Elevation Polish: Birthday Giveaway #4

Me again with another Birthday Bash giveaway!!! YAY!!!

Giveaway #1 Start date: March 7th End date: March 16th 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of May’s Australia Sunrise, Sunset Collection, including 1 polish not being produced.
Link to post for this giveaway:

Giveaway #2 Start Date: March 16th End Date: March 22nd 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of June’s Mongolia Collection, including 1 polish that is not being produced.

Giveaway #3 Start Date: March 22nd End Date: March 30th 3PM
Prize (5 winners) “there is gold in those mountains” exclusive gold mini nugget polish

Giveaway #4 Start Date: March 7th End Date: March 30th
Prize: (1 Winner) Signed, Professionally framed Mountain Collage


She would love to see Jbel Ayachi, M’Goun, and Toubkal…because she loves Morocco. 

This is giveaway #4

The Prize a Mosaic frame full of elevation polish mini cards/photos. You may have noticed them in your orders. There are over 30 different designs/elevations. The elevations on these cards are pictures of actual trips I’ve taken. Some of the pictures actually have me in them as well.
You may be wondering… Why this prize? It’s a good question. In my work room it’s something I stare at while I’m working.. creating colors for elevation polish. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me. Hopefully it can be easy on the eyes for someone’s workspace too.

Here is a picture of my work room (and oh hey that is Liu. He kicks my butt when I get side tracked)

Lulu in action

More about the frame. You can move the pieces around to create a different look. & This is where Liu comes in handy. I sometimes get side tracked moving the pictures around. LOL More about the interchangeable frame here.

To enter. Leave a comment on this blog post. Tell me which Elevation Polish “Elevation/Location/Polish name” You’d love to visit most and why. To help out here is a full list of all the polishes that have come out.

Additionally, Here is a link for the formal Rafflecopter entry form: (You must follow this link for your entry to count)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cheers to another great year of elevation inspired polishes,
❤ Lulu

75 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Birthday Giveaway #4

  1. Call me old school, but I’ve always wanted to go to Everest. I’ve flown over it before, but there’s something super impressive about being, well, the TALLEST thing on earth. Also, snow leopards!

  2. I would love to visit Denali! My sister once lived very close to Denali and my mom visited her there. She brought home the most gorgeous pictures–things I’d like to see in real life 🙂

  3. Several of them lol I would love to go to Jungfrau though. I have seen the Swiss Alps once and it was the most amazing site, I would love to go back to that area again.

  4. Uluru, Ayers Rock!
    Thats the mounain I would like to visit again.
    When I was a child I was fortunate enough to live in Australia for 4 years and I can remember that we went to Uluru. Can you imagine a little girl about 9 years of age looking in awe at that GIANT mountain and seeing all the pretty colours, in my eyes it was the most wonderfull thing I had ever seen, the colors are just amazing.

  5. Marble Caves/Azure Caverns hands down. I’m admittedly not super big on mountains, but give me something touched and surrounded by gorgeous waters and I want in. I just want to snorkel my life away hahaha.

  6. I would love to see Marble Caves Patagonia Chile. Marble Caves seem so surreal & dreamy in a beautiful combination of lavender & aqua. Purples & blues are my 2 favorite colors of which lavender & aqua are at the top of each shade. Marble Caves the polish is also my favorite of all of your polishes (so far).

  7. Jbel Ayachi, M’Goun, and Toubkal…I love Morocco. It’s such a beautiful country. I have visited it before, but I was mainly in urban areas, and while I got to visit the desert and part of the Mid-Atlas Mountains, I didn’t make it some of the higher elevations in the Morocco collection. I’d love to make it back to Morocco someday and hike + trek through those areas.

  8. I’m going to go with the Azure Caverns in Patagonia because they are breathtakingly beautiful, as is the polish named for them. Caves are just so amazing, they’re like little pockets of beautiful secrets inside the earth.

  9. The Marble Caves in Chile, hands down! They are absolutely breath-taking and their vibrance is just amazing! Plus, aqua is my favorite color, so I would just be drooling! 😀 … kind of like when I received my bottle of Azure Caverns!

  10. Buttes-Chaumont/Paris/Ave Secretan. I love Paris – I want to check out this park next time I’m there to see why it’s your favorite!

  11. What a trip it would be to experience Marble Caves. The colors draw me in immediately. So serene and calming; just to take in all that beauty would be amazing. Don’t think it will happen, so for now I will have to settle for our own little ‘Cave of The Mounds’ near by. lol

  12. While my bucket list includes Japan and South America in very high positions, my most wanted location to visit is – hands down – Toubkal or M’Goun in Marocco.
    To be honest – I have been there already. But this country is one of the most beautiful I’v been to and it has such amazingly different views – from HUGE waterfalls and green jungles to red sands and desert dunes… it has the most varied natural colors and it’s simply a gorgeous place. (oh and the people are so kind and welcoming and the food is good) so that’s where I want to go the most!

