Only about 15 min from Minneapolis/St. Paul! Super excited to try this polish and to try the places mentioned 🙂

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