Elevation Polish: Birthday Giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

Welcome to the Elevation Polish Birthday bash! All through the month of march we will be celebrating elevation polish’s birthday. Featuring fun giveaways.

Giveaway #1 Start date: March 7th End date: March 16th 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of May’s Australia Sunrise, Sunset Collection, including 1 polish not being produced.


The layering combination that she can’t wait to wear is: Chirality Holo with EP Daisen

Winner will be notified via email.

Giveaway #2 Start Date: March 16th End Date: March 22nd 3PM
Prize: (1 winner) Full Collection Preview of June’s Mongolia Collection, including 1 polish that is not being produced.

Giveaway #3 Start Date: March 22nd End Date: March 30th 3PM
Prize (5 winners) “there is gold in those mountains” exclusive gold mini nugget polish

Giveaway #4 Start Date: March 7th End Date: March 30th
Prize: (1 Winner) Signed, Professionally framed Mountain Collage

This First giveaway. I have a full collection preview of May’s Australia Sunrise, Sunset Collection including 1 polish that didn’t make the collection.
Mount Feathertop (Pink natural nail gloss)
Mount Augustus (Coral Shimmer)
Uluru (Red/Orange with pink and gold shimmer)
Barn Bluff- Tasmania (Darkest Red/ Near Black with Red shimmer)
Tanami Desert- (Butterscotch color base with iridescent glitters) Not being produced

To enter I’d love to hear your favorite Elevation Polish + Another Indie Polish layering combinations. Leave me a comment here on this post.
Then follow this link to enter. (must follow the link for your entry to count)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cheers to great polishes,
❤ Lulu

108 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Birthday Giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

  1. One of my all time favorite combos that I’ve done has to be Pic de Sotllo with a Lynnderella – Mlle Violette de Bleu gradient. They go together so well. Happy birthday Elevation!!

  2. Like you I love Mt. Yu with Lynn’s Attitude Adjust-mint over it, but I put Attitude Adjust-mint over Everest, and yum yum; Brown and mint green!! 🙂

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!!

  3. My favorite Elevation + indie lauering is Lynnderella Snake of the Year over the delicious Elevation Matsuda. It was completely gorgeous!! I also love Lynnderella Attitude AdjustMint over Elevation Mount Yu. They are perfect together 🙂

  4. el cap (one of my favorite elevations) and lynn bunny lamb was one of my favorites. also ama dablam and rbl ghost ranch… ahhh. so many to list.

  5. I absolutely adore Ubsunur on full nail with Ubsunur at Night on the tips. I had this on my nails last week and couldn’t stop staring at them!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! You totally rock Lulu!!!
    My favorite layering with Elevation Polish is Lacquistry – Sunrise over Elevation Rapa Nui. That beautiful pink shimmer speaks volumes with the pink undertones in Sun Rise. I will actually post this magnificent duo in my bloggie tonight 😉

  7. Fingers Polish Mania recently did a mani with Secretan and Picture Polish Monroe that was amazing. The two different shades of berry looked great together.

  8. My favorite pairing is Enchanted’s Hot Chocolate with Elevation’s Ama Dablam. (My second favorite is Enchanted’s Cranberry Cosmo with Elevation’s Daisen!)

  9. My favourite pairing (to date, I have many others planned) is Street Side NYC with Alta Costura Vernis Squared on top 🙂
    Another one I loved (but the partner isn’t an indie) is Daisen over RBL Abiquiu.

    There are pictures of these over in my blog if you’d like to have a peek – and happy birthday 🙂

  10. Wow, there are so many great suggestions to try here! My favorite is Marmolada over Girly Bits Stormy Skies, and for good measure, I ❤ Yeti over GB January Morning. I am going to have to try a lot of these!

  11. A “Nutella” Sandwich of Elevation Tettegouche with Nerd Lacquer Home of the Untempered Schism. Happy Birthday Elevation!

  12. My favorite combo is El Cap with Darling Diva’s Ringer on top…such a gorgeous combo!! Thank you so much for these giveaways and happy first birthday again!!

  13. I don’t have any Elevations yet, but am hoping to start my collection soon! I see a bunch of pretty ones though, so I would have to go with El Cap with Lynn Garden of Even maybe?

  14. I don’t have Jengish Chokusu yet, but when I get it, I’ll pair it with Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space! I’ll wear any color, any time of year, but seeing signs of spring all around me now really inspires me to use these gorgeous, seafoam green polishes!

