Elevation Polish September Restock Info & News

September’s Collection (Stones Throw) YAY for fall! I’m so excited to finally be into fall colors. It’s one of my favorite times of year. This collection is a gathering of not only the rocks & gems that inspired me but the fall colors that I love so much.

Epidote: Golden Olive medium density holographic (Please note this is a thinner style polish)
Limestone: Vanilla White with gold flake shimmer. Medium shine (it was going to be matte but I changed the finish so it’s easier to work with)
The Arches II: Brunt Orange/Red with a natural very slightly textured, low shine finish. If you have previous version of this polish the only difference is that it has a smoother, thinner formula.
Quartz Monzonite: A complex glitter topper. Blend of reddish flake shimmer, micro yellow hexes, Black Hexes & Circles, Grey Hexes and Circles, sparse wine hexes & circles all in a clear base.
River Rock: This is a complete change up. I had originally thought this was going to be a jelly/glitter polish but I wasn’t 1000% in love with it. I instead changed it up to a dark charcoal with red shimmer with high shine. In most lights this polish will look near black or dark charcoal. (some may have gotten this as an Oops batch of Rapa Nui)

The original concept for River Rock will be available as a Small Batch Prototype.

(Top to Bottom) Original River Rock Concept, The Release version of River Rock & Rapa Nui

(L-R) Original River Rock Concept, The Release version of River Rock & Rapa Nui

Polish News:

  • El Cap & Ridn will be back this month
  • Huangshan will become Huangshan 2 moving from a neon yellow to a light yellow.
  • Owen, Trift, Hig, Broad Peak, Azure Caverns, Daisen & Stay behind catch a wave will all be retired. Sept 22nd is your last chance to reserve these colors.
  • Geo Duo’s final restock will be Sept 22nd. I added in one extra restock for this color because of it’s popularity.

Contrary/Elevation Polish Duo News:
Contrary and I have decided to postpone the duo. There were some fine details that we wanted to take some extra time with. I apologize but we were not able to make enough for all elevation polish members to reserve a duo.

They will be available during a website replenishment on October 7th at 9PM. There will be no new colors (besides the duo) for October or membership emails as I will be out of town for the restock and my shipping helpers weren’t confident they could handle memberships.

The mid part of October will be the Elevation Polish Annual polish for charity event!!! October 11th-October 18th. More details about this can be found on the upper right hand corner on my blog here and even more details as the event nears.




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