Changes to restocks, news about SBPs, etc.

Hello Everyone

We have decided to make some changes to how we restock SBPs. While I know this may be an unpopular change at first. I think overall once we’ve done it a couple of times it will feel a little more fair.

There are a couple of reasons we decided to change things up.

  • We want to put the focus back on the core line of polishes. It takes me months and months to come up with concept, test, re-test, edit collections, wear test, pictures, blog posts. A lot of time and love goes into polishes that make the core line up.
  • We want them to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We think the new set up will allow for that.
  • Our website was having difficulty dealing with the amount of traffic and refreshing. By grouping them all together with the larger availability we should have less errors with the site. We did test this concept late at night. There were a few of you that caught us, mid test.

So what will the changes be?

We will no longer offer SBPs monthly.

Instead will be will offering them seasonally. Once every 3 months/ 4 times a year. First stock of them will be offered September. The months they are offered, they will be stocked on the 7th and 22nd. On the future colors page will be show which months they are available. We will have 3 months worth of SBPs offered each time they are launched so it will range anywhere from 9-13 SBPs which would be a total of 270-390 polishes. We will set the limit at 2 polishes per seasonal launch per household. We felt like it will be easier to get them in the hands of everyone who wants them.

Samples will be continued to be offered monthly. We will have 18-30 sample polishes each month. There will be a limit of 1 polish per household per month.

What are samples and SBPs and why do I offer them?

Samples are just that samples. They range in quantity of 1-3 polishes. They are the rawest form of concept polishes. They are to test pigments, glitters, shimmers, color combinations and concepts

SBPs are samples that made it to the next level of concept. To see if samples can be scaled to a larger (30 bottle) batch without problems and in some cases SBPs are polishes that I made for myself to enjoy but it was easier to make them on a larger scale. (in most cases they will be called SBSs “small batch samples”)

Why I offer them. It’s pretty simple. It’s win/win for both you the customer and me the maker. It a way to recoup research and development costs on polishes that are perfectly usable but didn’t end up making the cut. Because I can keep my research and development costs low it means I can pass on the savings making the core line more cost efficient and I get the bonus of trying formulas out that might be a little more daring.

How are SBPs and SBSs named? 

Unlike the core line which theme and name come first SBPs are made first and the names comes second. We have a list of memorable ideas, places, objects, songs that we pull from. Here are two examples of how that works.

Iced Mocha: Recently one of the mystery polishes. It was made as a polish for myself. It wasn’t originally holo-ed. I loved that concept and color way. I made one and to get the formula right I kept up scaling it for a smoother application. Once I reached the desired thinness. I bottled a couple for myself. Then I was like. Oh I wonder what it would look like with holo. So I added holo, thinned it some more and ended up with 20 bottles. The result was very much like an iced mocha. So the name came naturally.

Reflections off Namakan & Tithonia: Both were active prototypes for Shinjuku Golden Gai. We had such a hard time deciding which of the 3 concepts to go with. Tithonia named after the  sunflower that reminded us of a trip to south america we took. The formula we thought was a bit on the thick side so we opted to rule that one out.

Reflections of Namakin was the front runner for Shinjuku Golden Gai for a long time. We ultimately decided it was a bit too strange in concept to have a full blown release. It was named after a special lake to my husband. Its one of his favorite lakes to canoe in.

Why beautiful polishes don’t make the cut…

There are a few polishes that we have released as SBPs that keep people wondering why they didn’t make the cut. There are so many factors. I’m going to list a couple of them

  • Formula issues… (whitening issues, thickness, not enough suspension, etc)
  • Shimmers/Ingredients not available anymore. (sometimes I test so far in advance by the time they would make the cut the shimmers/ingredients are no longer available.)
  • It didn’t fit into a collection (I will hold these ones for a while, up to 6 months to make sure I can’t fit them into a collection before they become an SBP)
  • They are frankens (sometimes when I test a new shimmer or concept I will use preexisting polishes to make sure I like the concept before I break it down to be replicated. It’s an easy way to test a concept without being fully committed to hours and hours of labor making a base color. preexisting polishes aren’t easy to come by in large enough quantities for a full scale release.

