Giveaway: It’s all in the name *CLOSED*

Giveaway notice!

This is a fun one with a little sneak peak to the inner workings here at elevation.

I get asked this question a lot. What’s with the names Lulu? What comes first the polish or the name?

My process is probably like many others. Usually I talked to friends, recall old memories, then take to my photo albums or the albums of friends for inspiration. I get a general idea of the vibe (dark, pastel, mixed, crazy) of a location/polish/collection. Then the fun really starts. Inspiration turns into on paper color concepts, one location can have as many as 10 color concepts before I even start the polish making process. I take the best concepts (2 usually) for each location and turn them into a single polish. You can sometimes find some of these concept polishes for sale on the 7th of the month (Samples) If I like the finished product of the sample. I’ll access and see what it would take to make a 30 bottle batch. (sometimes you can find these 30 bottle batches on the website) sold as SBPs (small batch prototypes.) If I don’t like the finished product of either the sample of SBP then I’ll start the process all over again. From there the collections are arranged by how they feel for the time of year.

SBP naming goes a little differently. The name doesn’t reflect the original concept. I want to keep that hidden as to not spoil any surprises. I take to my inspiration board and match them up with ideas, places or things that don’t have a concept polish yet.

Then there are really unique polishes… Ones that don’t fit the norm. Like our giveaway polish. Yeti wears givenchy and versace. Originally it started as a joke about what would yeti do next. You know jokes among friends… it always turns to the most unexpected and/or lewd. This time it went the just plain unexpected route. Yeti would be the highest of fashionistas and wear two brands known for being both edgy and fun. Givenchy and Versace. Nothing like yeti himself who I imagine would be soft and cuddly. The white glitters representing Yeti, The Black Givenchy, the gold versace and the teal represents me. I made this polish as a gift to my closest friends, making a full SBP style batch, saving the rest for both the instagram giveaway and now this one.

Here is your chance to win “Yeti Wears Givenchy and Versace”

To enter: Leave a comment with your fun elevation polish name suggestion. Who knows it might actually become a future color. It can be anything a thing an idea, a place, an action, a yeti. The sky is the limit.

5 Winners will be chosen at random on May 18th at 9PM (Central time)
Winners will be announced in next post.

(if you won a giveaway within the last month, please allow others to win, one entry per person please.)

Good Luck,
โค Lulu

120 thoughts on “Giveaway: It’s all in the name *CLOSED*

  1. Because I’m about to watch Mad Men, “Yeti is a Mad Man” or “Yeti on Madison Ave” (and I can envision it being a crazy mix of psychedelic 60’s colours! I know you were not asking for colours but it’s what came in my head!)

  2. “Au revoire, mon Yeti” in a French accent, s’il vous plaรฎt! (I imagine a red/cobalt blue/white trio with a French twist) and of course Yeti is wearing a French hat and carrying a baguette!

  3. I was thinking for a summer polish Yeti Got a Sunburn which could be a red with white shimmer, white with red shimmer, a mix of white, red, pink, yellow, and coral glitters, a coral with shimmer, the possibilities are endless!

    • Oh poor yeti, spending too much time in the sun. Yeti and I would have that in common. I always manage to get a sunburn when on vacation.

  4. The Amazon After Dark ๐Ÿ˜Š I think it would be something SUPER different and could be so many different colors. Love you Lulu ๐Ÿ’œ

  5. When you released the SBP “Fuerteventura,” I was salivating at the idea that you might release a collection inspired by the Canary Island! My favorite of all the islands is the island of “Lanzarote.” And Lanzarote is full of places that are not only beautiful but that also have really fun names, such as: El “Charco de los Ciclos” (The Cycles Tidepool) and La “Cueva de los Verdes” (The Cave of the Greens)!!!

  6. My comment got deleted some how! Anywhoo, I said The Amazon After Dark, could be one polish or a collection! The possibilities are tremendous! Love you Lulu ๐Ÿ’œ

  7. I think the yeti needs to take on the movies, good classic Audrey Hepburn moves – Yeti takes a Roman Holiday, My Fair Yeti….

  8. I still love the idea of a gitd yeti so I’m sticking with what I’d previously said. Yeti Catches Fireflies. Maybe Yeti Chases Fireflies. A clear base that glows neon yellow with some dark blue holo glitters and holo silver glitters and neon yellow glitters.

    • GITD Yeti is an idea that has been tried a couple of times and I surely won’t give up on this idea. I love GITD polishes.

