Elevation Polish: Sneak “Peak” View From the top Collection

Welcome to the sneak “peak” at March’s View from the top collection.

This collection is inspired by some of my favorite places on earth. Each color was chosen out of the many prototypes so show a wide variety finish types and colors that I personally love wearing. This collection is being released during March 7th’s restock (9PM CST)

Huangshan- $10.50 Glitter topper comprised of various matte highlighter yellow glitter components Micro squares, Hexes and 2 sizes of circle glitter. In addition to the highlighter yellow it’s got glimmering iridescent hexes, 2 sizes.
Huangshan comes with 2 warnings. The highlighter yellow hexes will fade into the base over time. They will keep their bold coloring but it will tint the base over time. The tinting will not effect the color you choose to wear underneath unless that color is white. The polish pictured in these photos is 4 months old at the time of the picture. You may receive a polish with a more clear base to start. The second warning is this polish will always be low inventory. The availability of 3 of the key components that make this polish are not available in high quantities. Don’t worry though. This polish will be around for awhile. I don’t plan on discontinuing it any time soon. I kindly ask that Members keep to a cap of 1 Huangshan per month (unless you are a shared membership or group)

Haba Xueshan- $10.50 Glitter topper featuring an elevation polish spin on the classic black and white glitter polish. It’s got various black and white glitters (hexes, squares, light on the white bar glitter) and glacier colored matte circle glitter in two sizes in a clear base.

Muztagh Ata- $8.50 Is a denim blue holographic polish. It has 2 sizes of cosmetic grade holographic pigment. This product does not contain “spectraflair” The holographic pigment has a low/medium density. Some of the holo pigment may look just silver in certain lights. 2 coats for full coverage, 3 for longer nails.

Mount Cangyan- $8.50 Royal Purple shimmer polish that is highly complex in the light. Red shimmer in high concentration as well as copper & gold shimmer really make the purple stand out. 2 coats for full coverage.

Jengish Chokusu- $8.50 Green leaning sea glass creme. Simple and beautiful with no shimmers. Great shine by itself. 2-3 coats for full coverage. First coat may go on streaky, second coat evens the color.

Swatch Wheel Pics:

I’m so proud of this collection. It’s very me and I hope that you all love it. This collection will start a slight increase in prices. The price increase will only effect these polishes for now. The overall .50cent price increase will go into effect for all polishes starting in May. As always I’m trying to keep my prices as low and competitive as possible.

Please let me know what you think of this collection.
Cheers & Happy restock day!

28 thoughts on “Elevation Polish: Sneak “Peak” View From the top Collection

  1. Haba Xueshan over Jengish Chokusu looks like a Mint Oreo Milkshake… mmmm
    I love the coloring of Mount Cangyan and Muztagh Ata. Can’t wait for the 7th!

  2. I missed getting these by a few seconds at the last restock 😦 I hope you’ll have lots available at the next restock – I can’t stop thinking about these shades!

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