Elevation Polish: B-day Giveaways & Fan Collection

In my previous post I briefly talked about how the EP B-day giveaways were a fun & sneaky way for me to collect information.

How will this information be used, You may ask. Why september’s fan collection of course.

The questions were:

  1. I’d love to hear what your favorite polish is. Doesn’t matter what brand it is. I love hearing about new to me colors.
  2. I’d love to hear what types of colors you’d like to see in the elevation polish line up. (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, blacks, grey, different finish types, etc)
  3. I’d love to hear your favorite Elevation Polish + Another Indie Polish layering combinations. Leave me a comment here on this post.

All information about your dream elevation polishes and colors you love wearing. The information has been so handy as I’ve started to sit down to think about what the Fan collection should look like. I’ve spent many night googling your favorite polishes, reading through comments.

There were so many amazing ideas!!! I’m certainly going to have to break this up into several future collections. There was one comment that spoke to me right away. I saw it and it sparked a flood of ideas.

Jolène: “I would adore seeing more jellies, your brown jellies have been fantastic. I would also love to see a collection based specifically on the clouds you’ve seen on your hikes– or the waterways– or the stone types– or the wildflowers– or! Basically a ‘macro’ take on hiking. I think that could open up lots of different colourways.” 

The idea of stone types and wildflowers with an array of finish types (matte, jelly, holo, textured). This concept started a google frenzy like no other, researching colors, rock types and flowers seen in some of my personal trip photos. This concept in combination with your color preferences comments/ideas. Has really inspired me and a huge thank you for Jolène for her fantastic ideas.

I saw lots of comments for the following colors and finish types, no particular order. Not including all colors/finishes but these has the most votes:

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow (a surprising favorite)
  • Forest Green
  • More Circle glitter
  • Super Shimmers/Contrasting shimmers
  • Matte
  • Black
  • Holographic
  • Colored Base glitter polishes
  • Jelly
  • Purple/Purple Holographic

I will likely pull a lot of suggestions from this list, maybe combined a few of them, and work some magic. I think this is going to be a great collection.

My one and final thought on all of this though. Pink had THE most votes out of any color. I have also gotten a lot of requests for this color via email. Pink is a color I struggle with. I’m not really a girly girl and most pinks look weird on my skin tone (I mostly test the color concepts on myself). I spent 2 weeks wearing my favorite pinks. Trying to figure out what makes me like the pinks that I do. What I found out is that… while pink is a color I can totally be inspired by in nature. My passion for them as polishes isn’t there enough to go through the creation process at this time. It’s a color that I might re-visit over time but for now I’m not going to force the creative process with pink. I want it to happen more organically.

Ok at this point I’m rambling. I’m just so excited to be back enjoying color exploration. Thank you all for your input, comments, emails. I’m hoping that this fan collection will be a fun, colorful and enjoyable to wear.

Cheers to great polishes,

❤ Lulu

6 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: B-day Giveaways & Fan Collection

  1. So excited that you are going to do a fan collection!! I can only imagine how creative, unique and fabulous it’s going to be!! Thanks for asking us customers for input also and letting our creative ideas inspire you…so awesome!!

  2. Personally, I love pastel pink more as an idea, or a wall color/decorative color (like, I love pale pink dishes) than anything else. On me, I love it IN THEORY but in reality it makes me look fat, or unhealthily pale, or something….it should make me ‘glow’ but no. However: pink includes colors like peach, light terra cotta, dusty rose aka ‘ashes of roses’ (brownish pink family, from light to dark) and mauve (lavenderish/orchid-y pinks) all of which I enjoy especially in their darker iterations. I’d think that for you the earthier, more terra cotta-related, brown or sienna-hued pinks would be a shoo-in. Are those the ones you like? I’m curious what pinks suit you!

    Needless to say I’ll be thrilled to see your fan collections! I can hardly wait 😉

  3. I agree, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m with you on the color pink in general! I think I just got sick of it, since its all that seemed to be available when I started wearing polish. I have recently started buying pink again and I tend to like “different” pinks, like more coral, brownish nude pinks, neon and purple pinks like Orchid, as Donna mentioned above!

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