NEWS: Yeti Says there is an APP for that.

Elevation Polish is proud to present the elevation polish app. YAY! In my interview with sheila of pointless cafe I delicately let it slip that, yes, indeed there will be an app for that.

There will be more details to come as the app gets further developed. We are getting close to finishing the app, but technology is a tricky beast so we don’t have an ETA yet. There is almost always one more thing, one more thing. We estimate it will take us another 2 months of development to fine tune everything. iPhone app will come first with the android app followed closely behind.

What is the goal of the elevation app? What are the features?

  • List of all the elevation polishes with swatch pictures (arranged by collection)
  • Save your wishlist
  • Save your collection, keep track of the polishes you already have
  • Optional push notifications for restocks
  • Link to the EVP Shop, Facebook and Instagram
  • (future development) be able to take your own swatch pictures

I’m going to leave you here with a bunch of pictures from my phone (iPhone 5). This is the prototype version. It’s simplistic and not all the information or pictures are there.

YAY! It’s so exciting!!!

❤ Lulu

NEWS: Elevation Polish 3rd Annual Auction and Sales for Charity

Hi Everyone

I’m excited to announce the details of the 3rd annual Elevation Polish auction for charity.

This year we decided to keep it simple and scale back a little bit. It was so successful last year, it took up our entire vacation month. Just because we won’t be striving for big numbers doesn’t mean the donation won’t be as meaningful. Each dollar helps.  I’m leaving up all the information from last year in the tab above. This will show everyone a little bit how we did it last year and a little bit about my non-profit of choice Chrestomathy, Inc.

I’ll be updating the tabs the beginning of october.

The event will be sectioned off into two separate areas. One will be buy it now polishes. polishes with a set price. These polishes will be available in my big cartel shop. For the auction portion. There is a separate site setup, same one we used last year. The auction start prices will vary depending on the item.

More details to come a little closer to the date.


OCTOBER 17-20th 2014


YAY! I hope to see you all there. I’ll be answering questions about the event on the elevation polish Facebook page.


<3 Lulu

Random: Vegas!!!! *word heavy post*

My Cosmoprof Badge and huge book of exhibits at the show.

Hello Everyone

It’s been crazy busy around EVP HQ. I’m finally able to sit down and write this post.

2 weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to join fellow beauty industry people, beauty bloggers, and nail polish makers at Cosmoprof beauty event in Las Vegas, NV. My experience might be different than most who went to the event. So, I thought I would share all the happenings from my point of view.

Cosmoprof is a business to business beauty trade show event, open to those in the industry.

For me, there isn’t really a whole lot to talk about that happened at the event proper. For me, a lot of the amazing happenings occurred sitting in the lounges of vegas and the 2 super cool events I was invited to. It was such a pleasure to hang out and chat with nail polish bloggers and fellow nail polish makers.

I want to thank Jennifer (super chic lacquer) for her shine and social event & Christy (KBShimmer) and Pam (Girly Bits) for their Sparkle and Wine event.

My display for the sparkle and wine event. HUGE thank you to a special fan out there for the amazing Yeti art that I used for my handouts. He’s so cute. Also thank you to pointless cafe (Sheila) for taking this photo.

Shy as I may be, these two events really got me out of my shell. It introduced me to all the fabulous ladies who take the time to blog all the amazing indie nail polishes as well as the polish makers. Some of the time, I think customers think all of us indie nail polish makers are competitive. This trip really re-affirmed what I already knew, that the opposite is true. Most of the conversations I had with other makers were talking about how we can and do share ideas, thoughts, formulas, suppliers to make all of our polishes better, not to mention fan girl-ing over each others work (you know, most of us are fans too). Talking to all the other nail polish makers was the highlight of my trip. It really felt like a marvelous community to be a part of.

I know, I know. I’m getting all happy hippy sappy up in here. It was an amazing adventure that is for sure. It was such a pleasure to meet each person I met.

Me (Lulu) wearing Chaos and Crocodiles operation vegas, Sarey (Chaos and Crocodiles) wearing Pahlish Casino Oasis, Shannon (Pahlish) wearing Elevation Polish Yeti finds an Oasis. We are all wearing each others polishes.

Photo Courtesy of Serum No.5, via Work, Play, Polish's site

Katie from Harlow & Co (e-tailer), Cara-Jean from Jaded Nail Co., Victoria from Serum No. 5, Shannon of Pahlish, Leslie from work, play, polish (blog), Lulu (Me) and Christian from Polish TBH

The other thing that I learned, which I already kind of knew, is that bloggers are AMAZING!!! Yup, I said it, and in all caps because I really mean it. Bloggers and their beautiful pictures are something most of us take for granted. I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to all the bloggers out there, big or small. What you do is so cool and thank you for spending your free time, and not so free time to bring us amazing swatches, reviews and up to date information. Blogging isn’t a simple task, especially the bloggers that help me (I’m late almost every month with blog packs, YIKES!) The complexity of what they do I’ll never fully understand. What they do isn’t as simple as just snapping some nail pics and they magically appear on the internet. It takes time, care, and love.

