Elevation Polish: Ama Dablam Issues & Refunds

Hi Everyone

Over the past few months questions have come into my inbox about issues with the charity polish Ama Dablam. There have been several issues and not every bottle has the same issues. It perplexing. Some have had the following issues:

  • Major Evaporation (1/3 of the bottle missing)
  • The base tinting copper/brown more than it should have. It intended to have a slight tint. (the most common issue)
  • Some have had no issues.

I would like to provide refunds for those of you who would like them. Because this was a charity polish. the proceeds have already been donated and I will not be making a claim on my product liability insurance. Refunds will come direct from me. Because of this I have to space out the refunds. I apologize and thank you for your patience.

The refund time table will look like this. For those of you who purchased Ama Dablam during these times. Please email me during the following dates. Please do not email earlier than your refund processing start date. 

  • Purchased March 2012 (20 of the round bottle, clear label, 20 square bottle with the color mountain label)
  • Refund Processing will happen starting this week, now
  • Purchased June/July 2012 (square bottle, clear label)
  • Refund Processing will happen starting next week, March 25
  • Purchased August/Sept 2012 (square bottle, clear label)
  • Refund Processing will start First week of May
  • Swapped for (any shape or label style)
  • Refunds will be processed starting second week of May around the 12th

I will be honoring swaps for the original purchase price (USA price). Because of this. The refund system I will be using is a little bit complicated.

When it’s time to process your refund. Please email me at orders.elevationpolish(at!)gmail(dot!)com  This email is for Ama Dablam and Ama Dablam issues alone. If you have other comments, questions, feedback please email me at my usual email or use the big cartel contact button.

Please include the following information in your email.

Your name:

Your paypal email:

Your purchase date:

What country it was shipped to:

Please also include a snap shot with your name and the date the snap shot was taken. Please also take a permanent  black marker and X out the Elevation Polish Label. Here is an example of what the snap shot should look like.

Refunds will be:

$11.00 USD for USA

$12.00 for international

Both will be less .30 cents because of a newly imposed paypal fee on refunds.

I can not be apologetic enough for all the issues. It was never my intention. My intention was to share a beautiful polish with you all with the proceeds going to charity.



4 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Ama Dablam Issues & Refunds

  1. You really are incredible Lulu!! I will also be keeping mine, because I love it to much to give back, so you can cross me of also for the 2 I purchased!!

  2. I haven’t checked my bottle lately – but if there are issues with it I won’t be asking for a refund either. I think you did a wonderful thing donating the money to charity. I got a beautiful couple of manicures out of the bottle and I’m happy with that!

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