Collection: Exotic India Collection

The Exotic India Collection

Launching December 7th 2015, 9PM Central MN time, with an additional restock of the collection on December 22nd, 9AM, Central on Elevation Polish


The Cow’s Mouth 
a soft seaglass scattered holographic


dusty purple with a range of multi colored micro flake shimmers


Mamostong Kangri
periwinkle/blue/purple with silver flake shimmer


Bay of Bengal 
bright light teal with silver flake shimmer


Hindu Kush
Blue (jelly/creme) with gold shimmer, gold flake shimmer
The Hindu Kush isn’t in India. So why did we include it in the exotic india collection? In the language Khowar, it is said that Hindu Kush means “sparkling snows of India” or “Mountains of India”


Most Cherished Marigold
Yellow based orange scattered holographic with very subtle gold micro shimmer. limited edition polish for this month. It will be available from Dec 1st through the 28th.


The Collection is inspired by:
(Mini Television Series) Wildest India, which is currently available to watch on Netflix

We hope you enjoy the collection. We also hope you enjoy reading a little bit about what inspired the collection.

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