Collection: Going to California

Going to California Collection launching May 7th at 9PM, Central MN time, with additional restock on May 22nd at 9AM, Central MN time on Elevation Polish.

Big Sur- Ocean blue/teal, rose small flake shimmer, gold shimmer, gold flake shimmer, gold micro shimmer, medium thickness formula, 2 easy coats for full coverage.

Mountains rise from the sea, in this isolated stretch of California Coast. Protected from over-development, this coastline remains rugged and beautiful. Teal ocean waters smash against rock outcroppings and rush up the sandy beaches.

Bumpass Hell- Berry/Beet smooth, medium thickness creme. 2 coats for full coverage.

Bumpass Hell is part of an ancient caldera of boiling hot springs and mud pots, as the dry season progresses, the springs turn to mud pits, and the mud pits to steamy fumaroles. All the evaporating water leaves mineral rings of striking colors on the rocks and pool edges. A boardwalk lets you explore closely and keeps you out of danger.

Goat Canyon Trestle- Classic neutral, Dusty desert mauve with shifting shimmers (red to gold to pink), medium thickness formula, 2 coats for full coverage.

This wooden trestle bridge is the worlds largest. Set in the rugged and boulder filled foothills above San Diego, Goat Canyon Trestle is the crowning achievement of the “impossible railroad.” Whether taking the trails less traveled or the illegal rails route, this treacherous hike amazes with tunnels, bridges, canyons, gorges, and intense desert heat.

Meysan Lakes- Periwinkle with subtle pink/violet micro shimmer, thicker style formula. Similar to an older polish “El Cap” with a smoother formula.

Being next door to the tallest peak in California keeps these lakes and the trails surrounding it quiet and serene. While crowds flock to neighboring Mt Whitney and permits are scarce, these peaceful lakes and trails are desolate and unpopulated. After hiking up Meysan Creek, the lakes sit under towering peaks, creating a great sense of isolation.

Moro Rock Trail- Purple (red leaning) with pink subtle shift to red small sized flake shimmer, pink/violet micro shimmer, thicker style formula, 1-2 coats for full coverage.

This trail was one that we have been infatuated with since our I’ll Take the Stairs Collection. The trail leads up the dome shaped monolith of Moro Rock. A 800 foot stair way uses natural surfaces as much as possible and winds up the rock as it utilizes the crevices, cracks, and ledges of the granite trail.

LE: Yeti Kissing Tiny Flowers- Red leaning purple, iridescent violet/pink micro shimmer, medium density holographic.

Limited Edition for the Month of May.

The inspiration for this month’s collection is Going to California! Big waves, big climbs, big deserts, and big trees abound in this big state. Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Sonoma, Malibu, Lake Tahoe are a few of the famous ones but California is filled with so many bucket list destinations that it was very hard for us to narrow down this collection. So we tried to focus on what amazes and drives exploration and found some inspirations that make us want to hit the road. Pack up the polishes, we are “Going to California”!

We hope you enjoy the collection!

-Team Elevation

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