Restock News: Shipping Notices & Secret Yeti Polishes

Hi Everyone

I’ve got loads of emails in my inbox. I thought I would tackle a couple of the main questions on my blog here.

Shipping notices: We are using a new order management system. This system prints out postage for an entire days worth of orders. More postage labels then we can actually pack in a days work. This means that while you may have a tracking number, your order might not be processed and handed off to the post office for a couple of days.
We are still packing up orders from the 7th of the month restock. This is pretty typical for 7th of the month restocks. It takes us (us being 2 people) several days to process shipping, sometimes up to 7 business days (this doesn’t count weekends) We try not to take that long but it happens sometimes.

Yeti Polishes: We here at elevation polish are huge fans of sneaky fun treats. We tend to do this once a year. Special surprise polishes. Just to say thank you. It’s you the fans that really keep me inspired.  There were 3 secret yeti polishes given away for the 7th of the month restock only.

  • Ninja Yeti– for customers who ordered 3 or more polishes
  • Yeti was a good ninja- for orders that were $80.00+
  • Yeti was a shadow- for orders 100+ and/or because we ran out of good ninja and ninja yeti
  • Foam throwing star- given out randomly. So you can throw them at your hubbies, boyfriends, etc…
  • In rare cases, some people got 2 polishes, these were given out at random, and yes even international gals are included in this.

We won’t spoil the surprise on the details of the colors. Please note these colors won’t be for sale. They were only for orders on the 7th, or while supplies lasted. Hurtful emails will not be responded to. This was intended to be a fun freebie.

I hope you all have has much fun with yeti’s awesome adventures as I do. He really is the adventurous spirit and unofficial mascot of elevation polish. He has some pretty cool adventures in the future line up. Check out the future colors page on to see where he will go next. Elevation’s Future colors page

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

14 thoughts on “Restock News: Shipping Notices & Secret Yeti Polishes

  1. Not to make this one more email for you to read, but I thank you for such amazing customer service and making us-the customer-feel so special. Regardless of wether or not I get a surprise Yeti polish, that is a tremendous and generous and axing thing you have done. If I could give back some of my polishes I have bought from other indies, to give you the money for more of your polishes, I totally would. Thank you Lulu for being so awesome. If you need me to get rid of the rude jerks who looks gift horse in the mouth, you know where to find me! 😀

    Michelle Visit my blog:


  2. May I second Michelle? You have such a giving, generous heart. I’m grateful for you every day. Thank you for my Ninja Yeti polish. I’ll treasure it every day, knowing it was a gift from Yeti’s sweet and surprising heart. And thanks for making some of the highest quality polishes I’ve ever used and keeping them priced so low. You rock. Elevation Rocks. And Yeti? Oh heck yeah he rocks!!!

  3. Lulu, and the rest of the Elevation team, I just want to say how amazing it is that you would do this for your customers! It is such an unbelievably kind thing to do just for the sake of doing something kind. We need way more people like you in the world! Thank you so much for the surprise gifts and for the amazing customer service you provide. You have easily become my favorite brand and I cannot wait for what is yet to come! And give Yeti a big hug & thanks from us Elevation fans!

  4. Lulu, thank you so much for your generosity towards your customers. Your customer service rocks, which is an added bonus to your amazing polish. It’s so awesome that you share your creativity with all of us and we appreciate it!

    By the way, Yeti and all his/her adventures reminds me of Flat Stanley, a character we took everywhere with us when my youngest was in 3rd grade. Flat Stanley attended little league games, went to court with me and even sat on the judge’s bench, and road tripped across country with us. I look forward to sharing Yeti’s adventures in the future!

  5. I am a newer elevation customer but I love them! formulas are amazing and one of if not the best customer service. You guys rock!

  6. Lulu, as one maker to another I’m always appalled when a kind, generous act is repaid with venom. You provide awesome customer service, stunning polish and no one should feel “entitled” to a freebie. Thank you for being the lovely and creative person you are .

  7. I have so many things I want to say but will contain myself to just saying how wonderful your polishes are, how wonderful and generous and fun you are for going the extra mile in making, buying and wearing your creations, how you’ve always had exceptional customer service and been accessible, and how sorry I am that there are people who have turned your kindness and generosity into something else.

  8. Negativity loves company and whomever is sending yuckies your way is just trying to have more in their pity party. Bravo to you for not indulging them. Your product is amazing and your thoughtfulness is wonderful as well. I was so surprised when I got my gift with my purchase. Thank you so much! I was having a very trying day and that made my day much brighter. =)

  9. You are so sweet & fun that I can hardly stand it. I love your restock days not only because I get to order NPs that I want, but it just makes me so happy to order from you. Honestly, the adrenaline rush from trying to score a sample or SBP coupled with the silliness afterward on FB are my favorite things about restock day. I don’t really even care if I get a sample or SBP. It’s the same fun either way.

    I can’t fathom the concept that you’ve done anything to make someone mad, but there are definitely crazies in the NP world. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I hope that you’re able to ignore it. It’s complete BS.

    I haven’t thanked you for the amazing blue surprise NP moonlight glacier as well as all the other beauties you sent me. I just don’t know how to respond to so much generosity.

    I’m trying to hold on to wearing dark winter colors through the end of March, but you’re making that very difficult. Luckily I haven’t worn all of my dark EVPs yet. It’s like you’re at war with yourself in my house. Hehe. I plan to wear moonlight glacier when I switch to spring colors.

    My heart has been so full of things that I wanted to say to you. I’m glad you posted tonight so I’d remember to write you when I had time.

    Keep on being true to yourself. I love it. Feel encouraged.

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. I’d like to second everything else as well! Lulu you are amazing, you don’t just make and sell polish, you actually care about your customers and do everything to make us happy. I can honestly say I don’t know anyone else like you!! I will always buy your polishes, I love the quality, the colors, and most of all YOU!!!

  11. Thank you, Thank you. What a wonderful surprise! Even my husband smiled as I pulled the extra bottle out of my bag, and he wondered aloud why is that one polish wrapped seperately. Love your business model, your professionalism, and of course the beautiful polishes you create. I will continue to purchase once if not twice a month from your lovely brand!

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