EP: Looking up at the stars giveaway [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone.

Please note if you had an entry the last 24 hours of the giveaway. The rafflecopter closed the giveaway early. If you left a comment this last 24 hours I did manually put in your entries into the rafflecopter system. 

WINNER #1 (looking up at the stars) Jerrica M.H.

WINNER#2 (Lake achit, extra stars) Xia-D. C.

WINNER#3 (Lake achit, extra stars) Alysha K.

WINNER#4 (Lake achit, extra stars) Vanessa M.

Congrats winners!!! I’ve sent emails to each of you to get your shipping addresses. 

I hope your having a great week. It’s been an amazing week here at elevation headquarters.

I thought this would be a great time to release a fun little giveaway. I had the opportunity to take a pause for a moment a couple of weekends ago and look up at the stars. It’s easy to forget to take time to just look up and enjoy how beautiful they are.

For this giveaway I’ve got 4 prizes! Which means 4 winners! YAY!

1 Bottle of Looking up at the stars (blue shimmer based glitter topper) with Glacier colored stars and Glow in the dark stars. The glow in intense so if you are sensitive to light  when you sleep. I do not recommend wearing this one on your hands.

3 Bottles of Lake Achit (Extra Stars) Including more blue stars, teal stars, glacier colored stars and sparse glow in the dark stars.

Winners will be picked via rafflecopter on 6-30-13 at Midnight.

The Original version of Lake Achit will be restocked on the 22nd on my website but it’s currently still available on Llarowe’s site.


Leave me a comment on this post and tell me where is your favorite place to view the stars.

Then go to this rafflecopter link and enter in your email so I can contact you if you win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Ignore the one star. I forgot to let the base color fully dry before putting on the stars. The base color is Tom Ford Plum Noir.

So let’s hear it. Where is your favorite place to see the stars.



141 thoughts on “EP: Looking up at the stars giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. I never saw the stars more clearly and in such volume as I did while honeymooning in The Big Island Hawai’i! The skies were clear as glass at night and I felt you could reach up and touch the stars!

  2. What an awesome giveaway, Lulu!! You’re the sweetest gal ever!

    My absolute FAVORITE place to view the stars is in my very own, 100 acre back yard <3. We have this AMAZING & picturesque grassy hill with an equally lovely old Oak tree on top of it. My hubby and I like to drive our truck up there and view the Aurora, Milky Way & shooting stars, it's wonderful!!!

  3. honestly? anywhere…
    but the 2 memorable times: once after night-diving (which looks like a starry sky – plankton glowing in 3d under the water) in belize… but after the dive, on the boat, the sky parts, and i’ve never seen as many stars in one patch of sky. and also with a friend id lost while in college, super late at night after a finals project, it is so cold outside that the air/humidity is freezing and is creating tiny droplets of shimmer in the sky… layered on the crisp winter starry sky beyond.
    (can you tell i like the sky?)

  4. Anywhere I can see them. It is funny, you look up there in the sky and see that everything is so infinite and my little problems don’t seem so big anymore.

  5. I like to see the stars at my parents house–they have a wonderful rural view in their backyard so you can see the sky for miles and there arent city lights blocking the view 🙂

  6. There’s a stretch of the PCH between Santa Barbara and LA where the Pacific Ocean engulfs the darkness and you can see the Milky Way. In my college days, I would stop there on my way home to see the vastness of the sky and see. And at night the stars shinning beyond. There and also on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Something about stars and the sea that really get to me!

  7. I’d have to say my favorite place to view the stars is out in the field where at the barb where I used to keep my horses. I don’t own any horses at the moment, but I’m still heavily involved at my barn. It’s my home away from home, and the stars are incredible there at night. A truly beautiful sight to behold!

  8. Anywhere I can see them, but outside my flat in Oslo, norway, is perfect! We live outside the city centre, not far from the woods, and we can’t really see the streetlights when we sit outside. It’s perfect…especially during the winter months. (now the nights are light up here…)and if we are lucky enough to get northern lights flying across the nightsky as well…woooow….then the stars really shine bright<3

  9. My all time favorite place is Rock Harbor in Cape Cod, MA. 🙂 we go and get ice cream to watch the sun set, and we stay for the stars to creep out. Comfy on the beach with a blanket to sit on , I will stay there for hours . By the ocean away from the city .. the sky has never looked so large and beautiful!

