The Sea Collection

Huge shot out to all the amazing bloggers out there who helped me capture amazing photos of the sea collection. Without their help, you all would have to see my photos, which we all know are sub par at best. LOL

I’m really excited about this collection. It features colors I wear very regularly. So you could say that this collection is tailor built just for me. It’s moody, cool and has all my favorite finish types. It leaves a lot of options for wearing them alone, stamping, nail art, marbling, layering. I don’t know if anyone will try this but I wore Bohai (thin layer) over Thracian. It sounds crazy but it gave bohai a dark depthness to it. It looks pretty cool.

This collection features polishes that are on the thick side. Thick polishes are my preference when it comes to opacity, and application feel. I know it’s not everyone’s preference so if you like thinner polishes. You can always use thinner in my polishes to make them your desired consistency. I recommend you use brands of thinner I’ve tested to work well with my polishes. The following work really well: Seche Vite, Zoya, OPI, Nicole OPI. Sally’s beauty brand does not however work well with my polishes. It will leave a ring of a rust colored fluid at the top of the polish, which won’t shake back in over time.

Bohai Sea- bright blue holo (holo is medium density)
Ceram Sea- bright turquoise creme (green leaning)
Weddell Sea- off white, white shimmer, silver shimmer, light holographic (low density)
Thracian Sea- Dark Grey (blue leaning/purple undertones) creme
The Med 2- Teal with green shimmer and green shift to gold shimmer
Limited Edition: Yeti’s oceanside vacation (available for June restocks only)

Ok so let’s get to pics!!!! First up is a group shot that I took, but after that I’m going to leave you with some links to bloggers who have taken gorgeous swatch shots which are more color accurate.

Swatches can be found here (with more to be added soon!)

Ida Nails it
Pointless Cafe
Dani’s Manis
Adventures in Acetone
Amanda Loves Polish (Facebook) 

I hope you all love the collection as much as I do. I may have to revisit the inspiration the sea again. It was such a fun idea to work with. I have a billion ideas and it was tough to narrow it down to what I did.

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

2 thoughts on “The Sea Collection

  1. Your photos are far from subpar, Lulu. Give yourself some credit! The rest of us wouldn’t be able to wear such beautiful polish without your gorgeous creations and, thank you!

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