EP: Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold, Collaberative Duo with Crowstoes

Last and possibly the most exciting spam of the day.

Elevation Polish in Collaboration with Crowstoes are very very excited to present!!!!

Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold

Yes, Indeed that there is swearing in the name. LOL Don’t worry though the names on the bottles will be censored like that.

I’ve always had a blasting being able to work with the best and the brightest indie nail polish makers. This was no exception. An unlikely friendship between two girls who have totally different styles of nail polish making, similar art backgrounds and a wildly different idea of what constitutes a comfortable temperature.

I, myself love cold temperatures. My ideal temp would probably be about 15 degrees F outside. Crowstoes on the other hand would probably say “F- that business. That is too cold for this southern gal” She would likely say it much more colorfully, though. LOL The few things we do have in common are our love for polish, polish making, color composition and indeed a good challenge. The challenge being how to blend two different styles of nail polishes  (shimmers and glitters) in both red and blue without it being too patriotic and not looking too purple. All while keeping within our theme of Hot vs Cold. Trial, error, many of photos swapped back and forth, long conversations about the color formula, intensity and depth. We found our perfect balance. The perfect temperature.

Too F*%#ing Hot- is a deep red jelly-shimmer with both black and red medium/large flake shimmer.

Too F*%#ing Cold- is a blue tinted glitter topper with a complex blend of holographic & iridescent glitters.

Paired together it’s like a crisp clean icicle formed on a deep red fire.

(please forgive my cuticles, they aren’t in the best of shape right now.)

Swatch picture is two coats, Too F*%#ing Hot and then 1 coat of Too F*%#ing Cold

The Duo will be available as a limited edition. All of my available stock will be released on July 7th at 9PM (CST)on my big cartel site. Alternatively, Llarowe will also have some stock but once it’s gone. It’s gone. I’ll update this post when I know what day Llarowe will be releasing her stock of the duo.

The price for the Duo will be $22.00 (USD) They will be presented in the standard indie polish bottle & custom labeling for the duo as seen in the photos.

I will also be updating this post on Friday to include some more swatch photos.

❤ Lulu

Edit: (6-20-13) Crowstoes reminded me that the names on the labels are Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold. I forgot to add the “Too” in my original version of this post.


I’m adding a couple of fun swatch wheel pics. Different ways both polishes in the duo can be paired with other EP & Crowstoes polishes.

Too F*%#ing Cold paired with EP Pic du Gar, Jengish, Pic de Sotllo, Ubsunur at night, Tette (the colors are a tad washed out because of the lighting here in MN today)

Too F*%#ing Hot paired with Crowstoes Hell hath no fury, Vodoo, Heartshaped box of horse *!@!, Maxxed out, last call at the crow bar.  (the colors are a tad washed out because of the lighting here in MN today)


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