  10. Anywhere!! But I always go outside in my yard to look at the moon and stars every night before I go to bed. I live out in the country with no lights around to compete with the natural light. Seeing the stars and the position of the constellations helps me feel calm and at peace.

  11. For me, I can go a few miles west to the Sonoma Coast where the stars shine and there is the Pacific Ocean beneath reflecting the light of the moon, magical.

  12. My favorite place to look at the stars has to be at the top of Golden Horn mountain just outside Whitehorse in the Yukon. Climbed it when I was in cadets as a teen and still remember how blown away I was at the view. Spellbinding and forever imprinted on my spirit.
    Thank you for the chance at one if these lovely polishes!

  13. Oh, just lying in bed! We live in the country with no lights around, so the sky is really dark. We sometimes see the northern lights (aurora borealis). And there’s a velux roof window right above my bed so no need to go outside 🙂

  14. It’s got to be the desert. Two of the best places for looking at the stars that i’ve been to have been the Namibian desert and the Red Centre of Australia. I am a city girl so barely get to see the Big Dipper so being in the desert, seeing the sky so full of stars, was just awesome.

  15. Whenever I’m in the country I like to just lay on the grass in the late hours of the evening and stare at the sky.
    My only problem is that whenever I do that people think I’m being sad or something. I don’t know why… there’s so much beauty in the sky you can’t be sad if you look at them!

  16. With my four year old daughter in the backyard. She loves to try to count them. By the time she gets to twenty she gives up. 🙂

  17. These are beautiful! My favorite place to look at the stars is definitely at my parent’s house. They live up on a hill out in the country so all you can hear are the peaceful sounds of the woods when you gaze at the sky.

  18. There is a park in our little town where we like to go and have a late picnic and lay on the blanket and look up at the stars through the trees and just relax and dream!!

  19. My favorite place to view the stars was my Grandparents back yard. They lived on a little pond called Pratt’s Pond in Massachusetts. I always loved looking at the stars from the dock in the back yard. It was so peaceful!

  20. I live in Florida on the west coast, near Tampa, and viewing the stars here is amazing…especially for a fellow NY’er, who hardly ever saw the stars…lol! I love to go to the beach at night and look up at the gorgeous sky or even at home. I get up a lot through the night (light sleeper) and I have seen so many shooting stars, which are so unbelievably amazing to see down here!! You can pretty much see them every night, because the sky is so clear. No matter how many shooting stars I see, it is still always such a beautiful and magical experience!!

  21. Stargazing from the deck of my tiny cabin in Kyburz, California ROCKS!!! Peaceful, quiet, dark, and a fridge full of wine just steps away!

  22. For me the best place to watch the stars is in Hawaii Kai. It’s a small neighborhood and there’s a field and when you look up its absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  23. I recently went to visit my BFF in Dumas, Arkansa where she lives. I’m a city girl, and have been all my life. She is a country girl and we often make fun of our differences. She was really exited to show me the stars once we got to her home, but I was thiking “its just stars”. I was so wrong. SHe lives pretty far away from civilization (lol) and when I gazed above me, the sky was covered in stars. I dont think I have ever seen so many of them together, certainly not in person. It was amazing, and put some perspective in my life. Cant wait to see those stars again!

  24. The best place I’ve seen to look up at the stars has been in the mountains in Tennessee – Great Smoky Mountains! So clear and crisp and vivid. Love it! 🙂

  25. The middle of the ocean is an awesome place to see stars! Or a hammock on the beach anywhere!!
    As a city gal, I appreciate anywhere I can see stars!!

  26. my favorite place is up in rural Michigan, where I grew up. No light pollution, stars as far as the eye can see. Fresh, crisp air….ahhh…. I so miss it.
    I’m in Florida now, and can rarely see the stars where I am. 😦

  27. My two favourite places were viewing them in Bintan by the beach(both cool and romantic), and my older brother’s house in Melbourne!

