NEWS: In with the new out with the old

It’s that time again. We here at elevation polish love to keep our store fresh, exciting and always rotating. Which means making room in our catalog for new colors.

We’ve got so many new colors planned for the future but our shelves are full. The following polishes will be discontinued. They will be stocked in August, then one final small batch of each will be released in September then after that they will no longer be stocked. Normally, I like giving way more notice this but I fell behind in making this announcement. Yikes!

Alpine Heights (carlit)
Bohai Sea
Ceram Sea
Cuernos del paine
Darkness of the arctic
Darkest Safari
Evening walk amongst the cherry blossoms
Grand Teton Sunsets
Haba Xueshan
The Kek
Lost in the darkness
Mount Feathertop
Pata Puffer
Pic de Subenuix
Queen of the night
St Anthony Falls
Table Mountain
The Med 2
Theo Wirth Parkway
These boots were…

September will be the last time Yeti’s healing vibes will be restocked. Final donation will be made on September 30th. The donation will include donations from July and August. Lets make this last donation a doozy!!!! πŸ™‚

Muztagh Ata while a huge long time favorite will be discontinued right away. There was a batch variance with one of our supplies and it doesn’t look the same as before. We are going to take some time to reformulate and reincarnate so something similar will be in a future line up.

Khongoryn Els will be backordered until our shimmers arrive. They gave me an estimate of 45 days but hopefully sooner. When we run out of stock, we will hide the listing until the next batch is ready. Usually we do hide the listings on any polish we have to wait for ingredients for, normally longer than 30 days.

& Finally News about Angels are the Yetis of the clouds
I know you’ve all been stalking the site waiting for the batch of Angel yeti to be released as per our last post about it. We did receive a large number of emails which expressed some valid concerns about how the polish will be released. Some of those emails included suggestions which we have been taking into account. We decided it would be the best course of action to release them while we release SBPs, They won’t be included in the SBP cap. We will have more details on this when we announce the SBPs sale for September.

As September approaches, a month with no new collections. It’s the month I use to edit and do some final creation for all the winter collections and into spring (as well as organizing business receipts for taxes, omgoodness yuck). What colors are you most excited to see this winter? Any finish types you’d like to see me testing or adding to collections? I’ve got some amazing stuff up my sleeve but I always appreciate hearing your feedback.

Cheers to amazing polishes,

2 thoughts on “NEWS: In with the new out with the old

  1. Not at all surprised and (ahem, ahem) if it means more new colours, I like it! (I also love to declutter so I know I am in a minority).
    May I please respectfully ask if a true red (not a pink-ish or orang-ish, but a real blood red / candy apple red) might be considered in the Elevation lineup? It is a classic colour but missing in the core. Yeti in the Mini-Apple was fantabulous. Something similar please!
    And I’m personally hoping LE Brony (or a close variant) might, just might, make an appearance in the future…….
    Thank you for the regular and clear communication. LOVE ELEVATION POLISH.

  2. There are definitely some favorites that I will be sad to see go, but I am looking forward to new colors. I too have been looking for that perfect fall red, like a blood or brown red shimmer or holo or both. I also obsess over copper colors, so I’m glad to see one coming up πŸ˜‰ I like the idea of Angels are the Yeti of the Clouds being available like SBP’s. If you still aren’t sure maybe you could try with SBP’s and randomly or maybe even draw member names for a chance to order one πŸ˜‰

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