Lulu’s Cosmoprof (CPNA) overview, through an indie makers eyes

Hi Everyone

I have a different kind of post for you today. I wanted to share with you all my experience at Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) Convention. For those who don’t know Cosmoprof is a business-to-business beauty trade show event in North America. Held each year in Las Vegas, NV. This was my second year going. I wanted to share what it is like through my eyes. Each person has their own experience and takes away different things from the events. Experiences may vary. Overall, I would say it was again a positive experience.

This year I decided to do things a little differently. There wasn’t a whole lot to do at the convention itself, me myself being a manufacturer, the convention really isn’t catered to me. It’s aimed more toward press and buyers. I wasn’t displaying at the event proper so I didn’t end up going to the show floor. However, it didn’t mean I wasn’t busy. Oh no, on the contrary. This was the busiest year for me and a big year for indies.

Shine and Social 2015, Candid photo

Day 1: The most exciting day for me. This year I had the pleasure of being able to host Shine and Social 2015. The previous host Jennifer (Wonder Beauty Products) allowed me with my co-host Shannon (Pahlish) to take over. Shine and Social 2015 was geared toward meeting and greeting bloggers and indie makers the day before the show floor opened. Last year we didn’t know anybody and it was nice to have an event before the convention to put faces to names. That way when we saw people out and about we knew who they were and could say hello.

Me (Lulu), Shannon (Pahlish) and Jennifer (Wonder beauty products)

It was a fabulous event we hosted at the Four Seasons press lounge. The turn out was amazing. I really enjoyed catching up with old friends, fellow makers, familiar bloggers and some new ones. I got pretty welled up at the turn out for our event. It really means a great deal to me that so many indie bloggers and brands showed up. It showed, that us indies mean business and can take things seriously while still showing our special brand of uniqueness and fun. To keep things even more fun we held a raffle for some amazing prizes. Huge thank you to the sponsors of the giveaway items.

Secretly, well not so secretly, I wish I weren’t hosting so I could have won any number of the prizes. They all went to great people. I can’t wait to see how they utilize the prizes. My second time nearing well up was during Shannon’s speech to say thank you to all the attendees. Sometimes when your in the thick of business you forget to thank the people who make our businesses such a success. The bloggers who put so much effort into their posts with pictures, reviews and emails and to the husbands who put up with always talking about polishes and also for the husbands who support our businesses and are really involved. It was really a heart felt speech. I’m so glad shannon made the speech because I’m too much of a shy, sap to make public speeches like that.

Huge Thank you to Shannon who is always the ying to my yang. Our strong points always compliment each others. We can now check off another great adventure together.

Shannon (Pahlish) and Nate (Emerald and Ash) finally figuring out a selfie stick

Day 2: After a late night of reflection and great company (really how many people does it take to figure out how a selfie stick works, LOL).

It was on to the second indie event the next day. This one was serious business. Cocktails and Colors. Hosted by Jill (Glisten & Glow), Sara (Cupcake Polish), Missi (Different Dimensions) and Linda (Nail Vinyls). The highlight event for indies and indie nail bloggers. Hosted at Addiction Bar, Rumor Boutique Hotel. This is where us makers got to display our products, share stories of our brands, share up coming collections. The swag bags (for bloggers and media) for this event were of the epic variety. Everyone put in the best of the best of their products for media to take home. The indie displays this year were amazing!!!! I mean indie brought their A-game for their displays putting the big brands to shame (at least I felt that way) Glowing lights, big displays, gorgeous products everywhere. Honestly, I could look anywhere in the room at the displays and see polishes I wanted on my nails ASAP. The hosts did an amazing job, every detail you could tell was well thought out.

Elevation Polish Display at Cocktails and Colors 2015

Pam’s Display (Girly Bits Cosmetics) at cocktails and colors 2015

For me the event really solidified how much our community has grown, how lively we all are, and how polish really brings people together. For instance, I finally got to meet someone face to face that I’ve known on the internet for some time now. Gosia from Life in Color between her and I we have travelled the world and climbed in some pretty amazing places. She is someone who has seen a lot of places I’ve seen and even named polishes after. You may remember I did a guest post on her blog while she was away climbing everest (yup, everest and she even summited!) Again, the sap that I am, got really sentimental talking with her.

Me (Lulu) and Gosia (Life in Color) at Shine and Social 2015

Even still the gals that I met last year it was great to catch up with. So many brands and blogs have grown this past year. It was so nice to share in the excitement of everything we all have accomplished and will accomplish this year. The night ended in candid moments, friends, and lounging, oh and pancakes evening wouldn’t have been complete without 4 am pancakes with Shannon (Pahlish) and Pam (Girly Bits Cosmetics). I couldn’t think of a better ending.

Day 3 and 4: Tearful goodbyes to those who had to leave early and those faces I won’t see again for another year. Also a rare moment. I took my maker hat off for the day and became not Lulu of elevation polish but assistant to one of my favorite bloggers. Ida of Ida Nails it. She is going to be a busy busy blogger. I helped her for the day. Helping take pictures, and put together a huge box to ship home to her. It was an amazing role reversal since she always helps me. I also spent a good deal of time cleaning up the whirl wind that was my hotel room. Water bottles everywhere… I mean everywhere. LOL I got a little time to enjoy some personal tasks like great music, roaming The Wynn and hunting down one of my favorite handbag companies flagship stores. Ashley and Nate of Emerald and Ash joined me for the day.

Flower Balls at the Wynn Gardens

Secret Waterfall at the Wynn

Day 5: Most other people had left but I usually stay behind a day to gather my thoughts, reflect and relax. Jill, Sara, Missi and Linda adopted me for the day. They like always are amazing and gracious not only extending their host duties to one night but several nights. Without them I wouldn’t have gotten those last couple of laughs in before returning home.

Overall, my experience was great. What I took away is friendships built upon, great polishes in the works, memories not soon forgotten, and many lucks given to all who work hard and put their all into doing what they love. I’m so glad that I can share my passion with others who understand all facets of what we put into our businesses.

I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into the life of. 🙂 Want to see more (more professional non-Lulu photos, LOL) check out the hashtags #shineandsocial2015 #cocktailsandcolors2015 #colorsandcocktails2015 #CPNA #Cosmoprofna

Cheers to great polishes,

❤ Lulu

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7 thoughts on “Lulu’s Cosmoprof (CPNA) overview, through an indie makers eyes

  1. I have gone to Cosmoprof for 3 years now, and it is refreshing to see a post from the indie’s point of view! Your observations of the social events were spot on and both were highlights of my trip this year 🙂 Heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude for your wise words ❤

  2. I am so sorry I was not as Cosmoprof, clearly I missed a lot! But thank you so much for filling us in, including all the feels. Makes me happy to be a part of this community, even my small corner of the community as a blogger. Thanks for this super fun and detailed post, those of us who weren’t there were so happy to be filled in!

  3. ah dear Lulu… I was dreaming of this moment when I would meet you!!! it was such an honor!! I can’t wait to to see you again next year =))) keep on climbing =)

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