Elevation Polish: Annual October Charity Event

Hello Everyone,

It’s this wonderful time of year again. Fall, my favorite time of year and it’s time for the EP annual auction/sales for charity event. YAY! We had so much fun last year and we raised so much. It was and still is amazing. So let’s do it all over again!!! Let’s talk details.

WHO THIS EVENT IS FOR: We are raising money for one of my favorite non-profit organizations. Same as last year. Chrestomathy, Inc. Chrestomathy is a day training and habilitation service for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The three program sites are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in the nearby suburbs of Eden Prairie and Burnsville, MN. Unlike most other programs locally, Chrestomathy is a specialized and relatively small company.

Visit Chrestomathy Inc.’s website for more info on what they do.

DONATION GOALS: Last year we were able to donate 3 32gig iPads, 3 sturdy cases, 3 Proloquo2go app licenses, plus lots of additional itunes cash (Communication devices) You can see the donation post from last year here. This year we are going to try to do even better!!!! Updates to the internet infrastructure, iPads, cases, proloquo2go apps and locking cabinets to house the ipads and keep them safe.

Let me tell you a little bit about why iPads & proloquo2go are so important. Proloquo2go in combination with the easy to use touch interface of the iPad allow non-verbal clients to talk using symbols and type text. It’s an amazing app. With such amazing-ness comes a hefty price tag. $219.00 for proloquo2go for each ipad. It’s so well worth the cost to see someone be able to communicate what they want to say. You can read more about this app here.

DATE:  Auctions will be October 11th- October 18th (ending at 10PM, CST) and the sales portion of the event will happen October 17th at 9PM (CST)

WHERE:  There has been a website specifically made for this event. I’ll update this post & the Auction tab here on the blog with the link closer to the event. (October 7th). This new site will feature a log in to track your bids and view your cart. It will have a cart hold. Bidding will be kept anonymous.

GOODIES: What all will be auctioned and sold during the event? Because I know not every feels comfortable with bidding. I’ve set aside some polishes for a “buy it ASAP” The event will be split into two portions. Sales and Auctions.

SALES: will include  6 Small batch prototypes, 1 specifically made for this event small batch prototype. 10 one of a kinds & a limited quantity secret collaborative polish duo (with another nail polish maker) sales will start at $10.00 and up to $26.00

AUCTIONS: will feature a lot of goodies with bidding starting at $8.00. 40 one of a kind polishes (prototypes & personal frankens), Discontinued polishes, 1 of each of the Small batch prototypes that I’ve ever released (each will have their own auction), 5 bottles of the Pahlish/EP coral sand dunes duos, 5 bottles of the Crowstoes/EP duo, Lulu’s favorite things set, 5 bottle set of light colored holos, 5 bottle set of dark colored holos, 5 bottle set of (different colored) Haba Xueshans, 4 bottle set of a never before released collection, 1 small painting done by me (Lulu) and the Spotlight item for the event will be……

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: A full Elevation Polish Collection. Every collection polish that I’ve put out in one single swoop. This set includes oldie but goodies rarely seen. Nya, Aurora, and an updated Ama Dablam for a total of 100 bottles of Elevation Polish. Plus 1 special polish only known to the winner of the auction. The bidding will begin at $800.00 for this set.

(EDIT 9-10-13) A couple of Questions have come in about the spotlight item. This set will be in all in the same style of bottle (square) even the older colors in the set, with the new style labels currently used. Each polish will be hand labelled and signed by me. They will come in a decorative display collection boxes. The special polish will remain secret.

Again more details & pics to come as the event draws nearer. I’m so excited!!!! I hope you are too. This make this event a good one.

Cheers to great polishes,

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