News: Restock/Vacation update

Hi Everyone

April has been an exciting month for Team Elevation! For our month off, it sure has been busy! We have been busy catching up on overdue work and overdue vacations. We did not so exciting stuff like spring cleaning, supply ordering, and taxes. We did exciting stuff like, getting out snowshoeing with the dogs, downhill skiing, ice-climbing, winter camping, and even a spring paddle. Some of us even did super exciting stuff like decide to abandon a snow camp because of a pair of overly curious Mountain Lions (Lulu will have to post more about that one)!

Some of you may have noticed we were out of stock of many colors due to a shortage of bottles. Well, the bottle shipment is in! And we used some of the extra time we had this month to make new batches of old colors so we now have a limited supply of most things back on the site, with more to come soon!

Lulu has been in and out of the shop the last few weeks but is mainly on vacation and taking advantage of the time to help out with some family matters. She has also been very busy planning the summer colors, stocking up on supplies, and preparing for an awesome May. (Hint: More free time=more SBPs and samples!)

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to stock up for May and catch up on inspiration.

Team Elevation

News: Bottle Shortage

Hi Everyone

Some of you may have noticed the inventory on the website is running super low right now and the membership site is currently shut down. We were experiencing a bottle shortage. Bottles are on the way, expected Saturday, actually. It should take us a couple of days to bottle up our current batches of polish. We will start doing a slight restock on Tuesday (mainly out of stock older colors). We will continue to add new stock as it becomes available. The membership site password will also be activated on Tuesday for members.

Thank you for your patience.

Team Elevation & Lulu

Hello from my vacation

Hi Everyone

Greetings from my vacation. YAY! I’m taking a second to share some excitement. As many of you have figured out, since her and I have worked together on many occasions, Shannon of Pahlish and I have a bit of a “bromance” going on. Our friendship started with polish and quickly blossomed into an amazing friendship over the years. Late night talks about polish and shared sense of humor make her so easy to work with.

To celebrate her 1 year anniversary of doing monthly duos. We decided it would be so much fun to work together again and share a little glimpse into our fun polish friendship.

As part of my vacation, I travelled all the way from Minnesota to Arkansas to work hand and hand with Shannon to create this beautiful duo, and to also force her to go camping with me (mwhahaha, but that is a story for another day.) They are colors that are very much us, colors we love wearing. Soft with subtle twinkle. Two minds melding together to celebrate this most awesome of occasions with polish!!!!

Wish her a warm EvP congratulations!

Now on to the details!

Name: Budding Bromance Duo
Base Color (Pahlish): Romance, a light and airy grey with copper micro shimmer, blue and green shimmer
Glitter Topper (EvP): Bromance, winter white squares, hexes, small grey hexes, red/green shifting flakies (sparse density) in a soft holographic shimmered base.

Where to buy/Availability: This will be only available in Pahlish’s big cartel shop. It will be restocked each friday at 7PM, central during the month of april. For more information about her site and polishes click the link below, or find her on Facebook.

Bottle Shots & Tilt Shots + Macro Shots

I hope you have as much fun with this duo as we did creating it. OK back to the wilderness, I go.  As always team EP will be available to answer any comments, questions or concerns. Please direct all questions about the duo to Pahlish.


Restock News: Shipping Notices & Secret Yeti Polishes

Hi Everyone

I’ve got loads of emails in my inbox. I thought I would tackle a couple of the main questions on my blog here.

Shipping notices: We are using a new order management system. This system prints out postage for an entire days worth of orders. More postage labels then we can actually pack in a days work. This means that while you may have a tracking number, your order might not be processed and handed off to the post office for a couple of days.
We are still packing up orders from the 7th of the month restock. This is pretty typical for 7th of the month restocks. It takes us (us being 2 people) several days to process shipping, sometimes up to 7 business days (this doesn’t count weekends) We try not to take that long but it happens sometimes.

Yeti Polishes: We here at elevation polish are huge fans of sneaky fun treats. We tend to do this once a year. Special surprise polishes. Just to say thank you. It’s you the fans that really keep me inspired.  There were 3 secret yeti polishes given away for the 7th of the month restock only.

  • Ninja Yeti- for customers who ordered 3 or more polishes
  • Yeti was a good ninja- for orders that were $80.00+
  • Yeti was a shadow- for orders 100+ and/or because we ran out of good ninja and ninja yeti
  • Foam throwing star- given out randomly. So you can throw them at your hubbies, boyfriends, etc…
  • In rare cases, some people got 2 polishes, these were given out at random, and yes even international gals are included in this.

