Giveaway Winners: Yeti wears givenchy and Versace

YAY! Congrats to all 5 winners of the it’s all in the name giveaway.

Winners could you please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) so I can ship your Yeti wears givenchy and versace.

Drum roll please…. and the winners are………

1. nisefo62 “Elevation names are always unusual and fun! So I like Tanuki… my dogs name. “)”

2. Sarah HG “Since Yeti is the best mascot on earth I have to stick with him. Since my favorite color is blue I have to go with that. I would love to see a bright, BRIGHT aqua blue holo or holo micro glitter with peach triangle glitter or something with that color combination. My favorite place I’ve ever gone on vacation (to date) is Bermuda, and the ocean color is bright blue aqua and the sand is a peachish pink (but I’m not a fan of pink so for this purpose we’ll say peach). So maybe something like “Yeti Escapes the Bermuda Triangle”. Triangle glitter is obviously perfect for this polish!”

3. Lesa G. ““One Small Step For Yeti, One Giant Leap For Yeti-kind”, “Yeti Vs Bigfoot”, “Breakfast At Yeti’s”, “Cool Hand Yeti”, “The Good, The Bad and The Yeti”. “Yeti Without A Cause”, “Citizen Yeti””

4. Valerie M “I would love to see Yeti loves margaritas! A lime green holo with shimmers and flakies! Or a Black Hills polish. The Black Hills in South Dakota are so beautiful at sunset.”

5. Yuko M “One of my favorite places in Hawaii is Hanauma Bay, which I find magical. I would love to see a polish named Hanauma Bay so that I can be transported back there by looking at my nails.”

There were so many brilliant suggestions in this giveaway. I can’t wait to get to my work desk and play around with some ideas. Will Yeti Go to space?…. Will he finally get a girlfriend to share in his adventures?…… We will have to wait to see.

I’ve got one last giveaway this month. Stay tuned on the 30th right here on my blog.


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