Fan Month Giveaway #2 (Trivia) *CLOSED*

YAY! More giveaways and a little sneak peek into the daily life of behind the scenes elevation.

Today I’ve got a Trivia Question for ya….. There can be as many as 10 winners.

Prize: Never before released SBP “Bizarre Blizzard” a flake shimmer top coat.

Question: Besides Ice climbing, mountaineering, painting and gardening (and painting my nails)…. what sport/hobby do I (Lulu) enjoy doing on saturday mornings…. This is a tough one. Again, wild guesses encouraged.

Notes: Please only guess once, Β guesses should be posted via comment on this post, The guessing will begin now and I’ll close this giveaway up in 48 hours. There could be up to 10 winners.

EDIT (12-12-13, 7:15 PM, central)

ANSWER: Fencing. After my saturday morning post office run, I like to get in a bout or two at my local swords club.

Break out my old photo album for this one. Me (Lulu) at the Jr. Olympic tryouts, way back in the day.

We have two winners:

JJR(Fencing) & H (sword play) Β I have both of your emails already, You’ll be getting a confirmation shortly. YAY Congrats! Be on the look out for another Fan Month Giveaway blog post tomorrow.

Mwahahaha (again, LOL)


69 thoughts on “Fan Month Giveaway #2 (Trivia) *CLOSED*

  1. Not sure if it is considered sport or hobby, but I WAS going to say, chasing the USPS, UPS and/or Fed Ex trucks down the road, but I’m going with:
    Walks with the pups! πŸ™‚ (and maybe all of you do the other together as a team sport! lol)

  2. Hi Lulu. Actually, my ‘Karate’ guess is meant to encompass any of the Asian arts, if that’s allowed. And I have a vision of you doing Tai Chi in a park.

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