Snowstorms, Cold Wear & Holidays +

Hi Everyone

Amazing restock tonight. Thank you all for your amazing support. Lots of you chose to take advantage of the sale. YAY! I hope that maybe you have chosen some colors that you might not have tried otherwise. Don’t forget to tag me in your instagram photos once you’ve tried them. I love seeing your manicure pics.
(IG: @elevationpolish)

I’m writing this post about what normally would be exciting happy things for me, Snowstorms, Cold weather and the Holiday season. However, as a nail polish maker these are things that effect my business.

Snow Storms: It is that time of year were you never know when a snow storm can impact shipping transit times. Because of my location (Minnesota….Minne*snow*ta) these will come to play a factor in shipping times in the next coming months.

Cold Weather: This can also delay shipments. We had -14 degree weather yesterday (Brrr.) It can also effect the formulas on some polishes. Please allow them to come to room temperature before use. If you are as impatient as I am when you get awesome nail mail. Gently roll the polish in the palms of your hands before use. It’ll make a huge difference.

The Holidays: Due to the volume of orders (mainly, awesome nail polish gifts & the Fan sale) shipping times may be a little slower than normal (both in processing your order, and for USPS to deliver your parcels)

Holidays are a time to be with family. I like many of you will be taking this time to enjoy their company. Elevation HQ will be closed Dec 24 (evening)- Dec 26th (morning) and additionally Dec 31st-Jan 2nd. Email responses may be slow during this time. I’m going to leave the site up with what inventory is available. Just know that we will not be processing orders on those days off.

+ Restock News
Tonight, codes were not working. Human error on my part. I had my times wrong on the code activation. If you emailed me tonight about a code not working. It may take me some time to respond to all those emails but don’t worry. All your refunds for those codes will be processed within the next 24 hours. If you haven’t emailed yet about it and your a membership holder with a code, I’ll manually be taking care of those. No need to email. For all other faulty codes, please email me.

+ Blog
Some of you may notice there has been a change in my blog. I hope you like the changes. It’s something I’m working on updating. Please let me know, if there is something you’d like to see on here. I know I got a couple of requests to have an “elevation history” showcasing collections with pictures and dates of release. It’s something that is going to take me some time to compile. I’ll be working on it on my days off.

Cheers to friends, family, fan collections and fabulously manicured nails,
❤ Lulu

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