Collection: @ Night

@ Night Collection launching October 7th at 9PM, Central MN time, with additional restock on October 22nd at 9AM, Central MN time on Elevation Polish.

Denali @ Night- Purple (red leaning) base with loads of shifting medium particle size shimmer. Shifts from violet, red, pink. 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Firefalls @ Night- Cherry red, violet micro shimmer, medium density holographic

Haleakala @ Night- Dark Berry, on tone shimmer, medium density holographic.

Miho Beach @ Night- Black with silver, gunmetal shimmer, low/medium density holographic.

Moonlit Mangroves- Olive green, green shimmer, low/medium density holographic

Night Sky @ Ubsunur- Blue jelly like base, blue, aqua, navy medium sized shimmer. 3 coats for full coverage.

The inspiration for this month’s collection is @ NIght!

Night time in the mountains can be magical. Clear skies free from the lights and pollutions of civilization offer incredible views of the stars, the galaxy, and if you’re lucky, perhaps even a meteor shower or an auroral display!

So we started with revisiting a few old favorites and made them a little darker, a little more moody, and more sparkly. Then we created a few more colors that we hope capture the mood of a clear night on the far edge of civilization. We hope you enjoy the collection!

-Team Elevation

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