Elevation Polish: Line up Rearrangement, Discontinuing some polishes


Lulu here again. Here to tell you that I’m rearranging some of the elevation polish line up. In order to keep the shop fresh with color. Some polishes needed to be retired or discontinued to make room for new exciting colors.

Dec 22nd will see the following changes to the line up:

(Discontinued= Won’t be back) (Retired= May make an appearance in the future)

2AM Walks with Farrihn- Discontinued

Everest- Retired

Finding Nemo- Discontinued

Gobi- Retired

I got the axe- Discontinued

Khongoryn Els- Retired

Kita- Discontinued

Lake Achit- Discontinued

Marmolada- Discontinued

Matsuda- Retired

Mount Augustus- Retired

Passion Flower- Retired

Prusik or Loop it- Retired

Rapa Nui- Retired

Sarychev- Retired

Streetside, NYC- Retired

Tette- Discontinued


Couple of colors will go in for reformulation after Dec 22nd and new versions will be available starting January 7th.

Jbel Ayachi 2- increase in size and quantity of glacier hexes

Ridn 2- increased opacity and balance of shimmer

Jungfrau 2- lightening of base color just a tad, increase in shimmer




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