Fan Month Giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

YAY! Time for a giveaway…..

I’m going to set this one up with a bit of backstory…..

Flashback to winter 2009/2010 in my little polish area. Working on a franken polish for a friend to give her as a stealthy little gift. The color I had in mind for her and secretly for myself… actually got reworked, tested, tweaked, made from scratch instead of frankened and is currently offered in the line up….

NAME THIS COLOR (wild guesses are totally appropriate for this)

First two people to name this color will receive 2 SBPs of my choosing from my archives.

To enter: Leave a comment on this post with 1 color you think it might be. Please only enter once. Those who name more than 1 polish will have their entry not count.

EDIT (Monday, Dec 9th, 2:53PM, Central)
As of yet, no one has guessed the polish. Keep guessing. πŸ™‚

EDIT (Tuesday, Dec 10th, 12:00, Central)
One person got it right, to keep the giveaways going. I’m going to announce her the winner and save the other items for one of the next giveaways.

Originally designed as a franken polish. Its franken formula comprised of 2 Dior polishes, 1 sally hansen, and a touch of zoya snow white. Ave Secretan got broken down to it’s base elements/ingredients, reworked the formula so that it was made from scratch (and not pre-existing polishes) and was released into the collection. As some would say sometimes you just need a good pink, even me.. someone who doesn’t wear pink often.

Congrats Erin P-S. I’ll be emailing you in a few moments.

❀ Lulu

P.S. Stay tuned as more Fan Month giveaways will be going on right here on my blog this month.

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