NEWS: Labor day sale plus details about the SBPs sale

Hello Elevation Polish Lovers!

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to this fall. I know a lot of you have kiddos that are heading back to school (yay!). Fall is so full of amazing colors, scents and the return of pumpkin spice everything (YAY!) It’s my favorite time of year. September is also my birthday month and with no new collections coming out this month. We thought we would do something special.

September 7th use the code: LABOR20 for 20% off your total purchase.

September 22nd use the code FALL20 for 20% off your total purchase.

Please note that Lulu’s favorite things & SBPs will not be apart of the sale. Just click on the menu called core colors to see all the polishes that are a part of the sale. Codes valid from Midnight (12:01AM) through 11:59PM, central time. The membership site will not be active this month. We need to keep a very tight inventory control this month.

Brown is by far my favorite polish color. It is very fitting that I would have a special sale for brown polishes on my birthday. 🙂 September 13th (my birthday) is the Lulu’s brown blow out sale. No code needed for 50% off all brown polishes. I set up a special side menu (core colors: brown, taupe, nude) so the brown polishes are easier to find. Also keep watch on my Facebook page. I will be giving away a fantastic gift basket (lulu’s favorite things and never before released brown, taupe, nude samples)

In addition to these sales. 16 SBPs will be divided up and released on the 7th (9pm) and the 22nd (9am). Each customer will have a cap of 2 SBPs per household for this month. This will allow others to have a chance to own these limited release polishes.

I had hoped to have a 2 week preview window for the SBPs but I have sadly fallen behind. They will be up for viewing pleasure hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.

Next month, I’ve got another personal collection. The journey through music 2. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Previews will be up on my instagram this week (@elevationpolish) I’ve also got the 4th annual elevation polish auction and sales for charity. I gotta to say though…. I’ve gotten a lot of help from polish maker friends this year… OMGoodness! The theme is Yeti and they are knocking it out of the park with their colors for the auction. Previews of some of the auction polishes will be up on my instagram with the hashtag #EVP4CI2015

Anywhoozle, Let’s start this fall off right! I hope to see you at the sale. 🙂

Cheers to great polishes,

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