  9. Well I am really on board with Jen ZR’s idea! But my own idea would be Yeti in the Military or Patriotic Yeti. It could be red white and blue with light blue shimmer or maybe some type of camouflage colors.

  10. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen is Jewel Basin in Flathead National Forest. The 27 lakes contained in the basin are crystal clear straight to the bottom. I’d love to see an aqua jelly w/glitter a la Azure Caverns but called The Lakes of Jewel Basin.

  11. This is so fun! A Yeti Walks into a Bar… – that makes me laugh, trying to imagine how that joke ends. Locally, there’s a peak called Mt. Diablo. I think this sounds like a totally rad (and slightly dangerous in a good way) polish shade.

  12. One of my favorite places in Hawaii is Hanauma Bay, which I find magical. I would love to see a polish named Hanauma Bay so that I can be transported back there by looking at my nails.

    • Yuko M. You have won the elevation polish it’s all in the name giveaway. Please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) YAY!!!!!!

  13. My idea would be a beautiful deep teal base with irridecent shreds and glitters then a small silver holo glitter and a large lighter teal glitter. A little scattered holo dust into that base to round it into the most fabulous teal ever called Teal there are no limits

  14. I love all these ideas! As an Air Force veteran, I love the idea of a r,w,b themed patriotic yeti – Flag Waving Yet, workin’ at the USO.. But I would also love to see Yeti use his influence to bring an issue to people’s attention – maybe not too political, but something we can all support, like Yeti saves the Amazon rainforest, with lots of jungle green or parrot colors. But, surprise us! Yeti loves a mystery!

  15. I would love to see Yeti loves margaritas! A lime green holo with shimmers and flakies! Or a Black Hills polish. The Black Hills in South Dakota are so beautiful at sunset.

    • Valerie M. You have won the elevation polish it’s all in the name giveaway. Please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) YAY!!!!!!

  16. Since my days are busy being a stay at home mother, why not make a polish based on Yeti’s Mother? xD White, pink, holo dust, holo glitters!

  17. A few ideas – Aurora Icecap (visualising icy shimmer with swirls and shards of the colours of the Northern Lights); No-Barriers Reef (shameless Great Barrier Reef polish-pun, great opportunity for star glitter!); or Yeti’s Steel-Capped Boots (whenever I think about mountaineering, I think about being hardcore, and apparently hardcore is steel-capped boots…)

    Thanks for this opportunity! I love Elevation Polish but unfortunately haven’t been able to get as many as I’d like.

    • LOL I imagine Yeti might need some steel toe boots with all the places he has been. I love the No-Barriers Reef idea. I’m a huge fan of star glitter.

  18. I would love to see a polish, yeti or otherwise inspired by wonders of the world, starting withy hometown wonder of the world Niagara Falls!

  19. This weekend the hubs and I watched all of the Walking Dead seasons, so in tribute to that “Yeti is a biter”!

  20. Hi Lulu, my daughter’s name is also Lulu and she is also a climber at heart ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her favorite color is green. She is 8 years old and obviously loves glitter so I was thinking a happy green shade with some sparkly glitters called ‘Lulu’s happy journey to the top…’

  21. Iโ€™d love to see one named Kissing Camels. Itโ€™s a rock display that is a part of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. Itโ€™s this beautiful natural red rocks park right up against the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak. Growing up in Colorado Springs, itโ€™s something I drive by countless times, but still always love seeing. Thereโ€™s just something so magical and wonderful about it. I adore seeing it covered in snow or lit up by a full moon. Two years ago the park came close to being damaged/destroyed when a fire ripped through that side of town. The trees on the mountains above the park are littered with burned trees. So now itโ€™s extra poignant when visiting the park.

    • Mr. Elevation has been to garden of the gods & Pikes Peak many times. His pictures are always amazing. One of these days I will get a chance to see it.

  22. Have the Mountains/climbs around the Yosemite Valley been done yet?? Granted most of us would be able to pronounce those names (big smile) and they are not in an exotic location but they are striking. And what ever you label your creations, they are just flat out amazing polishes!!!!
    Thanks for letting us join in the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. What about a cross-country Yeti trip? Things like: Yeti breaks out of Alcatraz, Yeti climbs Mt. Rushmore, Yeti climbs the Empire State building.

