Collection: Life is a Beach

Life is a Beach launching November 7th at 9PM, Central MN time, with additional restock on November 22nd at 9AM, Central MN time on Elevation Polish.

Ipanema Beach- Light milkshake nude scattered holographic.Thinner style formula. thinner coats suggested to prevent streaks.

This beach is hard sometimes hard to see under the colorfully (yet scantily) dressed masses of people that covers this beach on a crowded day


Gulpiyuri Beach- Darkened Taupe Brown, shifting violet micro shimmer, Thinner style formula, 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Walk through a meadow to find this inland beach, surrounded by rocks and shrubs and soil, it is one of the strangest beaches we have seen and is definitely a place we would like to visit.

Miho Beach- Black with Aqua and Sapphire shimmer, Thicker style formula, 2 coats for full coverage. May require a second layer of top coat to smooth depending on how thick your layers are.

Black sands and snow-capped mountains make the blue water seem dark and yet it still glistens and sparkles with depth.


Phra Nang Beach- Aqua, aqua, teal, blue shimmer, scattered holographic. 2-3 coats for full coverage. first coat may be patchy. 2nd and/or 3rd coat evens out the color.

Bright blue waters and white sands surround and invite, while the old monoliths loom over this beach.


Bay of Fires- Dusty lilac, shifiting red/pink to gold shimmer. Black looking shimmer may attach to the sides of the bottle. Thinner style formula. 2-3 coats for full coverage.

As the colors of the morning sunrise recede, one notices that the bright colors of the rocks remain and they provide striking contrast.

River No. 2 Beach- Blueberry medium density holographic. Thinner style formula 2 coats for full coverage. Like most saturated blues, base coat is suggested.

Green foothills and meandering sands deposited from the make the blue waters of this beach pop and sparkle with life.

We once heard an old saying, we think it went, life is a beach, then you dye your hair! Or something like that. This month’s collection is inspired by beautiful beaches from across the world! A day at the beach is always relaxing and reinvigorating for us. The power of the waves and sun, the fluidity of the sand, and the unmoving stability and solidity of the rocks, calms us and reminds us of the cycles of nature. Every beach has its own character and there are so many different kinds of beaches, red sands, black sands, some young, some old, some secluded, some crowded. The diversity and beauty of the beaches around the world made it hard to choose, but we hope you enjoy a few of our favorites!

-Team Elevation

Collection: Colorful Colorado

Colorful Colorado Collection launching July 7th at 9PM, Central MN time, with additional restock on July 22nd at 9AM, Central MN time on Elevation Polish.

Alpine Mine: Dark Blood Red creme/jelly with a scattering of violet/pink micro flake shimmer, 2 coats for full coverage, 3 coats will deepen the color

Blackout Street Fox: Slate grey packed full of copper, gold and red shift to gold micro flake shimmer, 2 coats for full coverage

Bridge of Heaven: Deep Dark Chocolate brown low/medium density holographic with a thicker style formula. 2 coats full coverage

Electric Pass: Red based saturated pink, charcoal & gunmetal micro flake shimmer, red micro shimmer, hint of violet shimmer, 2 coats for full coverage

Teardrop Couloir: Saturated turquoise with a blend of aqua, white, silver shimmer, scattering of hidden violet shimmer. 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Willow Pass: Deep Rich Turquoise Creme, 2 coats for full coverage. Looks amazing with white stamping on top.

Limited Edition for the month of June: Yeti Sneaks in the Snow
White Creme/Jelly with white micro flake shimmer, pink, violet, seaglass shimmer. Slow and steady for best results, 3 coats for full coverage. 2 coats for soft VNL. Thicker style formula.

Colorado is the official home away from home for elevation polish. We have spent lots of time exploring, wandering, hiking, skiing, and spending time with family in colorado. The collection is a reflection of the familiar (represented by turquoise), adventures yet to be had (represented by red/pink), Love, Happiness, Zen (represented by Grey/White/Brown)

Blackout Street Fox, the name seemingly doesn’t fit into the collection. However, this polish name comes with a story. I’ll keep it short. Wandering the streets of Breckenridge, Co the power went out in the whole city. As a friend and I continued to wander the city, the streets empty, quiet and dark, a lone fox wandered along the middle of the street. There was something so profound about watching this fox stroll down the middle of the main street there in breckenridge. Almost like he wanted to reclaim or announce that just beyond the tourist trap shop lined streets this area was his.

We hope you enjoy our homage to the amazing state of Colorado. 🙂

-Team Elevation

Elevation Pahlish Marco Polo Collections!!!


Launching August 7th at 9pm at This is a different kind of collection. It to me is one of the most unique and special collections I’ve done.

Let me set the scene for you: What happens when you take two close friends, who also happen to share a passion for making nail polish, and share of love of geography, documentaries and Netflix?