Which leads me to Angels are the yetis of the clouds…….

I know there has been a lot of chatter about making this a core color. And for the reason above, it has been a true challenge. It is a franken. to make a 20 bottle batch I would have to secure 12 bottles of preexisting nail polish to make it. I have tried to break it down and make it on my own but there is something not right about the formula. Trust me, I’ve tried so many times and failed batch after failed batch, I decided there is nothing like the original franken formula.

That said…. Here is the good news. I’ve made arrangements to secure enough for 1 batch per month. 20 bottles. I will be doing this monthly as long as I’ve got the ingredients. I will not announce when they will be stocked. It could be 2am on the 16th or 4pm on a tuesday, who knows. In order to keep it as fair as possible I won’t be making an announcement when they will be stocked, it’s totally random, no hints, first come first served. The first batch will be released sometime in July.

Phew that is a long post. Please let me know your thoughts on the new changes. While nothing is ever perfect, this proved to be the least taxing on our resources and the most impactful in a good way for you the customer. We are open to other ideas but please also note that we have been working on solutions for a long time. We had several ideas and this one seemed the best.

EDIT: I want to thank you all for support, concerns, and feedback. My email is currently clogged with the overwhelming response this post has caused. It may take me a couple of days to respond to all the emails.

We have looked into a lot of different ways to make things better and a more enjoyable experience. We have thought long and hard about so many different ways to both get SBPs in the hands of people who haven’t gotten them and lessen the burden on our site. Aside from no longer offering any type of special polishes, we are going to try to see if this works. I know change is hard, which is why we didn’t act impulsively in making this decision.

Cheers to great polishes.

❤ Lulu

12 thoughts on “Changes to restocks, news about SBPs, etc.

  1. I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into trying to make the mad frenzy a fair one. I’m more focused on the gorgeous cores, so I’m all for the changes.

  2. I personally enjoyed the ‘mystery ‘ approach, so if this new method proves troublesome, I would suggest a monthly or bimonthly ‘mystery ‘ offering- we buy a mystery SBP and/or sample and you grab it off your shelf and send it along with our core orders. If we want to swap, we have plenty of ways to make it happen and the pressure is taken off Team Elevation completely. JMHO.

  3. The only concern I have is that with Enchanted people use a tool which tells them when there are any changes made to the site, allowing them to capitalize on surprise restocks, I worry people will do the same for Angels and make it not fair for everyone. Just something to consider.

    • I am familiar with those. We know people have used them on our site before. We aren’t sure how best to distribute them without an overly elaborate system. Out of all the changes being made, this was the one we compromised on the most. We are open to other solutions.

  4. I think this is a great idea. Spreading the love and focusing on your collections. Your collections is what drew me in in the first place, and I can tell there is a lot of care and love going into to those, so I am happy to focus my purchasing on that. Thank you for all that you do for your customers! 🙂

  5. I’m in complete support of these changes – I too, had a vague impression that the frenzy over SBPs was overshadowing the release of the each month’s collection, and that things were starting to get a bit unbalanced. The cores should be the stars of the show!
    I’ve been impressed from the start with your company’s high standards, superb customer service, and most of all, consistency – both in the beautiful quality of your polishes and in the timely and regular creation of them. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and THANK YOU.

    • I felt the same way! This is my favorite brand of polish and found that I was not buying as often. With SBPs out of reach and the increased traffic on the sight I was slightly losing interest. I think this is an intelligent decision and I am more than happy to return to buying the tried and true tested high quality polishes of the core line. Thank you Lulu for such a detailed explanation. You have my support!

  6. I appreciate all your efforts to make SBP’s more available to all. This sounds like a fair, well thought out, way to approach it. Thanks for always trying to make your customers happy. Yay for Angels are the Yetis of the clouds!

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