Have you told your favorite blogger how awesome their photos, reviews and blog are? The next time, I see a blog post that I love. I’m going to take the time to tell them how much I appreciate them and their post. Seems like the least I can do.

Yeti finds an Oasis

Yeti finds an Oasis…. Yes, I did do a polish exclusive for this event. I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to if it will be available to the public for purchase. The short answer is unfortunately, no. It was made specifically for the event. The idea was to take everything that elevation is (color, finish, opacity, name, everything)  and combine them into just one polish. It’s like if someone where to ask you to define who you are in just one word. It was tough but I think I did it. I do, however, have 15 bottles left. In order to be fair. I’ll be giving them away via here on my blog and instagram. Post to come in about 2 weeks.

One last and final thought. I’ll show you a glimpse of how new colors are born. Sometimes you may notice that colors when paired with their said inspiration don’t quite match up how you think they would. Take Vegas for example. When you google images, what you see is either bright lights or desert sands. The picture below is how I saw vegas, a shot that I’m going to be using for my inspiration for next years Vegas polish. (don’t worry, next year I will make them available for all.) For me, polishes capture a memory, a moment in time, a feeling which is then turned into a color.

Inspiration: Kiddo taking the time to appreciate his surroundings

I’m not sure where I was going with this blog post other than… the nail polish community is such a happy place to be. It’s up to all of us to keep it an energetic, happy, positive place.

Cheers to great polishes,

P.S. If you want to read more about Cosmoprof, Shine and Social, Sparkle & Wine. Most of the posts are being tagged with those key words and here are a couple of great posts to get you started.

Serum No.5’s Blog (Post #1) and (Post #2)

Polish Galore

Work, Play, Polish

Notes about SBPs & Samples

Hi Everyone

I just got back from PBA Cosmoprof’s convention in las vegas. I got to meet loads of amazing bloggers and nail polish makers. I’ll talk more about this in the next post coming up later today.

It has been brought to my attention that there have been discussions going on in some of the fan groups. I wanted to address this as best I could and share my point of view, as the stress about this has been making my stomach ache.

The topic of discussion: The increase recently in resellers swooping in and buying to resell SBPs, Samples and limited release polishes and their practices, keeping the polishes out of the hands and sometimes financial reach of fans.

I’m going to say my point of view and not everyone will agree with me but that is ok.
Yes, it’s not fun that polishes are being kept away from the fans. I want all my fans to get these limited release polishes. There will never be a way to keep resellers out of my shop. The only thing I can do is to just stop selling these items completely. I don’t want to do that, nor do I think it’s the best option. We are going to think of different options that might hinder the reselling process and not make it so attractive.

I’m going to ask a huge favor of the fans out there. By buying polishes from the resellers, it is driving the market. Please choose not to participate, I know that is a hard thing to ask. I encourage you all to swap, if something isn’t your cup of tea or if you are in search of a particular SBP or sample. The nail polish swapping community is a great one. There are so many people who might have polishes you want and you might have something they want. If you need to sell for any reason, keep your prices as close to on par to what I offer them for (+ shipping and paypal fees, etc). It might take a little bit but over time people might get the idea that price gouging, and reselling for profit isn’t ok.

I don’t want this to come off as a threat because I don’t see it that way…I see it as an option. If there continues to be too much stress over what I see as my “B level polishes” I’m going to have no choice but to abandon selling these polishes. There has been so much focus on these polishes that people forget I come out with a new collection every month that is carefully cultivated, well thought out, My A level polishes, and most of the time they are available without the stress of a restock. My heart and soul is in those polishes. Let’s put the focus back on those.

I do encourage the fan groups to continue to discuss this and options that might appeal to all the fans.






The Sea Collection

Huge shot out to all the amazing bloggers out there who helped me capture amazing photos of the sea collection. Without their help, you all would have to see my photos, which we all know are sub par at best. LOL

I’m really excited about this collection. It features colors I wear very regularly. So you could say that this collection is tailor built just for me. It’s moody, cool and has all my favorite finish types. It leaves a lot of options for wearing them alone, stamping, nail art, marbling, layering. I don’t know if anyone will try this but I wore Bohai (thin layer) over Thracian. It sounds crazy but it gave bohai a dark depthness to it. It looks pretty cool.

This collection features polishes that are on the thick side. Thick polishes are my preference when it comes to opacity, and application feel. I know it’s not everyone’s preference so if you like thinner polishes. You can always use thinner in my polishes to make them your desired consistency. I recommend you use brands of thinner I’ve tested to work well with my polishes. The following work really well: Seche Vite, Zoya, OPI, Nicole OPI. Sally’s beauty brand does not however work well with my polishes. It will leave a ring of a rust colored fluid at the top of the polish, which won’t shake back in over time.

