Elevation Polish Birthday Giveaway #2 (CLOSED)

Giveaway #1 Start date: March 7th End date: March 16th 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of May’s Australia Sunrise, Sunset Collection, including 1 polish not being produced.

Giveaway #2 Start Date: March 16th End Date: March 22nd 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of June’s Mongolia Collection, including 1 polish that is not being produced.


She’s love to see a barbie pink holo in the line up. Oh goodness that would be fabulous. wouldn’t it? 

Giveaway #3 Start Date: March 22nd End Date: March 30th 3PM
Prize (5 winners) “there is gold in those mountains” exclusive, gold mini nugget polish

Giveaway #4 Start Date: March 7th End Date: March 30th
Prize: (1 Winner) Signed, Professionally framed Mountain Collage
Enter here

For this giveaway I’ve got the magical Mongolia Collection. Mongolia is one of my favorite places on earth. I knew I just had to make a collection specifically dedicated to my favorite spots. This collection has been a long time in the making. I knew it had to be perfect. This collection (minus the green one, Otgontenger will be launching June 7th)

Gobi- Shifting holographic. The base color shifts from a orange-y brown to a soft green
Lake Achit- Beautiful glitter mix of blues ranging from the lightest blue to the darkest navy blue with added bold blue stars.
Tavan Bogd- Dusty Lilac with a hint of grey. I’m still playing with the lilac/grey balance on this one so this prototype might vary from the production version.
Khongoryn Els- Taupe tinted purple with purple micro shimmer.
Otgontenger- (not being produced) is a foresty green creme.

I apologize in advance here. I lost my sim card for my good camera so all of these shots were taken with my iPhone. The quality is not great.

To enter I’d love to hear what types of colors you’d like to see in the elevation polish line up. (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, blacks, grey, different finish types, etc)

Then follow this link to enter. (must follow the link for your entry to count)
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108 thoughts on “Elevation Polish Birthday Giveaway #2 (CLOSED)

  1. I love love love! your cremes/shimmers/jelly-ish polishes..I’d love to see more lighter colors like pinks (my favorite) and pastel colors 🙂 and also more circle glitters!! I love those too!

  2. Ohhhhh….. Sunrise, sunset and tequila sunrise colors! Corals, soft oranges, pinky oranges, dark pinks…. But not wispy pastels. Holos, shimmers and cremes!

  3. I’m open to all those colors. Red, purples and blacks jump out right now. I’d love to see some matte finishes and some colored based glitters, if that makes sense. :O)

    • I really love yellows and the idea of a pastel yellow is something I’ve played around with several times. I never thought anyone besides me would love a color like that. 🙂

  4. I would adore seeing more jellies, your brown jellies have been fantastic. I would also love to see a collection based specifically on the clouds you’ve seen on your hikes– or the waterways– or the stone types– or the wildflowers– or! Basically a ‘macro’ take on hiking. I think that could open up lots of different colourways. 🙂

    • Now that is a really neat idea… all of them… Your so right. That would open a lot of doors as far as color inspiration goes. I really love the stone types idea.

      • I thought of something else!! Not sure if this would be up your alley, but: a collection of jellies (4-coaters for opacity, 3 for near-opacity, like Sarychev) that dry to a matte/satin finish. All in colours associated with sea glass (Jengish Chokusu made me think of this, obviously!)– pale minty-blue, rootbeer, clear with a slightly milky tinge, bottle green…

  5. I’d love to see more reflective finishes; not frosty, though. More like shimmery or metallic/foiled… In coppers, rose golds, and the like 🙂

  6. I think you have such a great range of colors…I’ve been missing pink and corals, but I know that you’re including some of those in your Australia collection. Maybe also softer yellow…and definitely would love to see more Elevation holographic colors. Oh a real yellow holographic (that is not goldish, but really yellow would be the bomb!). Oh, and keep those circle glitter coming. Actually, I’ve been dying for you to release a polish that contains those enormous black circle glitters!!!

  7. More rich greens! (Otgontenger would be a good start ;)) …some more delicate earthy neutrals would be lovely (a la Cerro Torre) …Jolène’s stone shades suggestion is a fantastic idea, too.

