Elevation Polish Restock News

Oh yuck. I really hate typing out this message.

Tomorrow’s restock (Aug 22nd) will be the slimmest restock we’ve had in a while. I’ve been waiting on a bottle order that has yet to arrive. It was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago and now has a new ETA of Sept 3rd/4th. With so few bottles in my hands currently. I’ve been forced to slow bottling my batches to a snails pace.

Tomorrow’s restock (Aug 22nd) will consist of Small batch prototypes and a few polishes here or there that are out of stock in a lower quantity than usual.

Custom Polishes have been put on hold until I have more bottles in hand.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Sept 7th’s restock will have every single color in stock and in high quantity. The Geo Duo will go out with a bang as this will be the last restock for this duo. I will have 3 times as much stock as I had for the Aug 7th restock. Additionally, I will be keeping 2 of the Geo duos behind for the October’s charity auction.

On that note. I’ll be slowly updating all the details of the Charity Auction in October. You can keep track of the progress in the upper right hand corner under the tab charity auction 2013. A little closer to the date likely last week of September. I’ll make a post with all the details of the charity auction and give a little sneak peek as to the items that will be for sale & auction.

Thank you all for your understanding. Please email me if you have any questions.



One thought on “Elevation Polish Restock News

  1. Hi Lulu!

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be paying for my GDY order this week…I didn’t want yo to think that I was flaking on it. I am just waiting to get sent some money from a few people, which I was promised this week. I hope this is okay and apologize for the delay!! 

    Thanks! Denise


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