We won’t spoil the surprise on the details of the colors. Please note these colors won’t be for sale. They were only for orders on the 7th, or while supplies lasted. Hurtful emails will not be responded to. This was intended to be a fun freebie.

I hope you all have has much fun with yeti’s awesome adventures as I do. He really is the adventurous spirit and unofficial mascot of elevation polish. He has some pretty cool adventures in the future line up. Check out the future colors page on to see where he will go next. Elevation’s Future colors page

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

Restock News & Emails

Hi Everyone

Some of you may have noticed that the EP email hasn’t been responding the last few days. I was out of town and team elevation was busy preparing for the next restock. I’m currently working through all the emails now but it might take me a day or two to get all caught up.

Membership emails are going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I’ve got to get all the new product pages put together and take pics of the SBPs & Samples for the month. Time has been tight.

I want to thank you all for your patience.
❤ Lulu

Preview: Midnight Snowball Fight

Hi Everyone

Today I’ve got the long awaited preview of the Chaos and Crocodiles, Elevation Polish collaborative duo.

It was such a pleasure working with C&C on a duo. She is amazing. Her personality is for sure reflected in her brand. Fun, Fresh, Playful and maybe even a little shy. It made it really easy to work with her.

Inspiration, thoughts, colors, finishes. From the start we were all over the place with the overwhelming possibilities of what we could do. You could tell we are both dreamers. Ultimately we settled on a fun adventure. Something we are both familiar with.

Back drop….. Evening in the woods…dark mysterious navy/ink colored sky. Trees, twinkling providing a quiet isolation to get cozy with a loved one.

Location… Snow white everywhere, Mt Rainer’s peak in the not so distant frame of view, then peeking out of the snow with it’s coppery glow. Copper creek cabin. A haven to warm our noses and hearts.

This location and backdrop are prime for one of the greatest winter activities of the all and the name of our duo…..


Evening in the Woods: A dark blue/ink with flashes of copper, gold, bronze, green very very slight hints of pink shimmer

Copper creek cabin: amazing blend of iridescent glitters, copper glitters, white glitters including little hearts and circles all in a clear base.

The duo is presented in a beautiful organza pouch and adorable tag representing both of us. Just look at Chaos and his cute little scarf and the mountains in the background.

I’m going to leave you here with the marco shots because they are amazing!!!

This limited edition Duo will be available Jan 14th, 2014
Price is $23.00 per Duo, standard shipping rates apply.
3PM on
9PM (central) on

Preview: Heights of Hawaii Collection January 2014

Welcome to the first collection preview of 2014. YAY! It’s going to be an exciting year this year as far as colors and finishes go. I’m really excited. 2014 I’ll be putting more of a focus on the finishes that I feel are my strong suits. Cremes, Shimmers and Toppers. This combination I feel gives all of us each a unique way of wearing and combining colors.

For this first collection I’m starting off Strong, Sassy & Strange. Some might think that I (lulu) have been abducted by aliens or something. A Pink creme. Yup I said it. A pink Creme. It has taken me a long time to perfect and even conceptualize how I wanted to do pink. I think it turned out amazing. So without further ado, the heights of Hawaii Collection, inspired by my recent trip to Maui.


Plumeria- All Circle glitter topper with a soft hint of blue shimmer, all in a clear base.

This was a hard image to get of the glowiness.
Silversword- Metallic Silver shimmer in high density, a tad of green shimmer, holographic (low/medium density, spectraflair) and it glows softly in the dark. 3 coats for full opacity.

Haleakala- Purple/Red/Wine Holographic polish (medium/high density, spectraflair & additional holographic pigments)

Pa’ako- Light Pink creme (leans nude on some skin tones) can be used on it’s own or it can be used to create opacity under sheer colors.

SWATCH PHOTOS (Huge thank you to Carrie of Darling Diva Polish for helping me with swatches since I’ve got a broken arm and I’m unable to swatch)
Click through to the official Elevaion Polish Photobucket for pics

I’ll be editing this post once bloggers have swatch pictures ready.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this collection. The collection release date is January 14th at 9PM (central) it will also be restocked on the 22nd of January.


Elevation Polish Website Link

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