Notes about SBPs & Samples

Hi Everyone

I just got back from PBA Cosmoprof’s convention in las vegas. I got to meet loads of amazing bloggers and nail polish makers. I’ll talk more about this in the next post coming up later today.

It has been brought to my attention that there have been discussions going on in some of the fan groups. I wanted to address this as best I could and share my point of view, as the stress about this has been making my stomach ache.

The topic of discussion: The increase recently in resellers swooping in and buying to resell SBPs, Samples and limited release polishes and their practices, keeping the polishes out of the hands and sometimes financial reach of fans.

I’m going to say my point of view and not everyone will agree with me but that is ok.
Yes, it’s not fun that polishes are being kept away from the fans. I want all my fans to get these limited release polishes. There will never be a way to keep resellers out of my shop. The only thing I can do is to just stop selling these items completely. I don’t want to do that, nor do I think it’s the best option. We are going to think of different options that might hinder the reselling process and not make it so attractive.

I’m going to ask a huge favor of the fans out there. By buying polishes from the resellers, it is driving the market. Please choose not to participate, I know that is a hard thing to ask. I encourage you all to swap, if something isn’t your cup of tea or if you are in search of a particular SBP or sample. The nail polish swapping community is a great one. There are so many people who might have polishes you want and you might have something they want. If you need to sell for any reason, keep your prices as close to on par to what I offer them for (+ shipping and paypal fees, etc). It might take a little bit but over time people might get the idea that price gouging, and reselling for profit isn’t ok.

I see thee as my “B level polishes” There has been so much focus on these polishes that people forget I come out with a new collection every month that is carefully cultivated, well thought out, My A level polishes, and most of the time they are available without the stress of a restock. My heart and soul is in those polishes. Let’s put the focus back on those.

I do encourage the fan groups to continue to discuss this and options that might appeal to all the fans.


13 thoughts on “Notes about SBPs & Samples

  1. Maybe we can suggest new ideas for swapping or doing a “lottery” type system for the SBP’s and samples that we want?? For example, when we do our member order, fill out a form for the 2 samples or SBP’s we are interested in and Lulu’s team would do a drawing at random. Anyone else have ideas?

  2. I couldn’t agree more. As much as I love your SBPs, I love your collections just as much. I hate to think that the focus on the SBPs takes away from your amazing new collections each month. Everything you create is so amazing and I think people just get carried away with the SBPs and samples because they are rare. I think your suggestion is a great one and I hope it helps people start staying on point.

  3. I was mulling over this last night. Not sure how this fits into your financial planning, but what if the SBPs and samples were always $20 with a pre-determined chunk going to a charity (a different one every month, if you like). That way the immediate profit for the resellers is knocked down, and if they are getting more attention than they should, at least someone gets an obvious benefit off the frenzy?

    I have been a fan of your line for nearly a year now — wish I’d gotten in on any membership opportunities but have not gotten that lucky yet. As of this writing, your beautiful and creative work fills a significant chunk of a drawer in my house. And I have been gifted special things, and passed those along as gifts when the opportunity came. I hope what you are calling for works for you – I would hate to see anything impact your creativity and satisfaction.

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