    It’s so tough to view stars where I live, so I definitely appreciate any place where I can enjoy the stars. (:

  28. My grandmother lives in a small town on a lake in Maryland. I love going down there and sitting on the deck to look at the stars. It’s so dark and peaceful 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I’m on holiday Island Hopping in Greece just now. Some of the islands that we’ve visited are so remote and so dark that you can see the stars so vividly.
    My favourite spot so far has been Antiparos.
    Also, the amazing food has been a huge bonus!

  30. My favorite place is on my back patio with Jason. Its so peaceful out there listening to all the critters and its pretty dark since we’re just outside the city. We use his binoculars to star gaze fairly often, in fact we plan on checking out the Supermoon on Sunday!

  31. My favourite place to see the stars is out at my Dad’s farm. It’s quiet and serene there and the stars in the clear sky over the mountains in the distance are entrancing.

  32. There is a small man-made lake around 15 min from my house. When the weather is nice, I like to bring my Dog and sit out there because it’s a gorgeous double view… the sky and the reflection in the waters.

  33. My home is on the beach in North Carolina. I Love going at nite and climbing up into an empty Lifeguard stand and scanning the near ending Horizon! It’s jaw dropping and one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen 🙂

  34. Major stargazing family here (my hubster is actually running out today to buy one of my daughters a star map to take to summer camp). The best place for stargazing is our backyard. We watched the Geminid meteor shower standing in our yard. While it isn’t really clear (we’re 25 miles from NYC) it gets dark enough that we have a great view of strong constellations and even without a shower get the occasional shooting star!

  35. At my old college house. The driveway was really steep, so we would lay out blankets and sleeping bags and just lay there for hours. Plus, the neighborhood didn’t have street lights, so it was really easy to see all of the stars. I also love my childhood home which was in the middle of nowhere farm country until the recent sprawl took up residence. 🙂

  36. I’ve lived in the city for my whole life, so to be honest I don’t get to see stars that often. However, there was this one time, about four years ago, when I went to Egypt with my parents. One of the places we visited was the Abu Simbel temples, and to get there we had to leave at like 2AM from the hotel and ride in a car across the desert for about 3 hours.

    At the start of the journey there was this necessity to get our identities verified by armed guards (I don’t remember exactly why, something about safety reasons?), so we were rather tense. However, once we got to the desert, the scenery was unbelievably beautiful. There were no buildings and no lights, so the sky was dotted by stars. It was hypnotizing. And sort of mind-bending, as it made me realize just how small we humans are compared to the universe!

  37. I love viewing the stars in Tobermory, Ontario. It’s right at the top of the Bruce Peninsula, surrounded by water in the middle of nowhere 🙂 You can see every star, bands of the milky way, nebula (when they’re visible in the sky – like little puffs of smoke!). It’s breathtaking!

  38. My favorite place to look at the stars is at the beach. Laying out in the sand at night with the ocean breeze, looking up at the stars, appeals to all the senses!

  39. I’m fortunate enough to live in the woods, far away from urban lights, so my favorite place to see the stars is on my back porch balcony, hopefully with a glass of red wine and my hubby.

  40. I usually try to see the stars from my palace roof but there are too much light around my house, so the view isn’t extraordinary.
    When I have a chance in summer I go near a little village which is on a hill: no harsh light just an amazing stars’carpet over me *-*
    Thank you for the giveaway, it’s “brilliant” idea!!!

  41. My favorite place for stargazing is Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World. Those cabins are perfect for a week’s long stay and it feels so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the working world. My husband even has a pocket sized book with all the constellations and star charts so we can try to identify the stars. The view is actually better from the in-laws place in the country, but as a Disneyaddict, I had to say WDW campground.

  42. Best place to look at the stars is anywhere on the Saskatchewan prairies. You can see for miles (or kilometres) out there. The sky is so big and clear too because there is very little light pollution. I love it!

  43. Thanks for the giveaway, lovely Lulu!

    I love to get out hiking in Jasper National Park when I can, which is a few hours from Edmonton where I live. Jasper NP also happens to be the world’s largest designated Dark Sky Preserve, and the stars are just unbelievable out there. Any hiking trail that takes you above the tree line is guaranteed to take your breath away. 🙂

  44. When I was a kid living in the city, my favorite place to see the stars was when we would go to the lake. But now that I live in the country, in the south, we can totally see them just by going outside, it’s so awesome!

