Elevation Polish: Charity Auction

Whoa! I’m completely blown away!

Thank you all for your donations and generous bids! It’s amazing! If ever there were a time to use all caps this would be it.

WE RAISED A LITTLE OVER $9,000.00!!!!!

We don’t have an exact total as of yet, we still need to do some shipping refunds, etc. So the final total will be posted here in the next couple of days but this is SUPER impressive!!!! You all are awesome! (vast understatement!)

As for all the website hiccups and crashes. Us nail polish peeps really do know how to crash a website, don’t we. I’m going to generalize here and say that we as a group are very passionate people and it shows with our enthusiasm and kind hearts. Thank you all for your patience with the website. Hiccups and confusion isn’t fun for either of us.

Let me break down some of the hiccups & my solutions

1. Paypal receipts weren’t itemized at all. Where the item names were supposed to be it’s blank.
Solution: I’ll be emailing everyone who had a purchase and/or won an auction item with an itemized receipt. Please keep this for your records. Also please let me know if you need to make any adjustments to your order.

2. The auction timer/kill switch allowed bids beyond the auctions end time (2 minutes and 30 seconds past)
Solution: Final bids placed before 10:00PM (CT) will be honored, any bid that was placed after that (12 people) I’ll be contacting individually to offer a polish option for their bid. (all proceeds from that will also go to chrestomathy) Please allow 24 hours for me to put together options for you.

3. Combined shipping. It was stated before the auction that I was going to try to do it.
Solution: We will be combining all shipping for the charity sale items and auction items. Refunds should be processed within 24 hours here. Please allow additional time for shipping as it takes us a while to go through all the order print outs and figure out who has multiple orders.

4. Not really a hiccup but it’s been a reoccurring email. For those who would like to make a further donation.
Solution: I can handle them and pass them on to chrestomathy (since they don’t have a paypal.) Contact me for details on how to do this if your interested. if you like you can always look at their website for more information on how to make a direct donation. www.chrestomathyinc.org

All and all a great event!!! I look forward to this event each year and I doubley look forward to next years event. Hopefully all the site hiccups and crashes won’t be an issue then. Thank you all again for your patience, love, support and your big hearted donations.

Look for the upcoming donation total post, the donation being made post, and likely the donation being used post. Pics and notes along the way. Sharing with you all where, your donation money is going. It’s really going to be amazing. I can’t wait to share all the news!

As always my email is open if you have questions, comments, concerns, etc. I’m always happy to help.

Have a great weekend,


One thought on “Elevation Polish: Charity Auction

  1. Wow Lu, that’s amazing!!
    Seriously Lu, you are such a ROCK STAR there are no words; but there is. ❤

    Thank you for putting together this awesome event to raise money for something that means so much to you. The time, energy and effort is so appreciated in allowing us to purchase such beauties from you, while bringing in funds for Chrestomathy.

    Thanks for letting us be a part of it. 🙂

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