Fan Month Giveaway #3 (CLOSED)

More Fan Month Giveaways…YAY!

This one is a fun one. More Trivia.

So some of you know, I’m a total nail polish nut or some would say “collector.” I’m a huge dior nail polish fan and in addition I’ve been down in the trenches will all you Indie polish enthusiasts duking it out over polishes. There is more than a few indie brands in my personal collection that stand out. One of my favorites is Pahlish. You likely would have guessed that since I’ve done 2 collaborative duos with Pahlish.

Here is the question: Between Dior & Pahlish, How many bottles total do I have in my personal collection?

Grand Prize: Dior Graphic Berry, Pahlish Electrostatic Ghost & Purple Haba, the grand prize will be reserved for the person who guesses the number on the nose.
Second/Third/fourth/fifth Prize: Will be Bizarre Blizzard, and this will be for guesses that are close to that magic number.

Dior 143 and Pahlish 102

Here is a dark pic of my collection, It’s sort of a mess because I’ve been on the go lately.

Grand Prize: Jody F (247)
Second Prize: Inma (253)
Third Prize: Leah F&F (237)
Fourth Prize: H (263)
Fifth Prize: Sundai (235)

I think I’ve got most of your emails, I’ll get those out tonight. If for any reason, winners, you didn’t get an email from me. Please click the contact button on my shop so I get send off your prize. YAY! Another Fan Month Giveaway coming up tomorrow.

❤ Lulu

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