  45. I love sitting on my porch roof and looking up at the stars! Even though I’m scared of heights, it’s still my favorite place in the world to just relax and revel in their beauty 🙂

  46. I’d have to say I’ve never seen the stars clearer than when I was vacationing in Colorado (we stayed at Estes Park) and were right by the Rocky Mountain National Park. Just gorgeous. And they looked SO close.

  47. My most stars I’ve ever seen was while I was in the middle of the rainforest in Brazil. It was breathtaking….one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen even though it’s been 25 years.

  48. We don’t see many stars down here because of all the city lights. I do remember taking trips to the Mountains of NC when I was younger and OMG I had never seen so many stars in my life. I think that would be my favorite place.

  49. I remember the best piace to see the stars for me was the border between Austria and Czech Republic with no big cities around and a beautiful view of the Milky Way 🙂 Love Elevation polish and your give away 🙂

  50. My favorite place is from atop Murphy Dome, just outside Fairbanks AK where I live! You can see auroras hanging bright in the sky and stars burning in great drifts across the heavens. It is amazing!

  51. I live in NYC and watching the stars and the planets from my balcony is my favorite place to view the stars. I lay on my chaise and stair up trying to catch a falling star or a shooting star. I have a direct Eastern view and can also see Mars as well as some of the constellations.

  52. The best place to view the stars for me was on holiday in New Zealand on the South Island. The sky looked like black polish with silver and holographic sequins. Love it. Can’t wait to go back but live in the UK

  53. My very favorite place to look up at the stars is on top of Bathtub Rock in The City of Rocks, in southern Idaho. I love it!

  54. my favorite place to look at the stars is up on mount mitchell in north carolina. somewhere where there aren’t a lot of city lights is best. more of my favorite places are matinicus island, maine; on a hill on my friend’s property in crozet, virginia; & andros island, the bahamas.

  55. Oooh such pretty polishes! Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂
    I love to look at the stars out on my the deck at my friend’s parents’ place (on one of the Gulf Islands here in BC). They’re right on the water and there’s lots of open sky with no light pollution. It’s especially magical during the August meteor shower!

  56. my fave place to look at stars would be wherever me and all of my cousins would be whenever we’d have a giant get-together, back when we were still in the PH. we’d have out of town vacations and spend our nights bonding in the outdoors. the last one we had before leaving was in a place called tagaytay; we rented a house with a roofdeck and had the awesomest time. 😀

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  58. The short answer is everywhere since the night sky changes depending on where on the globe you are. BUT I have this beautiful memory from my childhood when I was visiting Austria with my family. We were walking home from dinner to the house where we were staying. As we walked up the mountain it seemed like the night sky was filling the entire horizon. Suddenly we saw a falling star. And then one more. And the next moment my father laid down on the grass and the rest of us followed. We began to spot constellations, and I think we spent half an hour just laying there watching the stars. Total bliss.

  59. My favorite place to look at stars is up the hills near my place! It’s so peaceful up there. No street lights so the skies is so clear! Sometimes we pack snacks and just sit and look at the stars!

  60. What pretty polishes I see 🙂

    My favorite spot for watching the stars is from my backyard… it’s still a pretty remote spot so the stars shine brightly and beautifully. I am so lucky!

  61. I love the night sky and am constantly calling my husband on my way home to run outside and look at something 🙂 The most amazing experience was in Denali National Park, Alaska….never saw the mountain, but the stars were freakin amazing.

  62. I love looking at the stars either in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, because if you find a good small clearing, there’s nothing to block your view unless there’s cloud cover, or at the Jersey Shore. The beach is such a beautiful place to look at the stars. You can hear the waves crashing, feel cool sand on your feet, and see things for miles. I think looking at the stars gives us a sense of how small we are but how special we are at the same time. 🙂

  63. My favorite place to view the stars is when my family and I are sitting around the campfire when we go camping. It’s really refreshing from the city 🙂

  64. Overnite airplane flights – either red eyes from west to east coast or to europe. The best was a red eye back from seattle and we could see the northern lights for almost half the flight

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