Bohai Sea- bright blue holo (holo is medium density)
Ceram Sea- bright turquoise creme (green leaning)
Weddell Sea- off white, white shimmer, silver shimmer, light holographic (low density)
Thracian Sea- Dark Grey (blue leaning/purple undertones) creme
The Med 2- Teal with green shimmer and green shift to gold shimmer
Limited Edition: Yeti’s oceanside vacation (available for June restocks only)

Ok so let’s get to pics!!!! First up is a group shot that I took, but after that I’m going to leave you with some links to bloggers who have taken gorgeous swatch shots which are more color accurate.

Swatches can be found here (with more to be added soon!)

Ida Nails it
Pointless Cafe
Dani’s Manis
Adventures in Acetone
Amanda Loves Polish (Facebook) 

I hope you all love the collection as much as I do. I may have to revisit the inspiration the sea again. It was such a fun idea to work with. I have a billion ideas and it was tough to narrow it down to what I did.

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

Giveaway Winners: Yeti wears givenchy and Versace

YAY! Congrats to all 5 winners of the it’s all in the name giveaway.

Winners could you please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) so I can ship your Yeti wears givenchy and versace.

Drum roll please…. and the winners are………

1. nisefo62 “Elevation names are always unusual and fun! So I like Tanuki… my dogs name. “)”

2. Sarah HG “Since Yeti is the best mascot on earth I have to stick with him. Since my favorite color is blue I have to go with that. I would love to see a bright, BRIGHT aqua blue holo or holo micro glitter with peach triangle glitter or something with that color combination. My favorite place I’ve ever gone on vacation (to date) is Bermuda, and the ocean color is bright blue aqua and the sand is a peachish pink (but I’m not a fan of pink so for this purpose we’ll say peach). So maybe something like “Yeti Escapes the Bermuda Triangle”. Triangle glitter is obviously perfect for this polish!”

3. Lesa G. ““One Small Step For Yeti, One Giant Leap For Yeti-kind”, “Yeti Vs Bigfoot”, “Breakfast At Yeti’s”, “Cool Hand Yeti”, “The Good, The Bad and The Yeti”. “Yeti Without A Cause”, “Citizen Yeti””

4. Valerie M “I would love to see Yeti loves margaritas! A lime green holo with shimmers and flakies! Or a Black Hills polish. The Black Hills in South Dakota are so beautiful at sunset.”

5. Yuko M “One of my favorite places in Hawaii is Hanauma Bay, which I find magical. I would love to see a polish named Hanauma Bay so that I can be transported back there by looking at my nails.”

There were so many brilliant suggestions in this giveaway. I can’t wait to get to my work desk and play around with some ideas. Will Yeti Go to space?…. Will he finally get a girlfriend to share in his adventures?…… We will have to wait to see.

I’ve got one last giveaway this month. Stay tuned on the 30th right here on my blog.


Giveaway: It’s all in the name *CLOSED*

Giveaway notice!

This is a fun one with a little sneak peak to the inner workings here at elevation.

I get asked this question a lot. What’s with the names Lulu? What comes first the polish or the name?

My process is probably like many others. Usually I talked to friends, recall old memories, then take to my photo albums or the albums of friends for inspiration. I get a general idea of the vibe (dark, pastel, mixed, crazy) of a location/polish/collection. Then the fun really starts. Inspiration turns into on paper color concepts, one location can have as many as 10 color concepts before I even start the polish making process. I take the best concepts (2 usually) for each location and turn them into a single polish. You can sometimes find some of these concept polishes for sale on the 7th of the month (Samples) If I like the finished product of the sample. I’ll access and see what it would take to make a 30 bottle batch. (sometimes you can find these 30 bottle batches on the website) sold as SBPs (small batch prototypes.) If I don’t like the finished product of either the sample of SBP then I’ll start the process all over again. From there the collections are arranged by how they feel for the time of year.

SBP naming goes a little differently. The name doesn’t reflect the original concept. I want to keep that hidden as to not spoil any surprises. I take to my inspiration board and match them up with ideas, places or things that don’t have a concept polish yet.

Then there are really unique polishes… Ones that don’t fit the norm. Like our giveaway polish. Yeti wears givenchy and versace. Originally it started as a joke about what would yeti do next. You know jokes among friends… it always turns to the most unexpected and/or lewd. This time it went the just plain unexpected route. Yeti would be the highest of fashionistas and wear two brands known for being both edgy and fun. Givenchy and Versace. Nothing like yeti himself who I imagine would be soft and cuddly. The white glitters representing Yeti, The Black Givenchy, the gold versace and the teal represents me. I made this polish as a gift to my closest friends, making a full SBP style batch, saving the rest for both the instagram giveaway and now this one.

Here is your chance to win “Yeti Wears Givenchy and Versace”

To enter: Leave a comment with your fun elevation polish name suggestion. Who knows it might actually become a future color. It can be anything a thing an idea, a place, an action, a yeti. The sky is the limit.

5 Winners will be chosen at random on May 18th at 9PM (Central time)
Winners will be announced in next post.

(if you won a giveaway within the last month, please allow others to win, one entry per person please.)

Good Luck,
❤ Lulu