We’ve had some really amazing fun this year with elevation. Trying different styles, colors, formula concepts & the charity auction. It’s really been amazing. Thank you for joining me on this polish journey.

As we, here at elevation, wrap up 2013. We wanted to do one last and final giveaway for fan month. It’s a good one too.

The name of this giveaway is The Point. Why you might ask? Two reasons.

  • Reason #1 the point of the giveaways to show that I appreciate all of you out there in nail polish land, the fans.
  • Reason #2 One of my favorite small batch prototypes of the year was Pointless Forest.

I had many questions in my inbox about where the Pointless forest name came from, since google searches come up with no real location of a pointless forest.
Little known fact that my favorite Movie & Soundtrack of all time is called “The Point!” It’s such a great film for both kids and adults.
Plot Summary (my version): It’s about a boy (Oblio) who was born with no physical point in a land where everything must have a physical point, even people. He was banished to the pointless forest because he was different. Through his travels and the characters he met along the way Oblio and his trusty dog Arrow see that everyone has a point, though it might not be readily displayed.

Here is a youtube link to the movie

THE PRIZE: 1 lucky winner will receive 3 Elevation Polishes: Pointless Forest, Oblio & Arrow and you too can wear a point with a Hayden Harnett Ramone Cuff in Aqua Snake (not real snake, it’s leather) I’ve also got an alternative option for Vegans, if the winner is a vegan. I’ll swap out the cuff bracelet, with a pointed ring.

HOW TO ENTER: Click on the rafflecopter link, sign, then leave me a Β comment on this blog post with your favorite mythical elevation or location (it can be from a book or movie)
Rafflecopter giveaway

ENTRY DATES: Giveaway will start today & will end on Monday Dec 30th at 9PM (central time) Winner will be chosen by rafflecopter drawing, and announced within 12 hours.


Left to Right: Arrow, Obilo & Pointless Forest

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!!!!!!
❀ Lulu



I really loved reading all of your answers on this one. So many mythical destinations, that capture our imaginations. In the future we might see some of these locations, elevations and creative places as polishes in the line up.

103 thoughts on “Fan Month: THE POINT! GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

  1. I would definitely have to say that my favorite mythical location comes from Avatar(the James Cameron movie, not the nickelodeon series). Aside from the world itself as a whole, the floating mountains in particular were incredibly stunning in all their 3d IMAX glory.

  2. I’ve always wanted to inhabit, if only as an observer, the incredible world of Elfquest (by Wendy and Richard Pini). I’d do anything to travel to the world of Two Moons and visit Blue Mountain!

  3. wow, i have never heard of “the point!” before, but it sounds wonderful! i definitely need to go try to hunt it down.

    for me, my fave mythological location is rivendell from tolkien’s middle-earth. i love that it’s a safe haven for those who are friends with the elves/elrond, whatever your race, and less… unwelcoming compared to lothlorien and mirkwood.

    • Since Rivendell was already taken by the lovely Keng, I will say the garden at Misselthwaite Manor from The Secret Garden by Frances Hogdson Burnett.

  4. Terabithia. Bridge to Terabithia was one of my favorite books as a kid and I always dreamed about what it was like and wanted to go there. Still makes me bawl to this day as well.

  5. I’d want to go to Oz as depicted in Oz the Great and Powerful…It’s so mysterious and colorful…there’s so many aspects to Oz :)…and if James Franco was there too…well I wouldn’t complain haha

  6. I want to refer to my childhood with Neverending Story, but that mythical land left a bit of a depressing impression (I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it). So instead I’ll go with the land from The Princess Bride, since it seemed nice enough as long as you stayed out of the Fire Swamp and away from the R.O.U.S.’s πŸ˜€

  7. Oh I can’t decide. I think Oz would be from the original Oz. I always wished I could go there. Or Hogwarts, Hogwarts would be amazing.

  8. Lots of places come to mind, but really, Paradise Falls from UP. So touching what it represented, and that Carl never really reached it…but the journey to the location was what really mattered

  9. Such beautiful polishes! And HH Aqua cobra; I’m in love with that leather! ❀
    When I was a kid and saw the Musical Brigadoon, I wanted to be a part of that; it seemed full of such romance and mystery. I think the fog may have lent to that belief. hahaha Now, being caught up in OUAT, I want to be in Storybrooke! πŸ˜€
    Thanks for another opportunity with this contest. Have a wonderful holiday Lu!!

  10. Hogwarts would be amazing. Some of the scenes were shot at a castle near my home town so it’s sort of like I’ve been there a little (in my head maybe). The scene where they first learn how to ride brooms is a good example of a scene filmed there. Amazing scenery. Thanks for this lovely contest Lulu! Happy holidays!

  11. I would say that my favorite mythical location would have to be The Dreaming, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels. It’s where Morpheus (Dream) lives, and contains a library filled with every book anyone ever dreamed of writing.

  12. My favourite mythical location is TΓ­r na N’Γ“g which is a land that all Irish people know from legendary mythology that is ingrained in our history and heritage. The legends of old Ireland tell that it was a land of eternal youth , a place where no evils of famine, war or illness could reach you and only mythical heros who were worthy went to. I read so much about this as child that it holds memories of wishes and colours and aspirational thoughts that only children have.

  13. My favorite mythical location would be Hogwarts Castle πŸ™‚ Which I see a lot of other people picked too!!! I’m pretty sure the owl post lost my letter to whatever Witchcraft and Wizardry schools are in the US.

  14. My favorite mythical place would have to be Hogwarts castle from the Harry Potter series… but if it has to be a “high elevation” then I would say the Headmasters Tower in the castle cause lets face it, who wouldn’t want to see all the interesting things Dumbledore has there?!

