Sneak “Peak” A Journey told through music collection

I thought I would take a break from shipping and bring you all an early sneak “peak” to a very personal collection for January 2015, A Journey told through music collection.

December as we assemble with our family and friends. It reminds me that January is all about ourselves. It’s a time to start a new. New diets, new life choices, new adventures, possibly even new members of your family, hopefully new polishes. I’ve had quite a few amazing journeys in my life. January is normally when I sit down and decide what adventures the new year will bring. The music lover in me always makes a soundtrack for my journeys. Without fail there is that one song that sticks out and gets stuck in my head for the whole trip. Inspired by songs that take me back to a time, place, memory and journey. I present a sneak “peak” at A Journey told through music collection. Click the name of the Artist and song to be taken to youtube for a listen.

The Sea was Red
back by popular demand the red sea revised with a couple of slight adjustments. Red to Gold/Orange duochrome super holographic. The original (red sea) was actually inspired by a song (fun fact) which is why it’s so perfect for this collection.
Led Zeppelin- Going to California

Quarter Past Midnight
Blue to Purple duochrome that in some specific lighting conditions will appear red or gold. Opaque in 2 coats, 3 for best results. It can also be worn 1 coat over black
DJ Shadow- Midnight in a perfect world

Just like night time
Is a navy medium to high density holographic with blue, teal, aqua shimmer. (fun fact) the song that inspired this polish is also my ringtone on my phone. LOL It also happens to be from one of my favorite movies “The Point” which also inspired the polish Pointless Forest.
Harry Nilsson- Life line

Definition: The Vivid Unknown
This navy hint of teal creme is one of my dream polishes. It’s something I’ve always wanted to create and is one of my favorites to wear under shimmer and glitter toppers. This polish was inspired by two songs
Phillip Glass & Yo-Yo Ma- Definition
Phillip Glass & Yo-Yo Ma- The Vivid Unknown

Storm in the morning light
A hard to describe color. It is in the light slate grey blue family. Creme that is opaque in 2 coats and dries with a high shine. It really does remind me of storm clouds in the morning.
Portishead- Roads

Walk a little farther
a striking resemblance to an older color (Alphubel) this light blue is jam packed with intense blue micro shimmer. A symbol of using the past to build a fresh start and a bright future.
Modest Mouse- The world at large

And finally this collection wouldn’t be complete without Yeti. It wouldn’t be a collection without him.

Yeti Hugs: Feel so close
White (hint of grey) creme/jelly base with an arrangement of Blue, Pink, Purple flake shimmer. White to represent what a yeti hug would look like. It just feels like an optimistic polish. It’s one of my favorite palette cleansers.
Calvin Harris- Feel so close

I hope you enjoy this collection and playlist as much as I enjoyed putting this collection together. Some of the colors will be shown off better by bloggers. My camera set up isn’t sensitive enough to capture some of the fine details of the polishes.

❤ Lulu

9 thoughts on “Sneak “Peak” A Journey told through music collection

  1. My jaw is on the ground. Another STELLAR collection!!! I can’t wait to order these, & I haven’t even received December’s order yet…lol. I do the same things on trips: buy new music for the drive, then that music forever reminds me of that trip. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

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