Elevation Polish Annual Auction & Sales for Charity

It’s the magical time of year again. It’s time for the Annual Elevation Polish Auction & Sales for charity. YAY! We had so much fun last year & raised an amazing amount of money that we decided to do it again this year.

We have made an entirely new site for the event. It’s got all of these really great features. Bid tracking, cart holds, it can email you when you’ve been outbid. We are very pleased with how it turned out. It’s a new system so if you’ve got the time I encourage you to take the tour (link on the side menu) before the bidding process begins. Tour link is on the side menu on the bottom and will show up after you sign in.

Bidding will begin Friday October 11th at 9PM (CST) and will end on October 18th at 10PM (CST) Additionally there will be a sales portion for those who choose not to bid on items. That will be on October 17th at 9PM (CST)

Please also note that while the link to the auction is available now, the site is still being updated with better pictures, descriptions and we are still adding items. We will be working on it up until the last minute. So many amazing goodies!

Here is a link to the site: http://www.auction.elevationpolish.com

Best of luck for those of you who are bidding and thank you all so much for opening your hearts to this amazing non-profit. Check out the info page for more information about Chrestomathy, Inc and what the donation will go toward. Also check out Chrestomathy, Inc’s website. We got mentioned on there. http://www.chrestomathyinc.org/support.php

Please email me anytime, if you have questions, comments or wish to make a personal donation.

Cheers to great polishes,

❤ Lulu

2 thoughts on “Elevation Polish Annual Auction & Sales for Charity

  1. Such a great cause, and so many exciting polishes! I hope to get a few bids in! It’s really good to see the support for smaller charity organisations – I remember when we did fundraisers in high school and everyone always gravitated towards huge charities and didn’t even consider small specialised groups, which always annoyed me. I hope these auctions all go well and help out!

    • Thank you. I hope they go well too. Chrestomathy is amazing. It’s a non-profit that is close to my heart. The little guys often get over looked so I’m happy to help out and really it’s win-win for everybody. Fun new polishes and a good feeling about the proceeds going to charity. It’s an ever nicer feeling when you wear them.

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