Introducing Lulu’s Favorite Things!

Hi Everyone

Different kind of post today. I’m really excited to share this today. The last couple of months I’ve been slowly cultivating my favorite things for my shop. Working with other nail polish makers is a huge passion of mine. We all do such amazing different things. I’ve been lucky enough to be given the go ahead to sell some of these amazing items in my shop. Items that I use every day and pair well with your elevations. YAY!!! This is just the start. I’ve got more items coming in with launches starting today, a couple more next month and the following month.

The items range from Hand and Nail care to Body and Soul care.

Launching today in about an hour here (then again being restocked on the 7th of April at 9PM) We’ve got the start of Lulu’s favorite things.

Different Dimension Diversion Oils
These are amazing! I’ve been using a similar product to the headache oil for years. I’ve always had bad headaches and this is the one thing that eases the pain. I’m not sure it will work for everyone but I know it works for me. The relax oil is just that it helps you relax

Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oils
The scents on these are amazing!!! I’m guilty of using these as a perfume oil as well as a cuticle oil. I tend to use them at night to set the mood for sleep and it can work it’s magic overnight. The scents are unique and mysterious with a hit of earthy. At least the ones we decided on for our shop. She has some really crazy ones in her shop.

Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat
Quick dry, high shine top coat. Pairs well with your favorite elevations. I’ve added G&G HK Girl top coat to my testing routine when I make new polishes. It’s amazing how well it works with the cremes and also didn’t dull any of our holographic polishes.

Northern Star Cuticle Oils
YAY! So excited about this one. Her oils are amazing. They travel really well. Come in a purse friendly size, and packaging. The oils themselves are so nourishing. I’ll admit I’m guilty of forgetting to take care of nails. When I remember, these oils give me a jump start back to healthier cuticles, with results showing rather quickly. They get me back on track to a healthy routine.

What is also pretty amazing (I know I’m over using that word, LOL) is that not only do these talented ladies make the cool products I’ve mentioned above but they also make some pretty darn cool polishes too. If you have time or room in your polish budget I would encourage you to check them out. Click the names above to be taken to their shops.

Lulu’s favorite things can be found on our newly updated website. YAY!

Lulu’s Favorite Things 



❤ Lulu

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