  15. At this time of year, my favorite mythical elevation is Mt. Crumpit — three thousand feet up! Up the side of Mt. Crumpit! He rode with his load to the tiptop to dump it!

    Is there a Mt. Crumpit Elevation?

  16. Ahhh…Shangri-la! Mythical land in the Himalayas where everything is good and happy! And when the Nazis went looking for it in 1938, they couldn’t find it!

  17. My favorite mythical elevation or location would probably have to be Rivendell, amongst the Misty Mountains – the area the Elves are located in the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series. πŸ™‚ The waterfalls, foilage, etc all described in the books and shown in the movies, make it seem like it would be a wonderful place to just get lost in for a long time. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  18. Oh my word! I watched that movie as a little kid with a friend! I’ve spent forever trying to remember the plot well enough to figure out what it was called. My parents could never recall us kids watching it, so they were no help. I’m glad you brought it up and solved my lifelong mystery!

  19. My favorite mythical location is Frank Herbert’s Dune. The planet, the universe surrounding it, everything. πŸ™‚ One of my earliest and most enduring favorites.

  20. My favourite mythical location would have to be either Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. The Harry Potter books were such a huge part of my childhood, I’ll never really get over it.

  21. Bag End and the Shire. I’d be too worried about minding my manners around the Elves in Rivendell but Bag End looks so cozy and inviting. I could just relax and be myself there.

  22. I think I have to go with Narnia. After I read that book for the first time as a kid, I always wondered, every time I opened a closet, if there was a magical world just waiting to be discovered on the other side of the wall.

  23. When I was a child, I had a book about the Swiss Family Robinson. They were a family stranded on a deserted Pacific island, that had an impossible combination of plants & animals. That would be the place I’d like to visit. πŸ™‚

  24. My favorite mythical place would be the forest that Totoro lives in from the Miyazaki movie. It was one of the first Miyazaki movies I saw, when I was younger & Totoro has left a lasting impression on me.

  25. Gosh I never realized what a tough question this is! I am a big reader of fantasy so this is a toughie – but it would either be the land of Faerie in Stardust or Neverwhere. Both are Neil Gaiman books. He’s one of my favorite authors.

  26. I, too, have always thought it would be amazing to visit Pandora, the alien planet from Avatar. That movie is a feast for my eyes!

    Thanks for the chance, Lulu! And Merry Christmas!

  27. I’d love to go to Oz, but the Oz of Return to Oz… And I’d have to get the ruby key so I could get at some of those heads… So cool. Yeah, it’s also pretty creepy.
    Merry Christmas, love!

  28. I love the idea of monasteries, real and imaginary, which have been implausibly built on the tops of mountains, seemingly without any means of having brought the needed materials to the site. Have seen pictures of real ones, and there was a fictional one in a book whose title I forgot….

  29. Oh, the book was The Conch Bearer…they go to a place called the Silver Valley. I don’t remember if the monastery was hanging off a cliff though πŸ™‚

  30. My favorite fictional “point” is the mountain in the original “Grinch” cartoon where the Grinch and his dog almost run the sleigh off the mountain!! I also love how the Grinch learns that the true “point” of Christmas is love, sharing and family not gifts and “things”…

  31. What a fantastic giveaway – thanks!!!

    I think growing up some of my favorite “fictional places” were probably pretty lame by others’ estimation – like Riverdale from the Archie Comics or Stonybrook, CT from the Babysitters’ Cub books (I so wanted to be BFF’s with both sets of friends). LOL. But my favorite “mythical place” has probably always been Atlantis.

  32. I am totally singing me and my arrow, right now!
    I’m going to have to go with The Shire from The Lord of the Ring. Love those rolling green hills with tiny houses built into them. So peaceful!

  33. my favorite mythical place is Narnia. I would love to walk & talk with Aslan. my favorite mythical elevation within Narnia is “further up & further in” in Aslan’s country.

  34. The Savage Garden – from Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ series. I love the concept of a beautiful, but dangerous/savage garden.

  35. I thought about this and think that though it’s not necessarily beautiful, Springfield, USA always came to mind as a city I would love, the people, the nuclear plant, the one and only family of the Simpsons, lol, I could go on. OH and the wild lands from Where the Wild Things Are. I imagined as a child running free and wild in that world and being crowned Queen of the Wild Things would be the very best thing in the world.

  36. My favorite location would have to be somewhere in the world of the His Dark Materials trilogy – I loved those books, although I don’t know that I’d want to be in their worlds very long. Having a daemon would be pretty awesome, though!

  37. I’ve always loved “The Phantom Tollbooth”. Probably the Kingdom of Wisdom is my favorite imaginary land right now…and “The Doldrums”…lol. A book that makes me think and makes me laugh and creeps me out too…perfect.

  38. Cheers to a fantastic year! My favorite mythical location would also have to be Wonderland in Alice in Wonderland. Picking my blog’s name was pretty easy πŸ˜‰

  39. I’ve always loved Nangijala from Astrid Lindgrens story about the Brothers Lionheart – though terribly gruesome for a children’s story it has stayed with me since I was about 7 years old.

    Btw, I’m Marie-Luise in the rafflecopter form.

  40. What a nice giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! And I’d never heard of the Point story before. πŸ™‚

    My favorite mythical places (never can pick just one) were always Narnia, Rivendell and Valhalla (being a good Scandahoovian), since childhood, and Shangri-La when I got older. And, although I’m not sure they fit, I have to say also, the Millenium Falcon & the Enterprise (D, preferably). But, this being the age it is — I’ve long since added Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. ❀

  41. My favourite mythical place would be Pemberley – Lizzie Bennett is one of my favourite characters in literature (Pride & Prejudice). I imagine the beautiful gardens, the peace and quiet. Not to mention the brooding Mr Darcy πŸ˜‰

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