News: Restock/Vacation update

Hi Everyone

April has been an exciting month for Team Elevation! For our month off, it sure has been busy! We have been busy catching up on overdue work and overdue vacations. We did not so exciting stuff like spring cleaning, supply ordering, and taxes. We did exciting stuff like, getting out snowshoeing with the dogs, downhill skiing, ice-climbing, winter camping, and even a spring paddle. Some of us even did super exciting stuff like decide to abandon a snow camp because of a pair of overly curious Mountain Lions (Lulu will have to post more about that one)!

Some of you may have noticed we were out of stock of many colors due to a shortage of bottles. Well, the bottle shipment is in! And we used some of the extra time we had this month to make new batches of old colors so we now have a limited supply of most things back on the site, with more to come soon!

Lulu has been in and out of the shop the last few weeks but is mainly on vacation and taking advantage of the time to help out with some family matters. She has also been very busy planning the summer colors, stocking up on supplies, and preparing for an awesome May. (Hint: More free time=more SBPs and samples!)

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to stock up for May and catch up on inspiration.

Team Elevation

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