You end up with two makers trying to call dibs on a collection inspired by Netflix’s series Marco Polo. Instead of one of us resigning to let the other one take the inspiration. Elevation and Pahlish over the years have had more than a few colors, finish types, names that have overlapped. We made the agreement after years of “fighting it” (aka: 2am phone calls of asking each other if we have something similar in our respective line ups) We changed those conversations into talking about sharing inspiration, love of our favorite colors, and finish types to create two different collections. Same inspiration, at the same time and see where it took us.

We did help and guide each other along the way. Each collection, Elevation’s Marco Polo and Pahlish’s Marco Polo represents our individual, unique visions and take on Marco Polo’s journey.


We started off by creating something together. The Venetian Duo. Which consists of The Merchants Son (Elevation) and The Wayfarer (Pahlish). A duo that is meant to work together in polish harmony.  Venice is where Marco Polo began his journey and it’s where we began ours. The $22.00 limited edition collaborative duo will be available in our shops only for the month of August.

The Merchants Son: Thermal aqua/turquoise when hot and dusty teal when cold with lots of green micro shimmer that ends up subtle on the nail. Thinner polish style for me, light thin 3 coats for full coverage. The thermal aspect of the polish will be active for approx. 6 months and after that, it will rest closer to the color of cold but not as intense.

The Wayfarer: A versatile topper blended of platinum flake shimmer, iridescent glitter, ultra chrome flake shimmers in a variety of colors that evokes the color tones of old world venice near the water (copper, gold, green, silver, blue)


From there we headed off into our own creative worlds. Picking characters, places and moments that spoke to us. Here is what I was inspirited by (Might contain spoilers for those who aren’t familiar with Marco Polo’s journey):

The Latin of 4 Languages: Something that really spoke to me about marco polo’s journey was that he was known as the latin but he was also known for the fact that like me he had travelled the world and accumulated knowledge of language. A very useful skill, especially in his time. The color I choose to represent him is a red/orange metallic copper. His actions in the series reminded me of an out of control fire.

Khan of Khans: The name says it all. Gentle yet commanding of attention. Khan of Khans is a burnished olive metallic like silk clothing that the khans court would wear. Both earthy and blingy in it’s metallic-ness at the same time. I kept true to the metallic finish type, you will notice some brush strokes but it adds character the same way that the little knots on raw silk have.

Saif al Jabbar: “The sword of the giant” is a supergiant star a part of constellation Orion that helps guide the way at night. The polish is like the stars at night littered with red shift to gold shimmer and holographic pigment in a blackened base. It twinkles like the night sky. I imagine marco polo using the stars to navigate his way on the silk road.

Zhenjin: “True Gold” was the nick name of the great Khans son. I went there making the polish inspired by his character truly in your face burnished gold with medium density holographic pigment.

Le Città Invisibili: One of my favorite moments in both the show and in books about marco polo was when the great Kublai khan sat down with marco polo and explained in great detail the state and beauties of the cities under the Khan’s rule. The khan in later years didn’t venture out as far as his rule but he had many advisers to tell him about the cities including marco polo who narrated the cities with beautiful poetry and possibilities. The polish is a purple leaning taupe with ultra chrome flake shimmer in blue/purple/gold/pink

Empress Chabi: Favorite wife to Kublai and mother to Zhenjin. Empress chabi played a huge role in life under the Khans rule. She was a patron of the arts, a diplomat, and promoted Buddhism among the region. She is represented in polish form as a berry style red with blue and pink micro shimmer.

Minkh Khukh Tengri: Mongolia is known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” — Мөнх хөх тэнгэр (The Eternal blue sky) because Mongolia has over 250 days of sun a year. Tengri is Sky God and and chief deity in Mongolian and Turkic shamanism. Mongolians even still today pray to the eternal blue sky. Denim blue creme with blue and green ultra chrome flakes, blue medium sized shimmer inspired by my favorite state of blue sky.


Both Elevation and Pahlish’s collections will be in their usual square and round bottles. Presented with limited edition labels that have a cute gondolier on the front with elevation and pahlish names on it. The gondolier represents marco polo’s beginning and end of his journey, Venice. You may notice that bloggers have the standard elevation polish logo on the front. The blog packs went out before the labels were ready.


The Elevation polish Marco polo collection and the venetian duo will be available in my shop Launching August 7th at 9PM, central and restocked on August 22nd at 9AM, central. The special Elevation Pahlish Gondolier label will only be available the month of August. After that any polishes that are moved into the core line from this collection will have a standard Elevation label. Check out our Facebook and instagram (@elevationpolish) for swatches and pictures of the collection.

The Pahlish Marco Polo collection and venetian duo will be available launching August 2nd with restocks on Sundays 7PM, central at Check out their facebook and instagram (@pahlish) for swatches and pictures of the collection.

A limited number of full Elevation Pahlish Marco Polo Collection sets (includes venetian duo so 16 polishes total) will be available in each of our shops with special full set pricing (free shipping.)

So what do you think of the collection? Did you check out Marco Polo on Netflix?




Photo Credit: Ida Nail’s It (for both the swatch and bottle shot of the venetian duo)

Ida Nails it has both the Elevation and the Pahlish Marco Polo Collections up!

Check them out!!! Elevation & Pahlish