Hello from my vacation

Hi Everyone

Greetings from my vacation. YAY! I’m taking a second to share some excitement. As many of you have figured out, since her and I have worked together on many occasions, Shannon of Pahlish and I have a bit of a “bromance” going on. Our friendship started with polish and quickly blossomed into an amazing friendship over the years. Late night talks about polish and shared sense of humor make her so easy to work with.

To celebrate her 1 year anniversary of doing monthly duos. We decided it would be so much fun to work together again and share a little glimpse into our fun polish friendship.

As part of my vacation, I travelled all the way from Minnesota to Arkansas to work hand and hand with Shannon to create this beautiful duo, and to also force her to go camping with me (mwhahaha, but that is a story for another day.) They are colors that are very much us, colors we love wearing. Soft with subtle twinkle. Two minds melding together to celebrate this most awesome of occasions with polish!!!!

Wish her a warm EvP congratulations!

Now on to the details!

Name: Budding Bromance Duo
Base Color (Pahlish): Romance, a light and airy grey with copper micro shimmer, blue and green shimmer
Glitter Topper (EvP): Bromance, winter white squares, hexes, small grey hexes, red/green shifting flakies (sparse density) in a soft holographic shimmered base.

Where to buy/Availability: This will be only available in Pahlish’s big cartel shop. It will be restocked each friday at 7PM, central during the month of april. For more information about her site and polishes click the link below, or find her on Facebook.

Bottle Shots & Tilt Shots + Macro Shots

I hope you have as much fun with this duo as we did creating it. OK back to the wilderness, I go.  As always team EP will be available to answer any comments, questions or concerns. Please direct all questions about the duo to Pahlish.


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