  13. Denali. I lived in Alaska for a year and one of the highlights of that year was being able to visit Denali and spend some time in the national park. It was so gorgeous with all of the taiga and moose and bears. I miss it and hope to go back in the future.

  14. There are so many I’d love to see, Everest, the Azure Caverns (Patagonia!), Rapa Nui (could I ever have that many frequent flyer miles?!), but if I have to chose one, I’d pick Uluru. I’ve wanted to go since I was little and saw pictures of the sunrise on the rock. The impact of dawn on the colors of the rock were awe-inspiring. One day.

  15. I would love to visit the Marble Caves in Chile, they look magical! One of my favorites is Everest (the polish and the mountain!)

  16. Azure Caverns just sounds amazing. Someone please take me to the Marble Caves! I promise I’m a good travel buddy. Thanks for the giveaway Lulu!

  17. Stay Behind Catch A Wave. Bright Blue is my favorite color, glitter (round glitter) is my favorite polish, and the ocean is my favorite place on earth. What more is there to say?!

  18. Mount Huangshan because I’d love to see how serene and mystical those mountain tops would appear coming up above the clouds of smoke that circle the mountain tops! It would almost seem like a real life “crouching tiger, hidden dragon!” hehe

  19. This was easy! Hands down, I would love to (re)visit Ave Secretan. I have traveled a lot around Europe, but some places just ‘feel’ like home, even when you go there for the very first time. Every time I go to Paris, I feel like I belong there, like it is my home away from home, whether traveling with friends and family or alone. SO, I would obviously love to visit Ave Secretan because it truly does feel like a place I belong.

  20. I would absolutely love to visit Matterhorn. I have always wanted to go there. When I was little, we went to Disneyland and rode on the ride, and I wanted to know where they got that name. So my dad and I researched it and decided tht someday we will visit Matterhorn.

  21. Marble Caves. I am absolutely enamored with this polish. It takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. It is the most beautiful polish I have ever seen. The “journey” it will take to find this polish will be worth it, just as the long trek to the actual Marble Caves in Chile is worth it. Marble Caves is a place filled with colors that sing to me–purple, turquoise, blues, teal, greens. I will most likely never go to any of these places–so my traveling is done through your polishes.

  22. Toukabal… I have always wanted to visit Morocco. It seems so exotic with the spice market and the wonderful textiles and architecture.

  23. Denali. We have visited twice and have yet to see this elusive mountain shed its cloak of clouds. Seeing it would be worth every single mosquito bite we have endured.

  24. In reality, I’d like to see them all. I have loved seeing Denali, Owen (The Tetons – sigh), Arches, NYC, and El Cap (please bury me in Yosemite when I die!); I also love a yet-to-be-made polish – Mt. Kili – Africa ROCKS!. But, I digress. It’d have to be Tettegouche – moose, bear, waterfalls, lakes, fall colors. And I do love a good road trip!

  25. I’d love most to visit Marble Caves. I love the beautiful look of the waters and love those same colors in polishes. I’m also in love with snorkeling. I could spend days in doing that without a care in the world.

  26. So many that I would love to see, but Uluru is at the top of the list. I have always wanted to see the Australian desert and really most of the country…someday.

  27. I would like to visit the Arches in Utah!! It seems so amazing and exotic yet it is right here in the US…It would be an amazing experience!!

  28. Rapa Nui! I’ve always been fascinated by ancient cultures so a chance to see amazing stone sculptures in a beautiful setting suits me right to the ground. That and with any luck it’d be a stopping post on my way to New Zealand.

  29. Colline du Charf! I’ve been wanting to visit Morocco for ages, I love the polish and the pictures that I can find of the hill make it look like an irresistable runI I love running up hills and (small) mountains, but I don’t cope well in snow and ice, so this would be perfect for me!

  30. Oh I know it’s discontinued but I’ve never seen a polish as beautiful as The Arches. I am stunned. I also love All the Moroccan polishes and Tanami Desert. So…. Lol I guess I didn’t really answer the prompt. I want all your polishes and I’m most interested in desert landscapes and travel destinations.

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  32. Hig – the tallest mountain on the island of Austvågøya in Norway. The idea of turquoise waters and a country that has gjetost cheese… HEAVEN!

  33. I’d love to see Everest, as it’s a mountain I’ve read about since I was a little girl. I’ve never been on a mountain and would love to be that high in the sky and able to look down on everything.

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  35. Egypt venturing to the tip top of the Pyramids if they will let us in! That is some major history right there! is on the top of my really want to visit. Marble Caves is top next polish I want to purchase!!

  36. Marble Caves/Azure Caverns. The pictures I saw just slayed me. And the 2 polishes, my 2 favoriate colors. I have back-ups of both bottles. They are so beautiful.

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