  8. I echo the request for sunset colors – blues tinged with orange and pink; orange tinged with pink and purple. Duochromes and holos and a little glitter, too. Yellow always makes me feel good, and topped with a purple/blue glitter, it would remind me of a pansy-filled meadow. And I know you’ve covered a few National Parks in your line, but I think a small collection covering some of the parks would be stunning: Yellowstone, with its bubbling blue/yellow/brown mud pots; Yosemite and the forest green of the cedars, with their red/brown bark, and clear blue waterfalls; the bright orange and shimmering taupe of Bryce’s goblins; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, with its molten lava, covering the full warm>hot spectrum contrasted with the black and slate colored cool lava ; and Glacier, glowing with autumn colors set against turquoise lakes and sparkling, snow-capped peaks. OK- sorry – I got carried away.

  9. I would love to see more purples and glitters. Your purples are so beautiful and always have a special something about them. Your glitter combos are amazing and unlike anyone else’s I’ve seen.

  10. I’d love to see more purples, but especially purple based polish w/glitters (circles, holos). Something like Marmolada in a dusty purple version would be amazing! 😀

  11. strange combinations of colors, either in shimmer form or paired with a glitter. for example, green base, purple shimmer. or green base, purple glitters?
    earthy orange with blue (reminds me of new mexico)…
    acid green and pink (thinking of a certain species of a spirea shrub)

  12. I would love to see more glitter with a milky base–purple (plum & lilac) & green (grassy green) specifically. I’m doing a better job stalking your shop–I’ve missed far too many amazing polishes. I love Mount Yu with all my heart and feel so blessed to have gotten it ❤

  13. I would love to see more Yellow and Orange polishes in all finish types.
    There are so many gorgeous browns but only very very few went lighter to the yellow or the orange scale. I wish there were more of these 😀

  14. I’m a huge sucker for anything with a hint of orange, or fully blown orange. Just love it. Plus, anything with circle glitter in it is going to get my heart racing! 😀

  15. I love the brown jelly trio you did and would love to see another jelly trio set in greens or blues, with one of your fabulous glitter toppers to match!!

  16. I also second the stone shades idea…that would be amazing!! Especially if you could texture/correspond them to each stones finish and qualities that make them unique…so gorgeous it would be!!

  17. I love jelly finish, but unfortunately not a big fan of brown. Would love to see some more jelly in other colors. Purple with shimmer anything is my fav! Bright grape purple is my ultimate weakness.

  18. I’d like to see a few more pinks! Also I like the few holographic shades you’ve done so maybe a few more? I’d also like to see some more jellies. Someone wrote it already here but a pastel collection might be nice as well.

  19. I would adore a black jelly with multi colored micro shimmer/glitter (think the base of Lynderella’s one nutty fruitcake). I also love dove gray, and I would very much like one with a hint of blue/purple shimmer.

  20. I’d love to see some pastels with duochrome shimmer along the same lines as ridnitsohkka. And some matte circle glitter. Yummy!

  21. I’d love to see some semi-matte finishes, like the surface of a rock that’s been worn to a smooth shine over the decades.

  22. I would love to see more yellows, oranges, and darker blues and greens. I love shimmers and some of your gorgeous polishes with contrasting highly visible shimmer would be wonderful. More holos, like the Sarychev holo you did for the auction, a yellow holo, and a dark green holo, would also be great. But, I always love your colors and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  23. I love green manis, but it would be nice to see some yellow ones. I have a ton of yellow polishes and no ideas. I’d love to see what you come up with.

  24. I would LOVE to see a new pretty pink in the Iridescents and Duochromes (or Shimmers) category! Pink is of course my favorite color 😉

    And of course, what first brought me to Elevation a long time ago was the circle glitters 😉 So more circle glitters! Marmolada is possibly my favorite Elevation to date, so a sister polishe in different color schemes (the awesome circles in a crelly base) would be amazing!

  25. More holos in your collections. You do them so beautifully!! And it would be cool to see a collection or two within the same color family; like a collection of the different bodies of water you’ve seen in your travels with different shades, finishes of blues. Or a collection of the sunsets, sunrises you’ve got to view at different levels and angles on the mountains.

  26. Semi-dark grey with white flakes and grey glitter, like a chalkboard. Also I saw a sample of a dusty lavendar with gold flakes and it was more than beautiful.

  27. I love the green shown above as well! For a finish, I’d love to see more holos and for a color, I’d love to see a coral (peach/pink) holo! I do like your idea of a pale yellow maybe with some purple shimmer!

  28. It would be cool if you made a texture polish that looked like the rocks under water in a running mountain stream. I love how the running water makes the rocks look a different color than when you take the rock out of the water.

