Yeti’s Healing Vibes AHF Charity Polish

There have been several somber moments here at elevation HQ. We’ve been saddened to hear the news of lost family, friends, homes, businesses, landmarks and spiritual places in the recent earthquake in Nepal. We here at elevation want to help as best we can. The devastation is too great to ignore. We do hope that because immediate action is needed on the ground that you will all take a moment to send good healing vibes their way or if you’re in a position to help monetarily that you make a donation. You can send a donation directly to American Himalayan Foundation. Link:

There are many other organizations there to help, click to the link to be taken to reputable charities working in the area. Link: InterAction

Info: $10.00 of each Yeti’s healing vibes will be donated directly to the American Himalayan Foundation. Donation will be made 2 times. On the 10th of the month and the 28th of the month. Pictures/screenshots of the donation will be added to this blog post. Yeti’s healing vibes will be available on the 7th of the month, with early access available for members on our big cartel site. Polish will be available until the 27th of the month.

Click here to be taken directly to the shop

Name: Yeti’s Healing Vibes

Description: Jade crelly with a blend of Ultra chrome flakes in 2 colors, gunmetal flake shimmer, White/Silver flake shimmer and aqua micro shimmer. Decorated with a heart nepal stick on the back.

With many many hearts,

Lulu & Team Elevation


3 thoughts on “Yeti’s Healing Vibes AHF Charity Polish

  1. Made a donation this morning and posted my receipt in the Indie Polish Swap/Sale group, in the hope it will motivate others to donate as well. Thank you for doing this fundraiser!

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