Elevation Polish: Charity Auction & Sales Total

Alright, the final totals are in!!!!

WOW!!!! We raised a great deal of money. It’s amazing!!! We can’t wait to see what all is going to be done with the donation. It’s more than we ever could have dreamed of.

Tentatively. This is pretty exciting. The proceeds will be turned into Communication devices for clients and updating the internet system at at least 2 of the chrestomathy locations. In this era of technology the cheapest and most exciting product is an Ipad with several communication apps. I’ve personally tried these apps. They are so neat and are pretty amazing in helping those who are non-verbal or have trouble communicating.

Last year’s donation, made such a huge difference. This year is going to make an even bigger impact. The total donation is…….!


(elevation’s contribution was the polishes, the website, packaging materials and covering all those pesky paypal fees)


I want to take the time to say thank you to all the people who made this event possible. 

Thank you to all who got the word out via blogs and Facebook that this event was happening.

YOU: My customers (new and old) Thank you. Without you there would be no event. Thank you for opening your heart and your checkbook for this amazing event. I hope you enjoy the polishes and remember how amazing you are each time you wear it. Extra thank you who did chose to make an additional donation on top of their auction polishes and purchases.

To my brother: Who generously donated his time and skill. Designing and making the website for us. Hiccups aside, building a site from scratch wasn’t easy, I’m not the easiest client. Thank you.

To my husband: Who generously donated his time and patience. Packaging & shipping out all the orders. Helping me through the stress of coordinating an event like this.

and finally last but not least…..

To Shannon & Josh of Pahlish. Thank you so much for your donation of polish for the event. Taking the time to work with me on a beautiful duo.


Now that the final total is in… Donation will be made the first week of November. I’ll make a blog post with pictures of the check being handed over and also along the way (whenever possible, like last year) I’ll update with the progress of how your donation is being put to good use.

Thank you all for making this event so wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Charity Auction & Sales Total

    • Thank you Jen. It was a great event and for such a great cause too. It’s amazing to me the kindness and generosity of the nail polish community. I’m really looking forward to next year.

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