  15. It’s so had to choose my fav combo, because they all usually rock! LOL My Favorite Pairing though (that I thought wouldn’t QUITE be my cup of tea WAS soooooo mycup of tea!! 🙂 ) is Liana with Lunina Lacquers Chanson d’Automne.
    Lulu I wish you many more creative years for Elevation. I love them all! ♥ Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  16. I absolutely loved layering Ama Dablam over Mentality polish “Rapture”. I got compliments for days! Talk about holo and glitter sparkle.

  17. I haven’t yet recieved my first Elevations (excitedly awaiting their arrival!), but I think that Elevation Higravstinden would look gorgeous under Different Dimension Fight Like A Girl.

  18. Happy Birthday Elevation!… My favorite combo would be EP Monturull topped with Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Sloth… Unfortunately Monturull is retired and Sloth was LE. So I have to save my favorite combo for special occasions!…

  19. Hits Apollo 🙂 – a beautiful blue strong linear holo ,,, with elevation stay behind catch a wave sponged onto the tips !! Just amazing 🙂 I loves me some circle glitters 🙂 x

  20. I loves my browns…Pico do Fogo under Dollish Creme de Menthe (Valentine Collection). I also love “Hig” under Aqua Daisy Me Too, a Connect the Dots black and white glitter topper without the shimmer which “Hig” brings to the mix. Most of your polishes get layered together ie: M’Goun with Temperence or just SO lovely by themselves. Happy Bday and thank you for the giveaway and all of your creativity 🙂

  21. Kinda off the wall (but that’s me) I tried Daisen over Contrary Desert Fruit – looked like autumn on my nails! BUT, I also loved Stay Behind, Catch a Wave layered over Elevation (that’s an indie, right?) Pico de Fogo – blue and brown ROCK together!!!

  22. My favorite combo would have to be Elevation Hajla with Alta Costura Vernis Broken Sky! 🙂 So stunning! Happy Birthday Elevation Polish and Lulu! Thanks for this great giveaway. 🙂

  23. I am a chronic layer-er…so its hard for me to pick a favorite…but I recently layered Chaos and Crocodiles “Piggy Bank” (a mix of various pink glitters with small copper glitters and larger silver circle glitter) over Elevation “Freeway Park” to sort of represent a field of pink flowers blooming in a beautiful green meadow…It looked amazing and I got lots of compliments!!

  24. I seriously cannot choose A favorite, but Pic de Sub or El Cap are amazing undies for Lynnderellas. I sometimes can’t bring myself to cover up a EP because they are so gorgeous. I usually only do an accent finger. Happy Birthday EP!

  25. Well, my favorite Elevation Polish overall is still one of my very first purchases: The Arches! Which I love on it’s own, or using to make a “ruffian” type design with The Arches at Sunset!
    For layering, my favorite Elevation layering polish would have to be Avalanche! But my favorite combo I’ve come up with so far would actually have to be Elevation Polish-Pata Puffer layered over Pretty Serious Cosmetics – Forbidden! It was GORGEOUS! =D Congrats on the One Year Anniversary Lulu!

  26. My favorite Elevation combo was during Nov. when I wore The Arches as an undie for CrowsToes Her Goose Got Cooked. So pretty and it was perfect for Thanksgiving! SO glad to celebrate another successful year with you and Elevation Polishes!

  27. Hi, Lulu! I love Aphrodite Lacquer’s Grapetini topped with Elevation’s Catch a Wave. Yum! Happy birthday and thankies for the giveaways! :o)

  28. Hello! I am brand new to the indie polish scene and don’t have my hands on any of your polishes yet (shame!), but I looked up several of the combinations mentioned above and I have to say I would certainly fall in love with Stay Behind Catch a Wave over about anything, especially black. I am also lemming Whimsical Ideas by Pam “Wicked” and am positive I would dig it over Elevation Xixabangma, Freeway Park, or Cascade.
    Thank you very much and Happy Birthday Elevation!

  29. Waaaahhh, I don’t own any indies (unless Julep counts). So my dream combo really is just a pipe dream. The Arches topped with Cirque XX. Or The Arches topped with a-England She Walks In Beauty .

    • Lol yes I replied to my own comment. I forgot how much I loved Lac Attack’s Magical Musings collection. So any Elevation polish (especially the brown jelly trios) topped with Felix Felicis, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes or The Horcrux of It would be gorgeous. 🙂

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