Elevation Polish: Restocks & Charity Auction

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the radio silence lately. I’ve really been enjoying my vacation and taking time to re-energize.

I wanted to drop a quick note that tonight there will be no restock. This includes the Contrary Elevation polish duo. Contrary & I are both perfectionists so we decided to delay one last time. So that will be launching Dec 7th because I’ve got another awesome collab duo that is expected to launch Nov 7th. I apologize about the lack of communication on all of this.

On the Charity Auction. YAY! We are less than a week away. I’m going to be making a dedicated post about the auction on Weds which will include a link to the auction site. I’m also going to be adding links on my big cartel so you can easily find it all. We are currently working on some last minute tweaks to the site and uploading photos. This is going to be an exciting event. I hope you all enjoy all the samples, prototypes, small batches, sets and the very secret collab duo (which was generously donated by the amazing polish maker.)

Alright, back to photo editing, I go. I’ll catch up with you all on weds.

p.s. If your waiting on an email from me. Give me 24 hours to work through them all. Sorry about the wait time.


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