EP: Marmolada New batch standard

Hi Everyone

I got loads of emails yesterday asking about the new batch standard for Marmolada. Some pretty good questions so I thought I would make a post dedicated to all your questions.

What is a batch standard?
A batch standard is bottle of polish that I use to compare to make sure all batches match to my original formula and color. It’s a way to double check formula accuracy.

Why did you choose a new batch standard?
This is a tough question to answer without giving away my formula. The original batch standard was a prototype that I made in the bottle, just 1 bottle. The ingredients/formula was hard to scale up into a larger batch size. The new batch standard is a properly scaled formula to the batch size I use now.

Why would I need to know this information?
This is a great question. I like leaving nothing to mystery when it comes to my polishes. There have been some batch differences in marmolada (lighter, darker, more glitter, less glitter, etc) I wanted to make sure that there would be a lot less differences between batches. This information is useful if you are planning on buying one of the new batches and comparing it to an older swatch, or if you are planning on swapping for an older one. The new version is just a hair different than the batch standard. Which leads me to the next question…

What is the difference between the new batch standard and the old one?
I think the pictures will answer this question best. The new version has slightly less lavender in it, making for a smoother application. The color is just a hair darker than the original but still works the same way as it did before. If an “undies” underneath polish color is used, It can still be Steel, Blue, Grey or even off white. Just like the original formula.


Left-Right: Old batch standard then New batch standard

Top: New batch standard
Bottom: Old batch standard

Left to Right:

3 coats old batch standard
3 coats new batch standard
2 coats old batch standard
2 coats new batch standard
1 coats old batch standard
1 coats new batch standard

Left to Right: 1 coat old batch standard then 1 coat new batch standard

Please, feel free to ask me any and all questions either by leaving a comment on this post or you can always email me at elevationpolish/gmail or by clicking the contact button on my big cartel site. (Before asking… please note I do not have any of the old version left in stock)



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