Sneak “Peak” Wyoming the Wild Collection

Hi Everyone

Long time since I last posted. I wanted to share with you all a sneak “peak” of the next collection launching April 7th at 9PM, central time. It’s called Wyoming the wild. I’ve always had a huge love affair with wyoming. There is just something about the nature, scenery, the people who make it such a unique place. It’s my favorite place in all of the US.

Last September I had the honor of spending some time camping with friends for my birthday in the most scenic of places. Wyoming. It was such a great trip. I had also several months earlier did a solo road trip to the big horn mountains. It was so peaceful but also so wild. I knew it was time for a collection to be born.

On my solo trip to the big horn mountains. I had a run in with two creatures that define wild. Cougars, two of them. I climbed up a little ways from cloud peak, set up camp, got some water boiling for some tea. I felt like something was watching me. I had felt it for about an hour. I heard snowmobilers off in the distance, then it stopped. A man softly with his friend in tow, yelled to me. “You should pack your things, quick!” and I asked “Why?” he then told me and pointed out to me. Two cougars on separate peaks staring at me, watching my every move. I had earlier took a close look at the peaks to make sure I was alone but sure enough I had missed them as they blended in with the rocks. I then had a decision to make. Pack up on my own, hike out with the possibility of the cougars following me or let these 2 nice gentleman who I don’t even know help me. I opted for the later option. Both men helped me pack up my camp with a quickness I’ve never known and nicely snowmobiled me back to my car. Once at my car I realized. I had found what I had set out to see. Wyoming in all it’s wild.

I wanted this collection to share my love of wyoming. It was so easy to be inspired but such a beautiful place. I’ve got some amazing stories to tell, instead I’ll let the colors do the talking.

Hidden Falls- 23K Gold Nugget Topper. Made from real 23K gold, each piece of gold is hand rolled and measured to get a precise amount of gold per bottle. It features larger pieces of gold than most other gold toppers. Because of the time it takes to make just one bottle, and the gold itself. It does come with a $25.00 price tag.

Whoa Jackson Hole- Grey/Griege/Taupe Thermal Holographic, silver shimmer. The thermal aspects to this polish are super super subtle and you might not even notice it. The silver shimmer takes center stage and the soft holographic (low density) adds a nice little twinkle. Thicker style polish, dries slightly matte, 2 coats for full coverage.

Thunder Basin- Dark Brown Creme. Over the years I’ve been asked why a brown creme has never been in the line up. Since it’s my favorite polish color. It took me a long time to figure out what my perfect brown creme would be. It’s like a dark milk chocolate, thinner formula style creme. I think I found the perfect balance of formula and color.

Cloud Peak- blue with black and multi colored flake shimmer, sparse holographic. That sort of says it all because it has it all. I originally made this to test out the new to me ingredient. Ultra chrome flakes. I wanted to add everything to see what would happen the result turned out beautiful like the sky on top of cloud peak. 2 coats should do the trick.

Grand Teton Sunset- Purple Creme. This is a new formula for elevation. This has a built in top coat. Because of the built in top coat it does not play well when additional top coat is added, it makes the color streaky. This color will look different depending on your skin tone. It can lean blue, it can be soft, it can be bright. It’s the kind of color that makes cameras freak out. 2 to 3 coats for full coverage.

Iceberg Lake- Dusty jade/mint with pearl micro shimmer. It’s got the softest of pearl shimmers. Just like iceberg lake it twinkles softly encouraging you to look at it really closely. The subtleness of the shimmer may not pick up on all cameras but it’s there. I recommend, thin coats, drying between coats, 3 thin layers.

Fireflies in a dark meadow- black creme/jelly with ultra chrome flake shimmer, gold flake shimmer. One of my most requested SBPs is now part of the core collection with a few slight adjustments. The opacity is ramped up, the gold shimmer given the top billing and the multi-color/ ultra chrome flakes, light up as your hand position changes.

What do you think of the collection? Did you google the locations?

This collection will be launching on April 7th at 9PM, central. The next restock of it after the launch will be on April 22nd at 9AM, central. Llarowe will be launching these soon after we launch them. We will be sharing all of the team elevation polish swatchers, pictures and reviews on our Facebook page.

❤ Lulu

Big Shout out to the following people for making this collection possible:
Ashley & Nate for the label help
Richard Nixon, he knows what he did
The two men who helped save me from cougars.
Kelly for showing me such beauty
Team Elevation Swatchers, for their hard work taking pics of the collection.



INSTAGRAM: @elevationpolish

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