  24. Outside of the normal nature/natural themes but having just returned from there, the city that never sleeps, how about a Yeti visit to Viva Las Vegas! ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. For me, I love the idea of Yeti’s vacation. Costa Rica is a beautiful place to go. Maybe Yeti zip-lining through Monteverde cloud forest (glitter topper with greens and white bits). Or Yeti at Irazu ( volcano) blindly bright red shards in a bright red base. And of course, Yeti gets a Latte ( since Costa Rica produces some amazing coffee beans). Ok, last one Yeti snorkeling at Playa del Coco ( turquoise seas with every color tropical fishes).

  26. So when I think of yeti’s I think of Monsters Inc.

    How about Yeti’s Sno Cone (Don’t Worry, It’s Lemon) for a polish? Haha, I guess it would have to be yellow or gold, but that would make me laugh every time.

  27. Following on from Inma’s Canary Islands theme, how about Teide-ly Yeti for Spain’s highest mountain Teide which is in the Canaries. Since it has a permanent snowcap it could be dark grey for the volcanic terrain and white shimmer or glitters

  28. I visited Brasil and would absolutely love a polish/collection captures the tropical beauty of the country & it’s people! There is a large group of waterfalls in the Southwest region of the country, that lies along the border of Brasil with Argentina, called Iguazu Falls. They are immense and beautiful, and I always loved the calming affect of spending time around waterfalls!

    • Nisefo62 You have won the elevation polish it’s all in the name giveaway. Please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) YAY!!!!!!

  29. I’ve always wanted a polish called “Schadenfreude”. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy sour grapes?

  30. From Up Above the Clouds
    I wish I could share pictures, but one of my favorite things ever is climbing to the summit of a mountain and seeing a level of clouds enshrouding the depths below. It’s almost as if you you could walk upon them into the morning sunrise โค

  31. I’m probably partial since I’ve been there, but I think Ruby Falls/Lookout Mountain/Rock City in Chattanooga would make for an interesting theme for a polish (or multiple polishes!). There’s so many beautiful areas for inspiration! Specifically I keep thinking of a ‘See Rock City’, which would be a bright red holographic polish in honor of the red barn roofs used for advertising ๐Ÿ™‚ And Yeti could visit too!

  32. Thank you, wonderful occasion. I know it’s crazy but I would like a glaze that, just the same, reproduced on our nails all the patterns and designs that we would like to achieve at that time. Too bad there is not. If I had to be a more realistic then ๐Ÿ™‚ I would say then that I’d like a glaze that took on different shades depending on our mood.
    Seriously … Yeti at the beach! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Since Yeti is the best mascot on earth I have to stick with him. Since my favorite color is blue I have to go with that. I would love to see a bright, BRIGHT aqua blue holo or holo micro glitter with peach triangle glitter or something with that color combination. My favorite place I’ve ever gone on vacation (to date) is Bermuda, and the ocean color is bright blue aqua and the sand is a peachish pink (but I’m not a fan of pink so for this purpose we’ll say peach). So maybe something like “Yeti Escapes the Bermuda Triangle”. Triangle glitter is obviously perfect for this polish!

    • Sarah HG You have won the elevation polish it’s all in the name giveaway. Please email me at elevationpolish (at gmail) YAY!!!!!!

  34. Sunset at Mauna Kea – I would love to see a polish inspired by the colors of a sunset at the top of the Mauna Kea – a beautiful pink, orange and purple shimmer polish with white glitters (for the observatories)

  35. Since it’s summer I think Yeti needs a bright tropical vacation! Maybe a play on Malibu Barbie – Mailbu Yeti! Mai tais and margaritas and daiquiris, oh my!

  36. I’m seeing a fair number of US locations suggested, so, as a fan of the old fashioned road trip, I would agree with some of the other posts that suggest road trip themes . This could be folded in with national parks so that an entire collection could be road trippin’ from park to park.

  37. “One Small Step For Yeti, One Giant Leap For Yeti-kind”, “Yeti Vs Bigfoot”, “Breakfast At Yeti’s”, “Cool Hand Yeti”, “The Good, The Bad and The Yeti”. “Yeti Without A Cause”, “Citizen Yeti”

  38. I live in an area of Ohio known as the “Rust Belt” (Youngstown area), and I’ve always thought a Rust Belt polish would be so cool. Youngstown is such a depressed area, but in the last several years some AMAZING things are happening with the young people of the area and I feel like we’re really coming alive again. I would love to have a polish celebrating that!

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