  29. This is a really tough question. You are one of–probably my favorite “indie” polish maker, because you create so many different types of polishes. There is always something for everyone–glitters/flakies toppers, cremes, shimmers, duochromes, iridescents, jellies, crellies. I’m probably one of few whose is not a fan of glitter. I love seeing it-in bottles, on the nail-I just don’t like it on myself. So, I love that you do other types of effects, like shimmers. As far as colors go, my favorite changes all the time. I tend to wear what I am in the mood for, what I am feeling at the moment. So, I am open to anything. I too, love the “stepping stone” idea.

  30. Periwinkle, lilac, and pinks, micro shimmer, holos, and more circle glitter. Daisen and Marmolada are two of my favorite polishes of all time.

  31. I’d like to see some strong colors with contrasting shimmers or micro glitters, like bright blue with copper or dark green with gold or orange.

  32. I’d love to see more teals/blues, purples and hot pinks! A hot neon pink glitter bomb would be awesome! A purple crelly with an unexpected color of shimmer in it would be nice too! Teals – I think a jelly with glitter in it would be really neat! 🙂

  33. You make such interesting combinations…it’s what keeps me coming back for ALL THE ELEVATIONS! I would love to see more dusty shimmers in all hues, but especially purple, blue and taupey ones.

  34. I would love to see more neon-ish glitter in a well pigmented base please! And also jelly polishes with glitter or jelly polishes in general! 🙂 Thank you so much for another giveaway! 😀

  35. some pastels could be great, like a pastel purple with the same finish as Mount Yu and Alphubel and maybe pastel pink too? That hidden/subtle shimmer you do is amazing! I always love blues, greens, purples, pinks and reds. Some more holos or strong shimmers (like Mt Cangyan) would be amazing blue with red shimmer? And I’d love a reboot/reformulated Marble Caves because I missed out on the original and Azure Caverns is a fav of mine! Thanks for the giveaway Lulu!

  36. Everything about beaches and sunsets appeal to me; I love the deep aqua colors of the ocean, paired against a vibrant pink/red/purple/orange/yellow sky. I love jelly finishes, as well as sparkly holo like sand in your toes 😉

  37. I’d like to see something like OPI’s Ogre the Top Blue but with a shimmer added to it or some sort of subtle holo property. 🙂

  38. I would love to see a glitter mix representing the vivid rainbow of all the colors of fall leaves!! Vivid red-orange, deep but bright golden yellow, rich burgundy, brown and copper, with a bit of evergreen mixed in…various sizes and shapes of glitter (hex, round and squares) might add to the leafy effect. Having some matte and some traditional shiny glitter would also be interesting. I find the fall season and leaf colors changing just magical and would love to have a great representation of this on my nails!!

    Thanks for all you do, your polishes are wonderful!!

  39. I’d love to see your take on some holos, and I think your cremes are fabulous, so maybe more bright colors for spring and summer in some nice saturated cremes.

  40. I love that you make such unique stuff. I would also vote for more oranges and yellows and I always want to see more duochromes.

  41. I always love to see more yellows, but in general I think orange is a color that needs more love in the polish world. I’m going with orange!

  42. I’d love to see colors inspired from some springtime hikes, like the flowers in hot pink and purple. Maybe even a white crelly with various colored glitters representing these spring colors. Thanks Lu!

  43. I would love to see some Lulu pinks! And you know how much I love the circle glitter!!
    And different types of finishes would be cool – have anything up your sleeve maybe??

  44. I’d love to see all shades of blues, from soft sky hues to dark midnight ones. Also, any type of black and white glitter combo with other things mixed in. I really like the larger circle glitter I’ve seen around and would love to see it showing up in more glitter toppers.

  45. I would love to see more reds. A lot of nail polish companies put out tons of reds but not yours. In fact, only a few reds in my opinion. That or another shade like Hajla. I LOVE that shade to death.

  46. OoOoO!! The sunset colors sound amazing! .. with shimmer please! 😀 … or maybe even holo sunsets? I’ve never seen a yellow holo!!! o.O is that even possible?

  47. You’ve already made the perfect colour for me! That’s Colline du Charf! However if I have to suggest something, I would love to see a dusty army green colour with subtle pale fuchsia or purple like shimmer! Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. I thought of a better idea than my first- colors that are just like the color shifts in mood rings 🙂 but add some holo sparkle to it!

  49. More shimmer polish, please. And I would to see more circle glitter polish too. Also maybe a collection based of your customer’s travel based theme/inspiration?

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